And so then after I became a believer in the Messiah I wanted that supernatural language. So I went to a meeting and someone prayed for me, and they said, well speak in that supernatural language. And I, you know, no one told me that maybe I can’t. I’m glad I didn’t know anything. I was almost like a little child. You know, that’s the way you’re supposed to be. And I started speaking in a supernatural language. But then immediately a little voice in my head said, you’re making it up. Now none of you ever had that problem. Well that little voice I’m sure is talking to many people. And so I stopped. I mean, I love God. I don’t want to make something up. And one day I was with a rabbi that received Jesus, an orthodox rabbi, and he began, he said, he called me over because I had met him before. He said, “Sid, come over here. This woman wants prayer.” This woman was pregnant and the doctor said had a stillborn baby. Now I’m a brand new believer. You’re asking me to pray for a dead person to come back to life? I didn’t know what to pray. And so all of a sudden I started praying in my supernatural language that I doubted was really from God. And after we finished praying she left. And the rabbi said to me, “Sid, where did you learn that ancient form of Aramaic?” I barely speak Hebrew. I did my Bar Mitzvah in Hebrew. And when he said that he not only said it was an ancient form of Aramaic, he told me what I was praying, because he knew that language. And he said, “You prayed that the child, the Spirit of the child is with God the Father and be at rest.” I said that. Now no way I could have said that with my mind. And after that point I never doubted that that language was real. You see, when you pray in supernatural languages, you do what I did, a mind bypass, which means you’re not dropping down, not from your mind, you’re dropping down to your Spirit. And you’re not praying from your mind, you’re praying from, your Spirit. Now since your mind doesn’t know what you’re doing, your mind will argue with you. So you say, mind, be still. I’m putting my Spirit in charge. And so when you pray in that supernatural language there is no doubt, none. None whatsoever. You’re praying with perfect faith. How would you like every prayer you pray with, not 99.9 percent, because that doesn’t span in the faith arena; 100 percent, pure faith every time you pray in that supernatural language. And not only is it 100 percent; see, you’re dealing with the tip of the iceberg when you see someone with a problem. Ninety-five percent of that iceberg you can’t see with the natural eye. That’s true today. You’re making decisions, you’re praying for people on that little bit of the iceberg, the tip that you see, but the action is in the invisible world. What if the Holy Spirit knew everything that would make things right. You don’t know that, but God knows that, and you could pray by the Holy Spirit, perfect prayers, in perfect faith. Do you realize what a weapon that is? Do you realize why someone doesn’t want you to do this? Do you realize why the church, and I hate to say this, even where they believe in tongues has demoted it to the back of the church, and in some churches out of the church? Well it is controversial, yes. It drives the devil crazy.

Audience: (claps)

SID: Of course it’s controversial. Let me tell you something. By the time I finish teaching you. While I’m teaching, some of you are, not be able to stop praying tongues. It’s going to break out within you. But when I come back I’m going to tell you what you’re doing when you’re praying in tongues. And I can tell you this, I’m back. Do you know what I mean by I’m back? It’s not that I’m backslidden. I’ve never been backslidden, and praise God, because of His mercy. I’ve never been backslidden since I’ve been a believer. But I’m back. Here’s how I’m back. I used to pray one hour a day, in the early days in my walk with the Lord. And then I got too busy. Because I didn’t even realize the magnitude of what I was doing. But I’m back. I’m back. I’m praying, one hour a day. And I’ll be right back. How would you like all, get that, A-L-L, all things to work together for good in your life? Well God says that.

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