Francis:  He said whatever good you’ve seen in your ancestors is the little bit of good that’s left from what I have. Every part of good, he says anything good comes from me. So when you inherit what is of me you inherit everything that is good and perfect. Okay. Then secondly, I said to him then what do we become to our natural families? And this is what really gets interesting for me. You know– He said to me you know when you denounce your allegiance to your ancestral bloodline, He says your stature in your family changes immediately–. [I said] what do you mean? He says you become an ambassador to your own family. He said because an ambassador is a diplomatic official from another kingdom representing God on foreign soil and has diplomatic immunity. So even though they might be family members dealing with cancer– you have diplomatic immunity. Because– c’mon somebody– because you renounce your allegiance to those corrupted genetics– c’mon somebody, now you’re an ambassador to your own family. You are representing the kingdom of God in your family. Are you with me, somebody? How can your family look to you if you are terrorized by the same problems? Are you with me? How can your family want to jump in your ship if the same diseases are also missing with you? Somebody has to become an ambassador. They’ve got to come to you and say, ‘We all get sick, we all get this, it’s been in our family except you!’ ‘Huh, I’m glad you asked me. Uh– I’m an ambassador of the kingdom. You still holding on to those bad genes, I gave them up. That’s the difference!’ That’s what we’re getting ready to do right now. Amen? So I want you to stand up wherever you are. Miracles are in the house, Sid Roth, miracles are here. There’s a lot of miracles that are going to happen right now. Okay? So listen, glory to God, here’s what we’re going to do. Now, if you don’t have a bloodline in front of you, c’mon, if you have a belt–  hello, somebody your husband’s got a belt just get it out– say honey take your belt out, you know– or if you have a Bible– If you don’t have a line in front of you then what you can do use a book…You know I like using the line–I have had people who have jumped over a book – And had one woman twenty years praying for the man, praying for the man. She got divorced from her husband who just treated her very horribly– she loves the Lord, and for twenty years tried believing God, 65, now maybe I’ll just give up the dream. She had me do this, talk about this teaching and I talked to her over the phone. I said–  put a book in front of you. Just let your mind let the book represent the line. And she jumped the line and within about ninety days the Lord reconnected her with the born again high school sweetheart she had not seen in forty years. And now they’re married in Texas. Ha! C’mon now. She just jumped over the book. She’s like this thing works! C’mon now. And I met the guy by the way, I was in Texas and she brought the man for me to see him. The last time she saw him was forty years ago. And when she jumped the line in ninety days the Lord reconnected them, he was single, and it was like they never left. And you should see those people together. He’s 67 and she’s 65 and they look like teenagers. Hello, somebody. Are you catching this? So, here’s what we’re going to do. Now this prayer that we’re going to pray is in my book that Sid Roth is offering to everybody, particularly the people that I am in the mentoring group. So you can actually do this. We have had people take the prayer and take their family members through it and get miracles. Because anything of God is transferable. Anything of God works for anybody because the Father is no respecter of persons. Amen? So we’re excited for what God is able to do. So–here’s a prayer, I’m just going to lead you in a prayer. Now, here are the instructions for the prayers. Quickly, quickly. Hallelujah, hallelujah [silence]. Sid Roth doesn’t know this.

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