BARBARA:  So you see, how do I do that? You know I do that by faith. I didn’t rehearse this. I didn’t pray 97 hours and God give me all this in advance and I wrote it down.  (Barbara gives a word of knowledge: There’s somebody here whose right hip has been just killing you. I want you to stand up right now. You’ve hardly been able to move, it’s your right hip, God’s going to heal that thing right now. Start moving it, just right now, just start moving it, bend it, do whatever you couldn’t do with it, and I just speak to that hip right now in the power of the name of Jesus to release that sickness, that disease right now. Now just keep going, you just stand there, keep going, I’m going to ignore you, but don’t sit down. How is it? It’s good already? Okay, is it fine? Do everything you can do. Just stress that thing to the limit. And it wasn’t fine when you stood up? Hallelujah! Okay.)


BARBARA:  But see this is normal Christianity. Abnormal Christianity is to go to church every Sunday and be taught out of your tree and never do anything with it. That is not– God is trying to literally turn the United States church upside down. We are not to be holding pens, we are to be equipping centers where people should come in, we equip them, and then we send them out into the world. Listen, most of you are not called to a pulpit ministry, you’re called to literally change the market place realm. You’re to change the realm out there. We have man in our church who is the vice president of the United Way for all of southeastern Michigan. –He’s been noted by Crain’s Business Review, which is our big business paper there, they evaluate all the businesses, started as a result of the automobile industry. And he’s been recognized as one of the most up and coming young entrepreneurs in all of southeastern Michigan. What’s this guy done? He’s gone into Detroit where there was a 25% graduation rate from High School and he has literally made it his mandate, well God gave it to him, to go in and to begin to transform the schools. And so already the graduation rate is coming up. They started one school that had a 99% graduation rate. And so you see, what’s God doing? He’s using somebody to go out in the marketplace and lift up people who people say– what do they say, they say Detroiters are retarded and you all don’t want to come to Detroit because what do you hear [in] the news about Detroit. Listen to me. Detroit is filled with brilliant people, there’s just nobody with any faith. That’s the problem. But you see that God comes along and He says– (Barbara gives a word of knowledge to audience and a woman; [God] just says stand up and become who you’re able to become, become that woman of destiny that you’re capable of becoming. And it’s literally the power of God’s coming on her. Just watch her. Just look at her. Just the power of God– I didn’t push her, I just touched her forehead.) To audience: I want you to hold up your hands and say: The power and presence of God is in my hands because it’s coming from my spirit. And Jesus said “out of my belly shall flow rivers of living water.” What is that” That’s breakthrough! Because where living waters touch– (Barbara gives a word of knowledge: Yeah, you prayed for your grandchildren. You prayed until you’re blue in the face. And the Lord said: You’re going to see a fulfillment of that which you prayed. And there’s one [grandchild] that’s particularly difficult that you’ve even wondered if your prayers are even working concerning this one and the Lord said: Don’t give up, watch and see what I’m going to do with that one, because the enemy is opposing him– because he knows what that, I believe it’s a boy, because the enemy knows the destiny on that kid. But I declare today, I command every chain and rope to be broken off that young man and I say he will fulfill his destiny and even as he’s been entrapped he shall free many others out of the freedom that he gets.) To audience: I don’t know about you but you need to just shout to God, you need to shout!


BARBARA:  See, listen, some of you out there are just looking, you’re not shouting, and I don’t want to condemn you, but there’s power in the shout. The word says that the shout shatters the power of the enemy!  If you look up the word “shout” in the Hebrew it literally shatters what’s in the second heaven that’s standing against you! Some of you need to stand up and begin to shout because it shatters what’s in the second heaven that’s standing against you!


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