TOM: Well the, the Birkbeck School of Law put out a press release not long ago and they said as we start going down the human enhancement revolution there will come a time when we’re going to have to create new classes for crime scene investigation. Why? Because if we are looking at a crime scene that, let’s say was a violent rape episode, and the man that perpetrated this is part wolf, everything we know about forensics and profiling may have just gone out the window. And folks, that those kind of questions are going to have to be asked sooner than later was actually dramatically illustrated by a professor by the name of Evan Balaban who was doing research at the McGill University in Montreal Canada. And what Balaban did—am I hypnotizing you?… What Balaban did was he took the developing brain matter of embryonic quail and he genetically engineered it into the developing brain matter of embryonic chickens. And when the chickens were born and they begin to grow they started exhibiting the head bobs and the vocal trills of quail.

And what his experiment illustrated is that very, very complex behavior patterns can be transferred from one species to another species through genetic engineering. Well how big, and with this one I’m going to rush to get done, how big might the implications from Professor Balaban’s research be? Here is the front cover of the “Global Governance 2025: At a Critical Juncture” report. This is a report filed not long ago by the United States Office of the Director of National Intelligence working with the European Institute of Security Studies. So in other words, the top intelligence agencies of the U.S. working with the top intelligence agencies of, uh, Europe and produced this report. Now what’s this report about? This report tries to imagine by 2025, so within 12 years of, between now and the next 12 years, what might be a threat that would cause all of the nations of the world to suddenly have to come together in a one world government in mutual defense of one another. What might the scenario be that would suddenly cause all of us to have to rush together to try to protect ourselves from some unprecedented, uh, threat? And so they talk about the possibility of suddenly we detect an asteroid and an asteroid is headed towards the earth. It’s going to be here in one year. All of a sudden we need everybody on earth to come together to try to come up with some kind of a defense. They talk about biological warfare.

They talk about, uh, the collapse of the global economy. But then on page 35, things get a little bit interesting. Here’s what they say. No forum currently exists for dealing comprehensively across the scientific community, industry and government on measures needed to diminish the risks posed by the bio-technology revolution. In addition, bio-technology can drive new forms of human behavior and association creating profound cross-cultural ethical questions that will be increasingly politically contentious. Few experts believe that current governance instruments are adequate for these challenges. For example, direct modification of DNA and fertilization is widely researched with the goal of removing of defective genes, however discussions of future capabilities open the possibility for designing humans with unique physical, emotional and cognitive abilities. So in other words, ladies and gentlemen, when the top intelligence agencies of the U.S. got together with the top intelligence agencies of Europe and said what within the next 12 years could pose an existential threat to all life on earth among them they included the emergence of a new form of mankind. And not long ago in California a whole series of House Foreign Affair Committee hearings were held.

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