SID: David, I’m going to take you back to a friend of mine, Ruth Heflin, who had a camp place where people would stay, and meetings, and she was teaching all over the world about the Glory. And David wanted to learn about the Glory, the manifest presence of God, Heaven on Earth, so he went there as an observer, but you didn’t stay an observer. What happened?

DAVID: I walked in. I had just finished a six-month revival, non-stop. It was great, but I was tired. I wanted something new from God. I knew she had it. I go over there. It was January the 2nd, 1999, I believe. And I go in, and I said, “I can’t wait to be here.” I walk in the door and she’s at the door waiting for me. And she says, “Oh by the way, young man, you’re speaking tonight.” I said, “Oh no, no, no, I just spoke for six months, I really am tired, I’m hungry, I need something new that I don’t have. You have it. I want to hear you.” “No, I’m a prophetess. You’re speaking tonight.” So she insisted. I was like, I was really, I really insisted no, she insisted yes. She won. So I got up. All right, I’m just going to preach Isaiah 6 and 61. The Glory of God hit me on the stage. I sang two chapters of the Bible. That was my message.

SID: Wait, when you say the Glory of God hit you on the stage, use more descriptive words. Explain what that means.

DAVID: Yes. I was getting there. And so I got hit by the Glory. As I’m reading it, I start singing. The power of God hits my body. I’m covered in gold and demons started coming out of the—

SID: Covered in gold?

DAVID: This gold dust thing just covered my face and body. I didn’t know until after. All I knew was I never sing my message. I preach my message. I’m singing, [singing] “Arise and shine for your light…” [talking] and I’m thinking to myself, what are you doing? This is so embarrassing. It wasn’t me at all. It was not me. And my wife was looking at me. And then I was in just ecstasy. And I look back at Ruth and she’s just smiling. She knew if I would get on that stage it would propel me into a new dimension. And after that I was in like heavenly realm for 24 hours a day for about a week. I didn’t even think I was on the earth. I was just like, I can’t, this can’t be real. This presence, I didn’t even know it existed. I’ve taught on the Glory, but I had not really experienced that dimension of Glory until that day, and I didn’t know that was even possible to have that. I had been around. I traveled the world, I had been on the mission field seen revivals and miracles, and salvation. I thought I pretty much know how this works. But there was a whole other dimension that not even compared to anything I experienced before, had nothing to do with even desiring to preach. I didn’t care about it. I just wanted to be in that realm.

SID: For someone that’s watching right now and they definitely know Jesus, they’re born again, they’re even filled with the Spirit, but they’ve never been in this Glory realm, I wonder if you can talk to them right now and tell them how they can get into it.

DAVID: Sure.

SID: But not a one-line answer, but not a long one either.

DAVID: Okay. All right. So you’re hungry, you’re desperate, maybe you’re dry. You’ve seen some things, but you’re like, how you get that you’re talking about. One of the things was I was just desperate, not even hungry, desperate, like beyond hunger, like if you don’t come here, God, and touch me, I’ll go up to Heaven and get it if I have to, that desperateness that comes. And then out of that there’s intimacy. You just, God, I just want to be with you. I’m not coming to you to get something from you, I just want to be with you. And then worship, worshiping him in your own intimacy, not just songs you know, just worshiping him, singing to him. It’s just that deep longing for him, a desperateness. And from that something starts to come in. A new presence starts to fill your being, your room, your life. And then from there he takes you to the higher and higher realms. So be desperate, number one, intimate with him like you’ve never been before. Remember the first time you were saved, that intimacy you had, go back to your first love and then start to worship him with all your heart and just wait until that Glory floods your room, that manifest presence, and you’ll be addicted. It’s like a holy drug. Once you taste it, the powers of the age to come, you can’t go back to what people call “normal Christianity,” which isn’t really normal anyway. It’s dead.

SID: Now you told me that you used to do this sometimes for hours. But now, you’re instantly in the Glory.

DAVID: Yes. I always say to people, they say, well how do I stay in this after a great weekend in the Glory, in your meetings? I go, here’s the secret. Ready, take notes. They take notes. Don’t get out. So the greatest way to stay in the Glory is never get out of it. Maybe you had to fast your way into it or you worshipped for five or ten hours and you were in a great conference. Well when you go home, stay in that realm. Worship him, love on him, intimacy. Just stay in it. Don’t go back to normal of just like compartmentalizing God and then oh, when there’s another meeting, then I’ll get spiritual. Stay in the realm on the way to work, changing your baby, going to the office. Just be in the realm all the time and when something comes up, like, like I was in Israel in the other day and a guy came out of the elevator and he was sick. I think it was an Arab guy, maybe he was Jewish, I can’t remember, and I just noticed his arm was hurting. He said, “Yes, I can’t left my arm.” “Well let me pray for you.” Boom, instantly healed, and I just kept going. You’re just in the realm. You don’t have to go, let me go pray and fast for a week, so I can pray for you. You’re just in the realm. And then as you go, God uses you.

SID: You know, there’s so many wonderful supernatural things that happen to people when they’re in the Glory. For instance, people literally get younger in the Glory. David has seen this. We’ll talk about it when we come back, in a moment. But I can tell you one thing and that is I know what gets you older. Witchcraft gets you older. The Glory gets you younger. I like Glory. We’ll be right back.

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