SID: I want you to know that my guest Heidi Baker is a very different type of believer, so different than most of the believers that you and I know. But there is a problem. She’s the normal one. Guess what that makes, no, never mind. But anyway, Heidi, I’ve just been observing you, but it’s hard to believe that you were in Mozambique, Africa and served the Lord a year, totally burned out, pneumonia, against doctors’ orders. And I’m sure you didn’t feel like it, your husband had been to the Toronto Airport Church, had such a transformation that as miserable as you were, I mean, what did the doctors say if you went to Canada?


HEIDI: Well I was very, very ill in the hospital, hooked up to IVs and they said you could die. And my husband was so totally transformed that he said he’d sell his camera to get me there, and I knew that had to be God. And I ended up getting to California, going back in the hospital when I landed on a stop-over, pulled the IV again and made my way to Canada.


SID: You know what you sound like? You sound like the woman the Bible has with the issue of blood. Nothing was going to stop you from getting there, and it was an Divine appointment because you got radically touched by God. Tell me what happened there.


HEIDI: The first thing that happened was I was offended by everything. I was offended by it all, and I was a theologian, and I didn’t appreciate the theology or any of it. I was looking at people. I was just, it had been a bad habit, too. But one of them stood up and said, “There’s, God is healing somewhere. You’re a missionary. You have double pneumonia.” And I thought, oh no, did someone find out, how could they know? And they said it again, “You have double pneumonia. Take a deep breath.” So I thought I have nothing to lose. I am so ill and I was at the very, very back, in the corner, holding on to the wall to stand up. And I took a deep breath, and I was totally completely healed. Totally completely healed. It was awesome. Then they said, “You need to come to the front.” And then I thought, oh no, more bad theology because they said if you don’t come to the front you’ll lose your healing. I’m thinking, wow, I don’t even believe that. But God likes to get past a lot of things like that and he sometimes will offend the mind to get to the heart. And that’s what happened with me. He really did. I went forward and they prayed for me, and just as I thought, oh, they have big hands and they’re big people and they’re going to push me down. I did fall down. I don’t know if they pushed me or not and I don’t care because I fell down and I saw multitudes, Sid. I saw people from every tribe, every tongue, every nation.

I saw hundreds and hundreds of thousands, and it went on, it had no end, a sea of humanity. And I was crying out, and I’m sad to tell you this, but this is my journey, and so if my journey helps someone else to say yes, my initial response to that vision was no. I said, no, I don’t want to see them. I’m tired. My husband and I are tired, with 320 children. And he took a piece, in this vision, of his flesh, from the son, Jesus, he did. His eyes are eyes of burning, fiery love. But he took a piece of his flesh and he just handed it to me, and he said, “Feed it to the children.” I said, “I can’t.” I’m thinking, I can’t even speak, I’m sobbing. And in this vision, “How can you feed flesh to a child?” He said, “Feed it to the children. I died that there would always be enough.” Holy. I reached out my hand and it turned into bread. It turned into bread. Then he handed me a cup. It wasn’t jeweled, it wasn’t gold, it was a poor man’s cup.

Water and blood flowed from the side of Yeshua. Really, it flowed from his side. And without speaking to me, he told me heart to heart, it’s a cup of suffering and joy. Will you drink it? And I thought, Lord, if you’re offering it, your eyes are burning fire, your body is so bruised. If you’re offering it, Lord, if you’re offering it, Lord, I’ll drink it. He had ripped the “no” out of me and I drank the cup. He said, “Give it to the children.” And I’m thinking how? You’re going too far, God. How do we give a cup of suffering and joy to a child?” The joy part, that sounds wonderful. The suffering, he showed me the suffering of humanity that every single man, woman and child who doesn’t eat, who doesn’t know Yeshua, who doesn’t know beautiful Jesus, is dying of starvation. Just like the children that I picked up in the garbage year after year, just like the kids in the famine zones that are dying in my arms, they’re dying of starvation, of they don’t know him. They’re dying of lack of water if they don’t drink of him. So I drank the cup and I passed it out. And he said to me a second time, “I died that there would always be enough.” Changed everything. It changed everything.


SID: Now, I wanted to tell you about a blind woman, no pupils, just white in the eyes. And you know what her name was? No Name. Be back in a minute.

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