SID: Okay. Now Acts 2:4 says, “And they,” emphasis on the word “they”. “And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak with other tongues.” Who spoke with other tongues? “They” spoke with other tongues; the Holy Spirit do the speaking? “They” spoke with other tongues. Here’s the deal. You don’t open your mouth and make a sound, no one else will. You’re saying, I’m waiting for God to take over my tongue. I’m glad you weren’t, Peter. I mean, we made fun of some of the things Peter did. But he walked on water. Do you know why he walked on water? Jesus is walking water and Peter says, “That’s pretty cool. Can I do that?” Would you think that? Could I walk on water like that? And so Jesus said, “Come.” And Peter said, “Well, If you move my legs for me I’ll come, Jesus.” No! He didn’t say that. He stood up. He knew how to walk. He’d been doing it his whole life. No big trick. And swings his foot out. Who did the walking?


SID: Who does the talking? We do. And supernatural languages. You get it? Peter walked. Here’s what happened. Peter did his part, and God did His part. Your part, is to speak, from your Spirit. I don’t know what to say. So far, you’re perfect. It’s called unknown tongues.

AUDIENCE: [laughs]

SID: Perfect. A-plus. But what if it’s not from God? Well what if it is from God? My Bible says if a child asks for bread, his father is not going to give him a stone. How much more will He give the Holy Spirit to those who ask in the name of Jesus? Get it straight. You’re either a believer or you’re not a believer. So, I want everyone, that had either has never prayed in supernatural languages, that’s you at home. Or has, but didn’t realize what they were missing, to stand up. And the others, I’ll pray for your salvation. Come on, stand up. [laughs] Come on. Come on or I’ll embarrass you on international TV. Give me a break. Okay. Now, I want you to say this prayer and mean it with your heart. you at home, you think I won’t embarrass you on international TV? God knows your name. [laughs] Okay, pray out loud and mean it to the best of your ability. you at home too; Dear God


SID: I’m a sinner

AUDIENCE: I’m a sinner

SID: against you

AUDIENCE: against you

SID: and you alone

AUDIENCE: and you alone

SID: have I sinned

AUDIENCE: have I sinned

SID: And I’m so sorry

AUDIENCE: And I’m so sorry

SID: I believe

AUDIENCE: I believe

SID: That Jesus died in my place

AUDIENCE: That Jesus died in my place

SID: and by His blood

AUDIENCE: and by His blood

SID: you remember my sins no more

AUDIENCE: you remember my sins no more

SID: and now that I’m clean

AUDIENCE: and now that I’m clean

SID: I ask Jesus

AUDIENCE: I ask Jesus

SID: to be my lord

AUDIENCE: to be my lord

SID: Lord Jesus

AUDIENCE: Lord Jesus

SID: come and live inside of me

AUDIENCE: come and live inside of me

SID: and in Jesus Name

AUDIENCE: and in Jesus Name

SID: I ask you to fill me

AUDIENCE: I ask you to fill me

SID: from the top of my head

AUDIENCE: from the top of my head

SID: to the bottom of my toes

AUDIENCE: to the bottom of my toes


SID: with your Holy Spirit

AUDIENCE: with your Holy Spirit

SID: and with your power

AUDIENCE: and with your power

SID: amen


JULIE TRUE: [plays piano] [singing spontaneously]

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