SANDRA: And see all of us are “trying” to get healed. Well that’s a slap in God’s face! He said…. if you were to come up to God and say “I’m trying to get healed. What do I need to do?” He would look at us and say, “Duh!” He would say, you know, in my word I said I have already healed you. Now again, you think you’re going to heaven when you act like an idiot. I’m just going to bring it back to you!


SANDRA: Hallelujah, I’m going to bring it back home. All right! Then when your body begins to tell you that you are not healed which is contradictory to the Word. Your body is contradicting the Word. Now let me remind you that your body is the part of you that is not totally and completely saved yet and this body is not the one you’re going to take to heaven. Hey, I’m in the Bible, that’s what is says. I don’t know what it’s going to look like but it’s going to look like Him and some way somehow I’m going to look me and I’m going to look like Him and glory to God I don’t care how it happens, just let it happen, Jesus. Hallelujah! Amen? Amen? So this body, we’re letting, can I put it this way? We’re letting an unsaved body tell us that my God is a liar! Can you identify with that?


SANDRA: Your body’s telling you that God did not do what God says He has done. Now let’s go back to being saved. So when you got born again, when you asked, which is simply asking Jesus in your life, when you accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior. And you…. oh, what a Savior He is! When you took… I mean He saved us to the uttermost!! I mean He did it all. There’s nothing left. He did not get some of you and leave some of you out. Hallelujah! He saved us and we praise Him for it. He took care of everything about us and we praise Him for that. And we can find it in, in Isaiah 53. We can find it in 1st Peter 2:24. We can find it in the word “out of the mouth of two or three witnesses let a thing be established.” We can find that when God did it, praise God, God did it! And we give Him all the glory and praise.

So He’s not up in heaven saying Hey, I think I’ll heal her. I think I’ll heal her. Forget that one over there. She has been really bad. I am not going to heal her. No, He has already done it but… just like salvation has already been presented but you have to accept what Jesus has done. And you have to accept the Word and believe Him and take Him as your Healer. Now I want to ask you what I would be saying to you would you take Him as your Healer? Would you not let your body tell you whether you’re healed or not? Are, are you going to continue to let your body tell you whether the Word of God is true or not? Process it. Are you processing it? Now again, when we act like an idiot even though we’re saved, even though we’re born again, even though we are Christian, even though we’ve accepted Jesus in our life, and when we act like nuts. You know you could have acted like a nut on the way to the meeting tonight. You could have been coming down the road slapping your kids in the backseat and you know and just carrying on telling them to shut up and act up and then what do we do? We walk in the church door and what we do: “Glory to God!”

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