So let’s say for example that there is conflict in your home. Let’s say that, you know, you have a child who’s rebellious. There was a woman that I knew that had a rebellious son, very rebellious. And he was on drugs and he was playing bad music in the home and everything and she actually felt defeated by that. She had had talks with him. Nothing worked on that end of things. She tried to, you know, put him into some restraints and banned him from going out but he just went out anyways. And she was just beside herself not knowing what to do. And I said do you know what? If you go into your prayer closet with the Lord, if you, if you find God in this and just ask Him for His promise. Ask Him for His promise and ask Him for wisdom. If any man lacks wisdom just go to God and get it. You know, it’s available for you. He will not refuse you. And so she went in and the Lord gave her some promises.

And I said start by decreeing those promises in your prayer time and go into his room when he’s not there and decree those promises and put on some, some praise worship, and you know, I mean the Bible is full of tools on how you can create your world, you know, on how you can make a difference. The Bible’s full of them. And so, um, she, she went and used the tool of praise and the tool of decrees. The Bible says “if you decree a thing it will be established!” In Esther 8:8 it says “if you make a decree in the name of a king it cannot be revoked.” And so we have power when we decree THE word of God. If Jesus said it He will make it good. And we’re not to doubt that word.

We are, we are to believe it. You know we’re not to harden our hearts with unbelief but we are to really believe that what God said He meant and what He meant He said. And so she took the promises that she got in her prayer closet and she started decreeing them, building a framework. Did you know that in Hebrews 11:3 it says “By faith the worlds were framed by the word of God”? Did you know you can frame your future with the word of God? That you can decree the promises He gives you and partner with Him in that and create atmospheres and realms in your life that will just bring light into any darkness? And so she did that and, and she just loved on him and she set boundaries in the spirit. God gave her also some practical wisdom on what to do. She went in and she threw out his music and everything. She’d been too afraid to do it before but the Lord told her to do it and so she did it. And you know what?

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