The greater thing here is that there’s a multitude of people out there that need to be saved.  So praise God, yes He wants you healthy and the gifts of the Spirit will help you to accomplish that and be out of debt and have money to do whatever God wants you to do.  But the bigger picture is to know that by you, the signs, the wonders and the miracles are going to cause people to be provoked to accept Jesus because the world is looking for the reality of a miracle working God.  Now let me just wrap up this session here with our example that I tried to get you to imagine because I want you to see the reality of the bigness of the sea that you’re swimming in as a fish for God, if you will.  Now, I don’t like reading notes because it gets kind of distracting to read things, but yesterday while I was on the plane I did this and let me read to you the specifics of literally, how little space you would need to contain all of the books that we would write if we wrote one book a day.  Again, one book a day; that means we are going to have 365 books in a year, right?  Well look at this, this is kind of amazing.  Here’s how I figured it out.  If we take a box that would hold twelve books, the book again, 12 inches x 12 inches x 1 inch; that means we could get twelve books in one box, like a moving box, right?  Alright so that means one box now is going to be 1 foot x 1 foot x 1 foot, one square cube there, OK?  Now, if we stack these boxes, twelve books per box, ten boxes high, we’d have 120 books in that stack.  Now, average ceiling, so you can put this into your living room; take a living room that’s about eight ft. high.  So eight feet, eight boxes, we’d have ninety-two books, alright.  Hang in there with me now.  An average room, average you know, room in your house, say 10 foot x 12 foot, that means with a ceiling of eight feet; you can get 120 stacks of boxes; ten wide, twelve long, 120 times 10.  That gives us OK, 120 cartons.  Now, the 120 stacks, ten rows high and twelve deep, ten wide/twelve deep, that means we can fill a room, if we’re packing it like a moving truck, OK, we would get 11,040 books into a 10 foot x 12 foot room.  Hallelujah.  Now I’ll tell you what, from the life of Jesus, doing one book per day, we don’t need that much room.  Literally, we only need enough for three and a half years and that would be 1,277 books.  That is only basically one tenth of the room.  The point is with writing one book a day we are going to fill a 10 x 12 room just ten percent full, but that gave us one book.

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