He desires all people to be saved.  I really believe that the revival we’re coming into is unlike anything this world has ever seen.  And it’s not going to be about great men and women of God, people like me or Sid or others.  It’s going to be about ordinary people serving an extraordinary God.  As God has used me around the world, I’ve been featured on front pages of newspapers and TV shows around the world.  So often, the reporters not understanding the things of God.  They don’t understand the principles and precepts that you’re going to learn here and the operation of the supernatural.  So, there will be a headline that will say “Great Faith Healer, Great Miracle worker” but that’s not true.  I’m just an ordinary man serving an extraordinary God; and the same thing for you.  The signs, the wonders and the miracles that God has intended for these closing pages of history, is going to bring in the greatest number of people getting saved, Jew and gentile.  It’s going to happen because of ordinary people learning how to operate in our inheritance.  Learning how to operate in that which started the church, the gift of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.  Well, one of the things that I would like to say and I’ve kind of already said it here, but just as a closing point on my slide here.  This is for everybody.  It’s for everybody, every day, for every moment of every day.  So often we use our faith and we expect the supernatural for important things; maybe we’re going to buy a house or maybe we are thinking about a spouse or changing a job.  You know in different important decisions we get God involved, but what we are going to see as we get into this study is that the supernatural should start happening the moment you wake up in the morning.  It’s actually happening while you’re sleeping.  But the moment you wake up in the morning, you need to start to expect God to use you.  You need to expect the supernatural as a natural way of living.  Amen.  Well, let me go through basically what I am calling here a course overview.  This is going to be, not exactly in the order it’s going to happen, but bottom line objective, these are the things that we want to do over the course of these sessions; which we’re expecting to have about eight of them.  Number one:  I’ve already basically done this, given you a little bit of background.  To me, and God literally called me in 1979, to learn to study, if you will, the operation of the gifts of the Spirit.  I came out of the occult, not that I’m proud of this, but literally in 1978 I was involved in the occult, involved in sylvan mind control.  Actually years prior to that, I was actually trained as a psychic and got paid for that.  And praise God for the blood of Jesus!  I got redeemed, but one of the things I know is the reality of the power of the devil because I worked for him.

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