RODNEY:  Thank you, Lord Jesus. Hallelujah! Listen, my granddaughter, she’s 11, and you ought to hear her preach, I mean she’s on fire. Bring her up, give her the microphone. I mean she goes around laying hands on people. I mean it’s, it is just phenomenal to see what God is doing. It’s time for the army of God to rise!




RODNEY:  Don’t complicate it! It’s not complicated! It is simple! Maybe cause I come from Africa. We’re not complicated over there. I’m an African. I am an African. I’ve become an American so I’m an African American.




RODNEY:  I’ve been adopted by 2 Indian tribes so I’m an African-American Indian. (chants)



RODNEY:  Don’t complicate it. It’s not complicated. It is simple! It’s simple! People make it so hard. I was talking to one preacher. Every year he’s on a forty day fast. I said brother, how many, bless your heart. If I fasted as much as you do I’d be walking on water by now! I mean seriously.




RODNEY:  Now there’s nothing wrong with fasting. But he’s always. How are you? I’m in a fast. Okay, knock yourself out again.




RODNEY:  You know we can live a fasted life. There’s things that we can do. It’s not like feast or famine. You understand what I’m talking about? It’s a relationship. It’s a relationship. Come here. What do you do? You’re a mom? How many children? Two? Five and Six. Come right over here. One little boy and little girl? Come here. Lift your hands. Father, thank You for this momma. Thank You for these two children. Raise ‘em up to be a mighty man and a might woman of God. JESUS! Thank You for that touch. I thank You for that touch. We got to get the children under the anointing. Got to bring ‘em in. Put the fire of God in the kids. That’s where it starts. Amen. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Thank You, Lord Jesus. Come here brother. What do you do? You work where? At a retail department store? Lift your hands. You love Jesus? FIRE! The fire of God. Put it on him. Put it on him. Put it on him, Jesus. Put it on him. Hallelujah. Thank You, Jesus. What do you do? You are? FIRE! FIRE! Jesus touch him. Touch him. Touch him. Touch him. Touch him. Touch him. Touch him. Touch him. Touch him. Touch him. Touch him. Touch him. Touch him. Touch him Touch him, Jesus. Touch him, Jesus. Touch him, Jesus. Touch him, Jesus. Now you know people always get nervous around the power of God. They always, people say I don’t want to look like an idiot. What does an idiot look like?




RODNEY:  Well I don’t want people to think I’m weird. They already do.




RODNEY:  Get over yourself. Just get over yourself. You’ve got a program “It’s Supernatural” and you want to be normal?

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