SID: Clarice, what does it mean to see things from God’s perspective?


CLARICE: Well that means you must ascend on wings of worship and praise, be seated in heavenly places and choosing to agree with God. You must know in the depths of your heart, in your [unintelligible] that you are born again, spirit-filled, tongue-talking, devil-chasing, anointed, appointed individual, standing in the stead of Christ to execute the judgments of God that have already been written.


SID: That’s a mouthful. I don’t even think you came up for air. But what can someone do that is stuck? Their prayers. They prayed for their family’s salvation, nothing. They prayed for some health conditions, nothing. They know God’s Word. How do we get unstuck?


CLARICE: Well first of all, we have to understand you have a great big God and a little bitty devil and the only thing that works on him is his lying mouth. So we have got to understand who we are that our life is hidden in Christ. So when these circumstances and situations that are not in agreement with the holy Word of God, then you recognize it for what it is, then you send an army of words. It’s just an army of words that rise up, and you say, devil, you are old and ugly. You’re defeated. You’ll never know the love of God. You lost your glorified body, for every second you have oppressed me, I claim a soul for the Kingdom of God. Then you begin to say—


SID: You know what, the devil could not take that kind of heat.


CLARICE: Put him up. Don’t let him leave. Say, I’m not through with you yet.


SID: Now I read somewhere, so and so said, aren’t you afraid of saying that? He may come after you.


CLARICE: Well he can’t find. See, I’m hidden in Christ. If he knew where I was, he can’t get me.


SID: Now, you say everything in God’s Kingdom is voice-activated and it has a lot to do with the frequency of our voice. Explain.


CLARICE: All right. Well everything is moving. We look like we’re stable, but everything has got a vibration. Everything has got a frequency. Every now and then you’re going to meet someone and they’re going to say something profound like, hi there, how are you, and you’re going to feel something come, I like that person. There’s something about their voice. There’s something about their gestures. And then you begin to recognize your tribe. That’s a frequency that begins to take place. The biggest problem from my perspective that people have and understand that we’re trying to do something rather than be something. If I be the righteousness of Christ then I’m as righteous as God. If I know that, I operate from a revelation, not an information of a finished work. So I don’t beg and plead, and call that interceding. I open my mouth and let the seed enter into the ever-present now and begin to understand that the prophetic voice of God can landscape the soul of the souls of people that have endured great praise.


SID: How do you handle it when you go to a doctor and a doctor says you got six months to live. What would you do?


CLARICE: Well it’s just really interesting. We were in the airport just the other day and there was a man that was sitting with a dog. It was a big service dog and he didn’t look too happy. And I just smiled over to him. So I said to him, “How are you today? Does your dog bite?” And he says, “He might.”


SID: That’s not what I would expect.


CLARICE: And I said, “What’s his name?” He says, “Murphy.” And I said, “Hi, Murphy.” Frequency…Murphy knew I love dogs. I just love them. God did good when he made a dog. I’ve got two dogs. One’s named Money and the other is named Debt-Free.


SID: She’s not kidding. She’s not kidding.


CLARICE: I’m not kidding. And he says, “Murphy is going to get a new home in two weeks.” And I said, “Well you love him so much. Why are you going to give him away?” He says, “Because I’m going to die in two weeks.” So I go over to where he’s sitting and I sit down next to him, and I said, “Hey, show it to me.” He said, “What?” And I said, “That expiration date. Where is it written on you?” He said, “Well the doctor said.” And I said, “Dr. who?” I said, “That’s Dr. Man. All he knows is what he sees. Thank God for him.” But anyway, I said, “Here, I’ve got something for you.” And I said, “What I’m going to do is I’m going to pray for you. I have an anointed cloth that I’ve held in my hands. I take it around with me.” And I put it on him. And he says, “I have brain cancer.” And I said, “And I have God.” The big C is not cancer, it’s Christ. Anyway, I had the opportunity to pray for him. He was born-again, spirit-filled man that had just made a decision to agree with a bad decision. And we are people making choices. God will not violate your free will. If you want to be over it, suppressed, repressed, depressed or possessed, you certainly can.


SID: You know, you really, not only do you rhyme, what you say is so profound.


CLARICE: I say it so fast.


SID: For instance, listen to this, I have to write it down. God is not asking you to be some, to become something you’re not. He’s asking you to become who you already are.


CLARICE: Already are.


SID: When we come back, I want you to answer that.



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