BOB:  You see there was chaos, darkness and emptiness but God saw the light. And so I said I see the scripture says that I hear Rachael weeping over her children but I hear the Lord turning weeping into laughter and joy. And what was tears for Rachel is going to cause a lot of children to rejoice. And then I saw this picture of a hand go on top of her head like in this picture and I said God is going to heal many children with a brain trauma and brain tumors through your ministry, Steve, through the sounds they’re actually going to heal children that have these brain injuries. Now if you know my friend Steve he’s got a big smile. He was smiling and he was crying at the same time. He said Rachel actually passed away from a brain tumor. He said I would go to her house and I would sing over her and pray that God would heal her and God just took a situation that looked like chaos, darkness and emptiness and He saw it a different way. And He said look, for the seed that fell and died into the ground I’m going to bring life. I’m going to bring many joyful children out of tears. I’m going to bring many healings out of this disease. See I believe that’s what God does when we see from His perspective. And so there’s an exercise that I do I would like to do with you. And you guys at home doing this. This is something you could do in your personal devotions. We’re going to do it here. And actually you could do this with someone outside, someone outside of the church. And in the Bible we see many analogies for prophecy. Like Jesus is called The Lion of the tribe of Judah. The Lamb that was slain. And we know that many animals have become sorta symbols in the Bible for things. So here’s what I want you to do and actually I do this, I’ve taught this thousands of times and I’ve never failed to marvel at what God can do with something simple. Sometimes we want to be profound but the world doesn’t need profound. It needs authentic. Now I’m going to say something simple but profound. The anointing is attracted to authentic. God loves what’s real. God loves to be around people that are real. And you know what? Sometimes you just need to be real with people. Just love people. And so I do this exercise. I want you to do it with me for a second. Okay? You don’t have to write it down. Just think this in your head. Is that if animals are used to be analogies in the Bible, like a lion was a kingly animal, so Jesus it was a demonstration of His kingship. So a natural symbol, an application. So think about this. Just ask the Lord this question in your heart? In this season of my life Lord, what animal do you want to use as a symbol for what you want to do in my life? Well I heard some of you oh no, Lord, not that again. Right. (laughs) Well Jesus had a donkey but let’s not go there let’s just say. So what characteristic of that animal do You want to use in my life? To bring strength in my life and to show me? And what we do is we actually pair people up and we have them look at each other and we say now what animal comes to your mind when you see them? Not from a worldly perspective but from God’s perspective. Can I tell you? Just last week I was in Oklahoma City. I just got the video of this. There was a young man who had just been new to Christ and he was paired up with a gentleman who had just been healed of a very bad back damage, damage in his back. And he looked at him and he said I see you like this horse and a horse is strong and a horse is powerful. And so they came up and they shared this and I said now I’m going to add to this. And this video’s just beautiful what happened. And when he said I see you like this horse I saw the horse that was wild. You know how you have to break a horse that’s wild? But I saw this horse that was broken that became free again. Became wild again and I said you were the broken horse but God’s setting you free from addictions. You were in prison but God’s setting you free because the enemy tried to lock you up in your addictions and in your prison but God set you free. And right then this young man just fell to his knees because he had just been released from jail because of drug trafficking. Now what can God do with something simple like that? He can use a simple analogy like that. So here’s what I want you to do. If you just in this moment close your eyes for a second. Say “Lord, what symbol do you want to give me right now?” Just pause. Go quiet. Whatever comes to your mind. Now say Lord, what characteristic do I need in this season? Let Him speak to you. Now I’m going to pray for you and then we’re going to do something in these next couple of minutes. Father, I pray that this characteristic just like this young man was being taught that you gave him freedom, that you set him free to set other people free. God, I thank you that You’re using this characteristic to bring freedom to somebody in this place. In Jesus’ name. Okay. Open your eyes. Now I’m just going to throw this one out. This is not a word of knowledge. It’s just called a “guess of knowledge.” Okay? Did anyone have a squirrel come to their mind? Did anyone use an animal like a squirrel? All right, like a small… anybody like a small animal that size? Okay. What was yours? A snail? Oh, that’s a good one. Can you stand to your feet? All right. Here’s what I just heard the Lord say. You’ve been feeling like you’ve been going through a season that’s really slow but God’s accelerating you right now. And I really feel like the Lord is actually like greasing the rails in areas of training in your life and I feel like that you’ve gotten a lot of like natural training but you’re one that’s going to help other people go farther in their education and their training. And I see you working with people who have like, they need vocational skills, and they need social skills in order to get to the next place in their life. And you’re going to be one like in the spirit like a human resource director that would help people to find their gift and their calling and get them into that place and even people who have made mistakes in relationships and marriages in the past you’re going to help them get back on track in their relationships and you’re going to see families restored, homes restored. And… Is this making sense to you? Yeah. And so I also feel like the Lord says He’s got a higher degree in the spirit for you and I feel like there’s even a step in education  that you want to take in this season that it seems like you don’t have the resources to do it. But I hear the Lord say you’re going to master your Master degree and you’re going to doctor your doctorate degree and I’m going to make a way where there seems to be no way in Jesus’ name. Amen. Amen.




BOB:  Keep standing. All right. Everybody just reach a hand toward her and say “Let there be light.”


AUDIENCE:  Let there be light.


BOB:  In Jesus’ name!


AUDIENCE:  In Jesus’ name!

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