BRIAN:  You have a hope of glory this moment. And inside of that hope of glory is healing, miracles, its communication with God. What father would never speak to his son? What father would never speak to his daughter? You’re cherished. You’re loved. And our heavenly Father is going to speak to us and He’s going to give us divine impartation. If we will ask Him He will speak. So every time I go to bed at night. Most of the time I go to bed at night. Sometimes I’m so tired I forget. But I consec… you know what I do? I consecrate my pillow. And I say Lord, I touch this pillow. Make it into a pillar of glory. I want to go up the divine stairway. Now Jacob had a dream like that, didn’t he? Jacob was running from his estranged brother Esau. And do you know where he ended up that night? He ended up at the very place his grandfather had built an altar. Bethel. And he had taken one of those altar stones, Jacob took an altar stone that had been anointed by Abraham his grandfather and he put that stone under his head and a stone became a pillow. And that anointed stone, who’s the anointed Rock? We need to put that under our head, don’t we? You know we need to get out of our minds. You need to be out of your mind for God. And it’s my mission in life, one of my assignments in life is to help people get out of their minds.       It’s a very limiting place to put God, believe me. He wants to permeate every part of our being. Our soul, our emotions, our conscience, our will, every activity, every stirring of our heart He wants to hold the reins to that. So Jacob goes into a trance. It’s like a vision and a dream and a trance all rolled into one and he saw the divine escalator. I’m very visual so here’s the picture I want you to see. It was a strand of DNA going up into the heavenly realm. It was the DNA of heaven. God’s DNA. And Jacob saw. What did he see? Angels going up. Angels coming down. Right? These are not the angels you think. Did you know half of the time in the Bible when angels are spoken of it’s men? The Hebrew word, and interestingly the Greek word for “angel” can be either human or angels in the heavenly realm. What Jacob saw was not simply celestial angels. He saw people. Where did they start? They ascended and descended. Where did they start from?




BRIAN:  That’s where we live. They came from earth up that strand of glory into the heavenly realm. Received their destiny, their mantle, their scroll. They got their visitation and they came back. God wants you to ascend the hill of the Lord. The secret stairway of the sky, Song of Songs 2:14 speaks of. The highway of holiness that Isaiah presents. But you know that stairway is presented again in John 1. And Jesus sees Nathaniel and says here comes a true Israelite that has no guile, no bitterness. Remember that encounter? And Nathaniel is so astounded he said well how do you know me? And Jesus said I saw you under the fig tree. He had a word of knowledge. Jesus had a word of knowledge. I saw you before you came to me. You were sitting under a fig tree. And Nathaniel was so astounded Jesus said you think that’s something? You will see heaven open. And the angels of God ascend. Where do they start?




BRIAN:  Ascend and descend. Last Days intercessors are going to be mighty champions of God that have ascended the hill of the Lord and have gone into their place of visitation. You see unbelief limits us. Unbelief says well I’ve never been taught that. Well let’s start getting it. And we are, we are His chosen ones. We are His favored ones. How does it feel to be the fiancé of the son of God? You married up.




BRIAN:  Can’t get any higher. You know it’s as though the Trinity, it’s as though the Trinity were making room for the Bride to come as a mighty partner, a co-signer to the title deed of the universe. You know writing a commentary on Genesis I discovered how many encounters Abraham had. You flip every page. And the Lord appeared to Abraham. The Lord appeared to Abraham. Acts 7, verse 1 and 2 the God of glory appeared to Abraham. So the entire Hebrew family began with divine encounter. This is why in the DNA of the Jewish people there is a passion and a longing to encounter this God of creation. This God that appeared to their ancestor come to me Lord. The longing to appear before God and to have Him come to you. It’s legit. It’s okay. It’s legal to want. David said when will I come and stand before You? What about Moses? What about Jacob? We already talked about the stairway of glory, the escalator that went up. What about Isaiah, the throne room encounter. I mean for 5 chapters he speaks woe unto you, woe unto you, woe unto you. We’ve got a lot of the woes going on today don’t we? But in Isaiah 6 who did he speak the woe unto? “Woe unto me!” Until you have a throne room encounter all you have to say is “woe to them.” But when you see the Lord high and lifted up it’s not the whole earth is full of sin. The whole earth is full of glory. What are you made from? The whole earth is full of His glory. What about Ezekiel? I mean by the third verse of Ezekiel he’s in a whirlwind. The glory’s coming. I mean he couldn’t even wait to tell us. On his 30th birthday when he should have been a priest there was no Temple. He was in exile by the River Kebar which means the river of eternity, the river of long ago and he on the shore of that river, the bank of that river  he has this vision and he sees the glory. What about Ezekiel, Daniel, Joel, Zechariah? The entire book of Zechariah is eight visions in the night and it even gives us in the early verses he gives us the date. We can actually pinpoint the date in Zechariah’s Journal, one night and he gives us the day I had eight dreams and visions and the entire book of Zechariah is one night’s visitation.

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