JAMES: How many of you have got flesh? Then this is for you. All right? If you have flesh it’s for you! I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh. Men and women, right? And young people are going to see visions and older people are gonna have dreams. Amen? Well I like that scripture because I still see visions and I think of myself as a young man of only 70 years so I’m gonna just stay young and keep seeing those visions. And God wants us, every single one of us to begin to see the visions that He’s releasing. He wants us to have prophetic dreams. He wants us to see into the spirit realm. He wants us to see that heaven is open and it’s never been closed! And He wants to release things to you. Spiritual gifts, healing, signs, miracles and wonders and I tell you when heaven opens God does amazing things. For a season there over and over we encountered people that had fused vertebra in their spine. Different locations. But just in that atmosphere of God’s presence, nobody praying for ‘em, nobody laying hands on them, nobody put oil on them, but just suddenly all of the fusion went away and they had new vertebra. All the pain was gone and they had freedom of movement just when heaven was open and God came down. Whoa, whoaa? Halle Hahahaha! He just came down in greater power! Yes Lord. Yes Lord. Hallelujah! Did you feel that shift? Something shifted with that testimony! And right now I believe that God is releasing that same creative miracle to people as we listen to what’s happening today. Okay? God is going to heal the vertebra. Take away years of pain and give freedom of movement and motion. Amen? Whoa! I just got another word of knowledge! God is healing rotator cuffs. And I don’t know if anybody needs that but right now we just release it in the name of Yeshua! If you have a problem in your shoulders God wants your arms to be free to reach up and praise Him and give Him glory and honor and there’s a healing anointing right now to heal the shoulders to make that happen. Receive it in the name of Yeshua ha Mashiach. Amen and amen. Hallelujah! Whoo! (laughs) Wow. You know John 4:12 says something really amazing. Jesus said, how many of you believe that Jesus speaks the truth? Okay? I’m just checking. Okay. (laughs) Jesus said “those who believe in Me will do the things that I’m doing.” That’s pretty good, isn’t it? But then He said “and even greater things.” How many of you are ready to start moving in the greater things?




JAMES: Well go ahead. Just do that. All right? You know what’s holding you back? What’s holding any of us back? Heaven is open. The Spirit of God is moving in our midst. It says in the Book of Revelation that there’s seven spirits of God that have been sent into the whole earth! How many of you right now are in a part of the earth?




JAMES: Anybody here that’s not on earth? If you are in any part of the earth the seven Spirits of God have been released and they are where you are! They’re available to you! And those spirits can minister to you in a way that no man or woman can do. I tell ya when those spirits manifest I like to get out of the way cause God, this’ll surprise you, He’s actually better at this than I am. (laughs) Oh, you’re laughing. Oh. (laughs) So I like to get outa the way when God starts moving. And I just want Him to move. You see I’m seeking God’s face. My name is James and it’s actually the Greek version of the Hebrew word “Jacob.” And one of the definitions of Jacob’s name is “one who follows close behind.” And I wanna follow close behind Jesus. So it says in Psalm 24 we are the generation of Jacob. Right? And we’re seeking God’s face and I think it’s time for us to find what we’ve been seeking. Amen? And God wants that to happen. God wants to open it up for you. Well I believe that God can do that and that God wants to do that. So I’m gonna ask you would you help me do that? Okay? I wanna deputize all of you. Okay? You’re all now official kingdom deputies. Okay? Deputies of the Kingdom! So there’s an anointing today on your hands. Amen?




JAMES: On your hands right now and God is releasing that anointing to you to begin to get this breakthrough that we’ve been talking about. So I’m gonna ask you right now we’re gonna activate our spiritual senses. Okay? Right now if you would take your hands and put your hands over your eyes. Oh, hallelujah! We’re gonna say “Spiritual eyes.”


AUDIENCE: Spiritual eyes.


JAMES: Open wide.


AUDIENCE: Open wide.

JAMES: Right now.


AUDIENCE: Right now.


JAMES: I wanna see heaven open.


AUDIENCE: I wanna see heaven open.


JAMES: Angels ascending and descending.


AUDIENCE: Angels ascending and descending.


JAMES: And to see the Son of Man.


AUDIENCE: And to see the Son of Man.


JAMES: Well, Deputies, God bless you to do the work of the kingdom! Amen? Amen. Hallelujah! Amen!



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