SID: You know, Joan, there are so many things that I observed about Kathryn Kuhlman that really provoked me to jealousy. I really wanted those things. But I have to say the thing that was so obvious to me is she had such an intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit. Tell me a bit about that.


JOAN: Yield is the word. Gift is the word. She had total relinquishment of her as a, just a regular woman. And this woman was committed. Her body, her mind, her soul, everything about her walked in that commitment. Now, I don’t know if I am exaggerating the issue, but she would come out of her office and cross Fifth Street there, and she would walk through this traffic. And everywhere she went they didn’t know who she was, but you could feel her, that atmosphere of God’s Holy Spirit in that woman just walking down the street, and it touched people on the side of her. I love that.


SID: So she carried the atmosphere of Heaven.


JOAN: Oh, she did.


SID: Wherever she went.


JOAN: She did.


SID: But guess what, so do you.


JOAN: I love it and I receive it, and I do and I want it always until my last breath.


SID: And so can you. Are you expecting this moment to get physically healed? Are you? Something very special is about ready to happen. When that light came above you, you couldn’t see anything and then all of a sudden, you could see.


JOAN: That’s right.


SID: Something more was deposited. The presence of God was deposited upon you.


JOAN: Yes.


SID: The Bible says, “Freely, I have received, freely, I give.” Would you pray for people to receive what you have.


JOAN: And Father, as this man, Sid Roth, spoke those words, a chill went through my body thinking how real, and what I have received, and what Sid has received, we give to you. Nothing is impossible. The Spirit of the Living God, the Resurrection of Jesus Christ is here on you, on you. The Spirit of the Living God is raising you from that bed of affliction. Don’t look back. What the doctors say is all right. They’re good men, but this God, we breathe life into you. Take it back in Jesus’ name, amen, amen, amen.


SID: All I can say is what Jesus said: “It is finished.”

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