WOMAN #1: It’s just – It’s my knees. I need total reconstructive –


JERAME: I’m telling you just raise your hands right now. If you need a miracle just put your hand on the part of your body that needs the miracle. Just put it there right now. Right now I see arthritis being healed. Right now in the name of Jesus we take authority over arthritis in the hands. If that’s you just shake it off right now. God’s going to heal you. Just shake it off right now. Oh, I see somebody right now with some sort of an injury to the right shoulder. God’s is healing you. If that’s you just start to move that shoulder around. Somebody else, you’ve got some sort of a hip injury on the left side, could be like a sciatic nerve issue. If that’s you just start moving it around, just start testing it out. Oh, thank you Lord. Thank you, Jesus. Somebody’s right ankle is getting touched right now. Goodness of God’s touching your ankle. You rolled that ankle, you twisted something in that ankle and it hasn’t healed right. Jesus is touching you right now. If that’s you just start moving it. Start testing it out. All the rest of you just put your hands on your body. Yeah, right now we release miracle power in the room. We command sickness and disease to go. We command pain and torment to go. Yeah, we just speak right now life. We speak right now body parts. We speak right now creative miracles in the room.  We just release the love of Jesus! Now I even see eyesight. If you need a miracle in your eyes just put your hand on your eyes. Lord, I thank You for eyes being healed. We declare clarity of sight. We declare clarity of vision in Jesus’ name. Thank you, Lord. Now I want you to start, people here right now, just test your body out. Check. See if the pain’s gone. See if you could do something that you couldn’t do before. Some of you are going to be really surprised right now because God loves you so much. Check it out. Who feels the difference? If that’s you, wave at me like this. You feel the difference, wave at me like this. C’mon, you feel like Jesus healed you, wave at me. Look at that. C’mon look at all these people around the room, friends.


SID ROTH: I would like to have about 5 of you that raised your hand come up here very quickly and testify. Very quickly, please.


JERAME: Yeah, if Jesus healed you, c’mon!


SID: What happened?


WOMAN #2: I was thrown from my horse 3 years ago and I’m in my fifties. And I’d hurt my shoulder and I hadn’t been able to do this and I’m doing it! [laughs]


JERAME: Wow! How long haven’t you been able to do that?


WOMAN #2: since I got thrown. I’d, I’d tore up the whole side of my body. I had a big horse [chuckles].


JERAME: Wow, so for 3 years you couldn’t do this?


WOMAN #2: I couldn’t do this. This wasn’t happening.


SID: Now God is here and there’s power in the testimony. If He’ll heal one, He’ll heal all. He’s not a respecter of persons. He’s a respecter of His Word and faith in the integrity of His Word. Thank you. C’mon.


WOMAN #3: Two years ago I fell and broke my left shoulder. And then in this year, I fell, I mean in July of last and I fell and broke my elbow real bad and had to have surgery. I couldn’t raise this arm up. January of this year I fell, had a bad fall and bruised my whole shoulder and it has been so sore and it’s healed but I couldn’t raise my, either one ‘them up no farther than this. But PRAISE GOD!, Woo. Hallelujah!


SID: Thank you, Lord. Thank you, Lord. Robin, come on. Thank you, Jesus.


WOMAN #4: I had arthritis and my knee was hurting me so bad I couldn’t hardly walk home last night from the shoot and now I can raise my legs up! And He healed my ears too! I, I could turn a certain way and I, I would have like vertigo. And He healed my ears too! Thank you, Jesus!!


JERAME: C’mon!




SID: Thank you, Lord. Anything else? Okay. We’re in the presence of God right now. O God, You’re so good. God You are so good. The world has to know about Your goodness, Lord. Use each person here as Your mouthpiece. As Your spokesman. As Your ambassador. The Lord is blessing you right now! The Lord is keeping you right now! The Lord, He’s smiling upon you right now! The Lord, He’s surrounding you with His favor right now! The Lord, He’s gifting you right now! The Lord is giving you His Shalom, completeness, completeness in your body, and in your soul and in your spirit right now! In the name that is above every hurt, every disappointment, every frustration, every need. Yeshua HaMashiach Tsidkenu, Jesus the Messiah, our Righteousness.

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