RON: Number Two: The Lord’s coming! You be patient! Huh! Establish your heart for the coming of the Lord is at hand. These things we’re seeing are simply harbingers of the Rapture and of the coming of Jesus! Number Three: Be patient. Quit grumbling! The Judge is on His way!


AUDIENCE: Hallelujah


RON: Now I’m going to tell you what. You can hit the street. Demonstrate. You can do whatever. Holler and scream. Complain. Grumble. Gripe. Write letters. Text people. Be ugly and hateful. You aren’t going to fix Nothing! But there is One who will set it right!


AUDIENCE: Yes! Amen!


RON: One before whom every knee will bow!




RON: And every tongue will confess! He says do not grumble against one another, brethren, lest you be condemned. The Judge is standing at the door! The Greek word for grumble is goggyzo.




RON: It’s an ugly word, isn’t it?




RON: Hey, we got any pastors in here? Well you’ll know what I’m talking about. Out there in the hallway of your church well I’m going to tell you what I think, grr, grr, grr, grr, grr, grr. Well you hear grr, grr, grr, grr, grr, grr, grr, grr. I call it the hall committees.




RON: He’s talking to believers! And can I be kind? Shut up!




RON: We’re walking around the walls of Jericho and we’re about to bring down that national stronghold if you will shut up and get ready to blow your horn, your Shofar we’re about to have a victory!




RON: But we going to talk ourselves, and if I could tell Mrs. Clinton or Trump anything it’d be you all need to shut up!




RON: Cause if you don’t people are going to find out who you are!




RON: And if you haven’t read Robert Morris’s new book on the Words what you say is what you going to get!


AUDIENCE: That’s right.


RON: Are you listening to me? And he looks at the church in the Last Days and said I’ll tell you what. I see a bunch of corrupt people in Wall Street stealing and a bunch of people not being paid right and I see all that mess. And I look down at my church and everybody’s grumbling! You can’t got to tell me, I’ve been pastoring the same church for 37 years. I just decided I’d stay.




RON: Brother Ron, what’s the secret of your ministry? I stayed!




RON: I walked in Æ79 and all I had was white people. And I’d been pastoring a country church in Alabama where we had some people of color. And so I had a deacon look at me and said if you going to let these in the church I’m leaving! And being 32 year-old and not being baptized in the Holy Ghost yet I said don’t let that hit you where it don’t matter on your way out the door! That door over there! Bye!




RON: In the words of Curly Bill and Wyatt EaRON: BYE!




RON: See you! And I said that a lot of times so I could stay there and do what God wanted me to do in the life of that church! And so if I could give you some advice as a church member you don’t know what that man or woman of God is having to put up with! You don’t know why they fired that staff member because in Tennessee personnel is confidential. If I tell you why I had to fire them they could sue me for revealing what happened! You don’t know what’s going on! You know how well I’ll tell you he hurt somebody’s feelings. Well they may have been a whoremonger or an adulterer. You don’t know what was going on! You need to learn in these Last Days and what Brother Hagin said years ago: The only law in the kingdom is the law of love.


AUDIENCE: Amen. That’s right.


RON: That’s right. Just love people. And love them and as a pastor if they won’t be loved I can love them but I’m a good daddy. I can spank too if I need to.




RON: You know what I mean? Be patient. The Judge is coming. Be patient. When your harvest shows up it’s going to be twice as much as you expected!




RON: ! Listen to this: My brethren, take the prophets who spoke in the name of the Lord, this is James, as an example of suffering and patience. Indeed we count them blessed who endure. You have heard of the perseverance of Job and seen the end intended by the Lord. What was the end intended by the Lord? A double portion! He got back twice everything he lost! And he had, he had those children die. And I love the fact that the children he got was the same number that left because the ones that left were in heaven so he hadn’t lost them!


AUDIENCE: ! Yeah! Yes! Praise God! [CLAPPING]


RON: I’ve lost a loved one, not if they’re saved. They’ve just been transferred! [laughs]




RON: This angel’s really bothering me over here, I’m telling you. They’re telling me to hurry up!




RON: [LAUGHING] All right. Number Five: Be patient. Your prayers can change things! He tells them in verse 12: don’t swear. Let your yes be yes. Tell the truth. Then he says anyone among you suffering let him pray. Anyone cheerful let him sing. Anyone sick let him call the elders of the church. Pray over him, anoint him with oil in the name of the Lord. The prayer of faith will save the sick and the Lord will raise him up. If he’s committed sins he’ll be forgiven. Wow! Isn’t it great? You see what got me to this study I’m going to tell you right now. I’ve anointed lots of people with oil and a lot of them didn’t get healed.




RON: How many of you have anointed somebody with oil and they didn’t get healed? Yeah, a few of you won’t admit it but –




RON: Does that bother you?


AUDIENCE: Yes. Sure.


RON: Well I know the Lord didn’t tell me to heal them just to anoint them. And we do like some and blame it on them say well you didn’t have any faith.




RON: But you know you can get healed without any faith! Remember that man borne by four? It doesn’t say when Jesus saw his faith! It said when he saw their faith he said to the man their faith has made you whole. Get up! You can believe God for somebody else. But what I want, I believe in anointing with oil all the time but what I want you to understand is everything God tells us depends on the atmosphere we’re in. That’s what He was talking about a minute ago. This is a promise for the Last Days. And when you feel the drops falling and you’re in a Latter Rain movement which I believe we’re in right here today in this house, everybody that’s anointed, this verse indicates that everyone that gets this gets healed.


AUDIENCE: ! That’s right! [CLAPPING]


RON: Now we’re not quite there but you hear me well. And I hope it comes before the Lord takes me home but before the Rapture comes there’s going to come a season things are going to get so bad out in the world but so good in the Church.




RON: And in kingdom ministries that people [laughing] people are going to flock, I know they’re going to flock in the Church, people are going to flock into the Church!


AUDIENCE: That’s right!

RON: And EVERYONE who we anoint will get out of the wheelchair. Their blind eyes will be opened.




RON: They’ll bring them in on stretchers and they’ll walk out! Two years ago at Collide Jeff and Bekki Smith who pastor down here in South Carolina their boy was nearly killed in a car wreck. Couldn’t move, couldn’t walk. Was all strapped. They brought him into the church on a stretcher to a conference where he was laying out on a conference and Damon Thompson preached on that Thursday night and all of a sudden we looked up and he’d been, he’d been in the military but he was in that wreck where that military truck was hit by that tractor trailer over here in Kentucky and nearly killed him. And all of a sudden I looked there and bandages an all he’s running around the auditorium.




RON: Randy Clark walked into our church and at our conference about four years ago. This girl had come in from Dayton Tennessee. She was facing surgery. She had the metal, already had metal in her, in her, in her mouth that they were going to take out, it wasn’t working. And so she’s standing on the platform and the metal falls out of her mouth and she’s healed instantly on our platform.



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