KERRY: Cause that’s either attractive or it’s rejecting at that point. And so the Lord wants to just bring a real healing into your broken heart because if you have a broken heart then you will filter everything through a broken heart and you will pray as a broken heart and you’ll see everybody else as a broken heart and you’ll even hurt other people in the process of that. So I want to pray for you right now who are dealing with a broken heart and are feeling some emotional pain because you’ve not seen what God has promised you but He wants to turn that around. Father God, in the name of Jesus, I just speak over hearts here and those watching by at home right now that are watching with the idea that God has forgotten me. I’m alone. Nobody cares for me. I’m abandoned. I come against that orphan spirit that makes you feel like that you’ve been left out and you’re uncovered and you don’t even have a name that God even names you. I come against that mindset that sees yourself as an orphan, that sees you as an abandoned person and we call that off of you right now and that you would have the eyes of the spirit to see what the Spirit of the Lord says over you and what He’s saying and I pray healing in your broken heart and that you would receive healing in your spirit right now! Let the power of the Holy Spirit begin to open your eyes that you can see! Paul prayed this Apostolic prayer. He said: I pray that your eyes of your understanding, not the eyes of your head, the eyes of your understanding of your spirit would be enlightened. And that word enlightenment is; photizo, which means take a picture. So Father God I pray right now that You would allow every person here, watching by home, watching here in this audience, would take a picture that we could see what You see and that we could understand what you understand and by that we could say what You’re saying and understand what You’re understanding. That You have thoughts for us. You’ve given us a hope and a future and we want to walk in that full design that you have for us in Jesus’ name! Let the virtue of Jesus begin to flow through your heart and life in every way! This brother right here in a green shirt and a bow tie. I like that, man. You just stand up. Yes. Sir. Many years ago there was a sense that God’s hand was on you and called you for a special thing. And you didn’t see it come into its full power and its full place that had God intended for it. And the Lord says you haven’t seen the end yet and some things that you’ve written off God is saying I’m writing it back on! And things that you didn’t think would happen because it’s too late the Lord says I am making up the time and now there’s an urgency and you’re going to see things happen in your favor. It’s no blame on what anybody else did. It’s God’s hand that’s revealing Himself in a fresh way and recently the appetite that you’ve been having for the things of God has come up to such a high level the Lord is saying you’ve caught my attention and get ready for the favor of the Lord. It’s coming to you and it’s coming… Praise God!




KERRY: This lady right here. Yes, in the blue. Yes, ma’am. Uh-huh. Will you stand up? Right behind you. Sorry. Right there. Yes. Right there. The one sitting who’s… This day the Lord wants to make a turnaround in your life. He wants to turn you around in how you see you and give you the eyes of the spirit so you can understand there. And even the relationships that have been so difficult and so hard against you you’re going to see God’s saying I’m going to open your eyes to show you how that I bring covenant together and how I bring things around there. And He’s bringing a sense of healing into your life that you’re not going to wonder saying is it going to happen another time, is it going to happen again? And I can tell you by the Spirit of the Lord it will not come a second time! You can cast your bread on the water now and you’re going to see it come back in a different way than ever before. Faith is going to rise in your heart to be able to see that God is doing what He said He’s going to do and He’s cutting off some relationships that have strung on a bit, holding onto them and pulling on you and when you see them cut off don’t be concerned about it because God’s ready to tie you into some, some really relationships that it’s going to be very helpful. And He’s breaking off at night when this abusive thought come to your mind and the attack upon your mind. He’s saying when you sleep tonight you’re going to see the peace of God just overwhelming you!




KERRY: In Jesus’ name! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Has anybody here that you’ve had a diagnosis from a doctor that says your digestion has slowed down so slow that it’s like your food never empties out, you know there’s a digestion full of that. I just hear the Lord right now He wants to bring some healing to some people. Any digestion problem I want you to stand up right now and I’m believing God just to break through with that. Yeah. Yeah. When I was back in the room there I heard the Lord saying that what it seems like is an obstruction to slow things down. He said I’m going to open things up and that you’re going to be able to eat what you want to and not be afraid when you sit down at the table what effect is this going to have on me because when you bless the food God says you can receive it because it’s good for you. Father, I speak to every part of this digestion system right now and I speak over her Lord that every part of her being would feel the weightiness of the Lord God and we speak into her body wholeness and life. I bless this digestion system that was created by You wonderfully to function exactly what You created it and every obstruction and hindrance to be removed in Jesus’ name and let her delight in all that You’ve created for her to have in Jesus’ name. Amen. Amen. Amen!




KERRY: Recently the Lord has really been giving us some real results in the area that people have trouble sleeping at night. Insomnia, that at night their mind just races thoughts and what I should have done and could have done and at night it’s like almost like a torment. I want you to stand up right where you are where you’re not able to get full night’s sleep. And where you’re having to take medication or something to sleep. The Bible says He gives His beloved sleep. And it’s a gift from God and this is a gift that He wants you to be able to receive because while you’re asleep a lot of things take place. While your physical body’s asleep Psalm 16 says that the Spirit of the Lord comes and begins to commune with your spirit. It’s like while you’re asleep you’re getting an upgrade! New software! God’s just changing everything and while you’re asleep the things that God wants to impart to you whether it’s dreaming or any other ways it’s going to come to you and the enemy wants to come at night, the terror that comes by night and to torment and some of you have even said I dread the night coming. I dread having to go to bed and rest. We’re going to see that thing broken tonight! Father, I claim Your Word that says You give Your beloved sleep! I claim the right, Lord, that when we lay down at night that you’re just bringing healing through us! That our bodies become healed right then, recuperated. And that the morning becomes what Your Word says: Your mercies are new every day! I break this cycle of insomnia! No more waking up in the middle of the night and can’t go back to sleep! No more with tormenting thoughts, no more with thoughts of hostility and thoughts of paranoia! In the name of Jesus we pull those strongholds down and those cycles of sleep deprivation in Jesus’ name! And those who are watching at home through the telecast I want to say over you that right now you have the right to be at peace! The peace of God rules over you right now! Some of you are in such terror at night and you just dread for the night to come because of your own safety the Lord breaks that fear off of you and releases to you the peace of God to you to rule and stabilize your heart in every way! Now Father I bless everyone watching by the name of the Lord Jesus Christ that the promises of the Lord are yes and amen because we believe it, we see it and we thank You for doing it! And all we say to you is O God, You are good and You give good things! in Jesus’ name! Amen! Amen! The Lord bless you!

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