KEVIN:  Hallelujah! So I just want to talk to you a just little bit today about Gods angels and understanding how you as born-again blood-bought believers in Yeshua, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, you have the liberty to co-labor with Gods angels to release them to minister for those people who are in your sphere of influence and also in your own life. Amen?




KEVIN:  How many of you believe that you have an angel? Many of you. Praise God. You know Jesus teaching in the Book of Matthew he had them bring a little child to him and he said please do not offend one of these little children because I tell you the truth in heaven their angel always beholds the face of my Father. Now heres a question for you. Raise your hand if you answer yes. How many of you were once were little children?




KEVIN:   Hallelujah. Do you believe just because you grew up that youve lost your angel? The answer is no but what happens many times when were little children we have what I like to call Hebraic mindset. You know when were little children we just have that child-like faith. We just believe. But when we grow up our mind becomes westernized and we get over into a Greek mindset but just because you grew up does not mean that youve lost your angel that always beholds the face of your Father.  Hallelujah. Some people believe those are guardian angels       and I believe we all have at least one angel and I want to share a little bit with you today about Gods angels and how you can have the grace and the authority not only to understand at their presence or discern them like we just did when we smelled that beautiful bouquet of heaven, hallelujah, thank You Jesus, but to learn how you can actually activate them or co-labor with them. How many of you would like to co-labor with Gods angels? Hallelujah! This is available to you today. Now before I go further let me say this to you. In the Book of Revelations 19:10 John the Apostle had a seer experience. God opened up his spiritual eyes and he began to see into the spiritual dynamics and he saw an angel and scripture says in Revelations 19:10 that he fell down at the feet, he said I fell down out the feet of this angel to worship him but the angel rebuked him and said see that you do not do that. Worship Jesus because the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy. Amen? Hallelujah. Whos the person here that from time to time you have numbness and tingling in your hands and your hands get cold and you lose feeling in your hands? Is that person in the back? You want to come up here real quick if thats okay. I just want to, I want to minister to you. And everybody I dont want you to be a spectator. Just pray in the Spirit while she comes. Thank you, Father. Thank you Father for healing this precious saint right now in Jesus name. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Just one minute, brother. Is it the left hand or the right hand? Hold my hand. Here it comes. Steve, can you just assist me? Somebody just assist me. Its okay. Here it comes. Thank You Holy Spirit. Father, we just thank You for touching this nerves in the shoulder, in the elbow, and in the hands and in the name of Jesus, Yeshua ha Mashiach I thank you for releasing a creative miracle into this hand, into this arm. It goes down your leg sometimes too, right? Yeah and its going to be healed in that hip and legs being healed right now in Jesus mighty name. You feel the heat in the, you feel the feeling coming back in that hand right now? Begin to move it. Thank You, Lord. Thank You, Lord.


WOMAN #1:  Ive got tingling and pain periodically. I fell on my hand and my wrist has been hurting so badly and the doctor wont do surgery or anything.


KEVIN:  Move it around. Move it around. Is the pain gone? Hallelujah.


WOMAN #1:   And I have arthritis in my hand as well.


KEVIN:  Let me pray again. Thank You Jesus. Thank You for restoring her feeling. And thank You Father God for taking authority over this, we take authority over this pain. Thank You for healing this pain. We take authority over shock and trauma in Jesus name. Precious woman of God I want to ask you just to begin to move your hand. Does it feel like theres any difference there now?


WOMAN #1:   There is!


KEVIN:  Can you say thank you Jesus?


WOMAN #1:   Thank You, Jesus.




KEVIN:  Cmon, give God a handclap of praise.




KEVIN:  Hallelujah. Now Im just believing as we complete this session if youll just keep moving that hand that youre going to be totally healed. Somebody give God praise.




KEVIN:  Brother, just put your hands up. Put your hands up to heaven right now. Father, in Jesus name I just release angels of healing and a miracle to touch that brother, to touch his arm and to touch his hand right now in Jesus mighty name. Father, we thank You for the call of God to preach the gospel the kingdom thats upon his life and I thank You that his hand, the numbness in his hand is being healed right now. Somebody give God praise. Hallelujah.



KEVIN:  Let me tell you something. This realm of Gods kingdom is real. Amen? There was a time when I was taken up into heaven and I came to stand before Jesus and he assigned four angels. The second angel he assigned to me was an angel of healing and miracles. Let me just say to you that God has thousands, millions of angels of healing and miracles that he wants to assign to people who believe in Yeshua. Hallelujah. Does anybody in here believe in Yeshua?



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