SID: You know Pat, you graduated law school.


PAT: Right.


SID: But I think that background had something to do with you holding on to the laws of the Secret Kingdom. How did that start?


PAT: Well I was trying to find out how the world works. I mean, how does politics work? How does our government work? The Lord, “Tell me, show me.” And I prayed for five years to find out the secrets. And all of a sudden, God opened to me a revelation and the revelation was very simple, that Jesus Christ is God and if he’s God then any time he spoke without specific reference to the time or place, or recipient, he was giving a law that was equal to the law of gravity or any of the other physical laws of the universe. And so I said, if that’s the case then let me go through the Bible and see if he will show me some of the principles that govern the universe that these immutable laws that are equal to the law of gravity. He showed me, and I wrote “The Secret Kingdom” without the visible, but the invisible. But he has laws. I’ll give you the primary law of human growth and development. It’s called of use. And he gave it to us. He says, you know, he gave the Parable of the Talents, the man that had no talents, he lost it, “And he that uses what is given to him will get more.” And it’s a simple law. For example, if I’ve got this teacup here and I hold it up, I can lift that up, if I take my hand and bind it to my chest for a year I won’t be able to lift that teacup. I will lose everything I have.


SID: All the muscles will atrophy.


PAT: Go. But if I work this thing, and I have done it at a gym, I’ve worked my legs to the point where I was [able to] easily leg-press a thousand pounds, 30 reps.


SID: My goodness, you’re embarrassing me.


PAT: I mean, you live up to these things because it’s the law. It’s the same thing with money. You know, the compound interest of Rothschild said it was the eighth wonder of the world. Money will compound. Wealth will compound. Goodness will compound. Souls will compound. Whatever you’re doing, that is the law of human growth and development. So that is one. There’s another one, the law of reciprocity, “It will be given unto you.” For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. It applies to everybody in every walk of life. And it’s so thrilling to think that God laid that blueprint for us. And if we follow these laws, Sid, we have success. It’s in the Bible. These secrets are in the Bible and we as Christians can change the world. That’s what’s so wonderful about it.


SID: Now you had, I agree. Now you had so much favor in your life. Did you find laws of favor?


PAT: Well I asked for favor. There are three things that I asked for. I asked for the wisdom, I asked for the anointing and I asked for favor. And the favor of God is wonderful. You have that favor everywhere you go, good things happen. And when you ask for the anointing you get all kinds of miracles.


SID: Speaking of miracles, what if we were to pray right now. I see you do it on TV. I want to do it with him. Is that okay? You grab hold.


PAT: Can they all join hands together? Will you all reach a hand?


SID: In the studio and at home.


PAT: I’ve seen scripture in the 700 Club, is Matthew 18:19, “Where two of you agree on Earth is touching anything that I ask you to be done for me by my Father in Heaven.” So I’m agreeing with you, my brother, for people in this audience right now. Somebody has a bowel obstruction. You’re afraid of cancer. Right now that obstruction is leaving and there will be no cancer. God is cleaning up that tract, that large intestine. You are completely healed. There’s a mother who’s got a little baby who is very sick right now. Her name is Alisha and the Lord is healing that child, Alisha. You can praise God for that baby is going to be completely well. Just praise God for the answer, Sid. Thank you, Lord. Thank you. There’s a neck muscle that has been twisted. Reach out and touch your leg right at this moment. That muscle will, that’s been popped out will go out, all that terrible pain will go away even as we speak in the name of Jesus. Unceasing, oh you’re so afraid. You’re afraid of snakes. You’re afraid of falling. You’re afraid of life. We rebuke the spirit of fear. In the name of Jesus, come out of them. And may perfect love cast out fear, for fear is torment. We just ask for perfect love to fill these people’s lives. Yes.


SID: And I feel as though if you look in the camera and your gift of word of knowledge is increasing to a point beyond what I’ve seen before. I believe you could pray for that to be stirred up and imparted to everyone that is listening and watching us now.


PAT: Let’s do it. Father, in Jesus’s name, we believe now for everybody in this audience, may the anointing of the Holy Spirit come upon them. Lord, bless them, sincere hearts who are seeking you, give them the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. Let them have the anointing of the Holy Spirit. In the name of Jesus, touch. Amen.


SID: Amen. And I wish we had time to go into the laws of miracles.


PAT: Yes.


SID: But we have time to tell you this. Jesus is coming back soon. Get right with him. Make him your Lord. Ask him to forgive you of your sins and have fun.


PAT: Amen.

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