SID: You know Jack, I’ve been talking about Smith Wigglesworth and I’ve studied a lot about him. But for those that aren’t familiar, tell me a few of his miracles that were recorded.


JACK: A lot of people have probably heard this story, but it’s the most dramatic that I’ve ever heard. There was a man that he prayed for that had no feet and he said, “Tomorrow, you go get some shoes.” And the man said, “Go get shoes?” And he said, “Yes, I want you to go get shoes.


SID: But no feet.


JACK: He had no feet.


SID: Okay.


JACK: And by faith, I guess he caught it from Smith, by faith, this man went to the shoe store. He bought the shoes.


SID: I could just picture the shoe salesman because he has no feet.


JACK: Yes. So the shoe salesman, with great trepidation, puts these shoes on these stubs and they grew feet right in front of his eyes, grew feet.


SID: Now that is powerful. But his great-granddaughter, what was her name?


JACK: Lil Defene. [sp]


SID: She prayed for you. Tell me the circumstances.


JACK: We were in an apartment in downtown Houston and she was telling us about their ministry of digging water wells in Africa so that they could start economies for these small tribes. And then she looked at us, and she said, “Would you like to have what Smith had?” And we jumped to our feet immediately, and we were drinking tea, okay, and she is this nice sweet British lady. She became a fireball. She starts beating me in the stomach, saying, “Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire!”


SID: Whoa. I don’t know if I’m going to ask you to pray for me.


JACK: And then I was just reeling like this. And then she started beating my wife. I mean, she’s bam, bam, “Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire!” And then she prophesied over my wife, “You’re gonna hand dead babies back to their mothers alive!” That’s why I follow her everywhere she goes.


SID: What did you feel when you received that impartation?


JACK: I felt the power and I knew that an anointing had gone into me. From that moment on when we would pray for people with diseases, fire would go into those organs and burn up the disease.


SID: Tell me a [unintelligible] that had been healed.


JACK: There was a gentleman who had no insurance. He had no way of paying for what the doctor said was bone cancer, and he was desperate because he had no way, he didn’t want to go in the hospital. He didn’t want to die in the hospital. And so he came to our healing center and we sat down with him, and I simply said, “Sir, can I pray for you? You’re obviously in a tremendous amount of pain.” Every bone in his body was racked with pain and he was weeping, it was so painful. And before I could lift my hand up, fire hit his brain and just starting burning. And I said, “What do you feel?” And he had tears, and he said, “I feel fire.” And he said, “Oh my God.” And I said, “What?” And he said, “It’s in my chest.” And I said, “You’ve got fire in your chest?” And he said, “Yes.” And he said, “Oh my God, it’s in my knees.” And it visited every part of his body, and he was completely healed of bone cancer.


SID: You know, let’s face it, there’s so many skeptics of the supernatural, of the power of God. What would you say to someone, they say, well if you’ve got so much power, why don’t you just go into a hospital. What would you say to them?


JACK: I’d say, thank you because we’re already there.


SID: How many hospitals?


JACK: We’re in six hospitals, going into our seventh hospital.


SID: And what do you do in these hospitals?


JACK: We open up Heaven. That’s the first thing we do is we worship our way into the Glory of God in the chapel. Have you ever seen anybody in a chapel, Sid? Well now you’re going to find a strong team of people in each one of these chapels.


SID: It’s not someone doing a cosmetic little bless you child, bye, bye.


JACK: No, sir. And we have the blessing of these hospitals. We actually have become their pastoral care. Some of them don’t have chaplains. We become their pastoral, they beg us to come. Please come. We’ve got to have Jesus.


SID: It’s the marriage of the best medical with the best of God. That’s my kind of hospital.


JACK: Come on. Come on. That’s where I want to go.


SID: Tell me briefly about that man that was unplugged.


JACK: Yes. Our team was faithfully worshiping and the Glory of God had come into the chapel and a family came in. They were very disheveled. They were very, very angry and upset, grieving. They were going to have to pull the plug on their dad. And so they didn’t want our team to pray for them, so the team just backed up and released the heavenly atmosphere of Jesus over this family. They were able to resolve their tears and they wept in each other’s arms, and they said, “I think we’re ready to go upstairs.” The chaplain was up there with one of our team members and the doctor was there to pull the plug. She said a beautiful prayer. They pulled the plug. The man sat up and he said, “How you all doing!” Now can I share just one more thing?


SID: Please.


JACK: When he woke, he had no viable heart whatsoever, no viable kidneys, and that’s why they were going to unplug him because there was essentially no life there.


SID: Of course.


JACK: The thing is, is that when he came back to life he didn’t come back with halfway measure, he came back with a 24-year-old heart and 24-year-old kidneys.


SID: Now wouldn’t you rather see this on the evening news than what we get? I would. All right. When we come back, is it as powerful for you to pray with the spoken word for the fire impartation as just laying hands on someone?


JACK: Yes, absolutely.


SID: All right. I’m going to have him pray for you. Be right back.

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