SID: We just don’t understand how [we] can literally create with words. You teach on one of my favorite scriptures, Romans 4:17. Explain


TIM: “The God kind of faith calls those things that be not as though they were.” And Paul was talking there about our father of faith, Abraham. For 25 years, Abraham walked with the promise that he would be the father of many nations, have a son. Then God came to him when he was 99 and he said this to him: “In about a year you are going to have a son.” And of course Abraham laughed and Sarah is in the tent, and she laughed. But something happened in that 99th year and he began to decree or to practice the God kind of faith. And the God kind of faith says, “Calleth things that be not as though they were.”


SID: But wait. I hear people say isn’t that lying?


TIM: No because God said, “New things I declare,” Isaiah 42:9, “before they spring forth, I tell you of them.” If you want to see them you got to decree them. The decree comes first.


SID: I mean, we’re literally commanded, “Call those things that be not that the devil has taken away from you as if they are.”


TIM: Absolutely.


SID: With an attitude.


TIM: With an attitude. “Calleth there” is the Greek word kaleo and it means to bid or to summons it to you and those things that were is “usah”, means to come here. You put them together, it means “come here and come here now” and then it’s repeated. So the God kind of faith says come here and come here now. And this old man begins to decree come here. Think of this. Here’s an old 99-year-old man with a promise and he goes outside of his tent at night, and he literally beings to say…


SID: Yeah, but that is an outrageous promise though.


TIM: …come here, Isaac. Come here, son. Come to us. Come here. Come here. And those words that he kept planting, it did something in him. It rejuvenated him. It rejuvenated Sarah, who was 89 years old, and he just kept saying, “Come here, come here now, come here, promise of God, come here, come to me.” And of course, we know that in a year’s time, miraculously, supernaturally a son was born.


SID: You teach principles of planting the heavens on Earth. And one of your principles you just said: Come. Give me another example of how we call something to come to us.


TIM: It can be in any promise that God makes to us. For example, healing, come here, healing. By the stripes of Jesus I am healed. Come to me. Begin to manifest in me. Cancer, leave my body. Come here healing power of God. Come here financial need. You need money? Come here and manifest in my life. Come to me. Come to my house, salvation, power of God. Come to me peace of mind. Any promise of God, bid it come to you. Decree that it’s yours. Plant the atmosphere around you and lay the foundations around you for it, for God to bring it to pass, for it to be creative. That’s what God did in the beginning. If God, Sid, if God created the heavens and the earth, and we know that he did, how hard would it be for him to create what you need? How hard would it be for God to create what you need? He can do it. He knows how.


SID: You teach another thing that I like.


TIM: Okay.


SID: Don’t give up.


TIM: Never.


SID: Explain.


TIM: If you plant a seed, David said it this way, “I speak with ruling authority as a king and I never negate a ruling.” Wow. God says no maybes. No maybes. Decree and use your authority. Don’t back down. You plant that seed, you just water it and you keep saying come here, come here. I went through a time about two years ago when I was “hope deferred” over a situation, and I read in Revelation where the Angel of the Lord said, “No more delay.” And I just kept saying, “No more delay. No more delay.” This promise is coming to me. Come to me, promise of God. Come and come now.


SID: What is our part to play in our destiny?


TIM: It’s a decree a thing, as Job said, decree a thing that it’s established. Our responsibility is to say what God says. If we will align our self that way then the DNA that is in the seed of that word, because every word produces after its kind, whatever you declare it’s going to produce it. Well don’t back off of that. Never back off. It has nothing to do with feelings. We know that. I don’t always feel like it, but after I say it a few times I start feeling it, but a boldness rises out of it.


SID: Do you know what comes out of your mouth is revelation after revelation, after revelation. I want you to pray the way we should pray at home over the people right now. Would you do that?


TIM: Absolutely. Pray this way: Father God, in Jesus’ name I am decreeing health and healing is coming into my house. I decree that my sons and daughters are going to receive Christ Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior. The opposition that is coming against my household financially, I bind it in the name of Jesus and I decree that prosperity is coming. Finances are coming. Prosperity is coming in. Promotion is coming through job situations. I’m getting a better job. My husband is getting a better job. My kids are getting a better job and the decrees of the scripture, the promises that I’ve been believing for and even prophetic promises that I’ve received, I’m planting them. I believe every word that you said to me is coming to pass in my life. Manifest and grow in me. Grow in my household. My house is a house that is blessed. I am blessed. I am free. I am delivered in every area of my life’s spirit, soul and body.


SID: And you know what, I decree that angels of alignment have been sent to your home because your words are causing them to put everything in God’s order in place. So be it!


TIM: So be it!

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