Is there a supernatural dimension, a world beyond the one we know? Is there life after death? Do angels exist? Can our dreams contain messages from Heaven? Can we tap into ancient secrets of the supernatural? Are healing miracles real? Sid Roth has spent over 35 years researching the strange world of the supernatural. Join Sid for this edition of It’s Supernatural.


SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. So many people have so many sicknesses and so many of these people have tried everything the medical world has, everything that they’ve read about, books up to here about healing, and they’re stuck. They believe it’s true, but they’re stuck. Well my guest has so many incurable people healed that 16 hospitals and their doctors send incurable, the ones that medical science has given up on, patients to her and she says healing is simple. Would you like it to be simple? Get unstuck. Tens of thousands have been healed under your ministry, many miracles, many bonafide miracles. But you’re special. You must have special gifts and powers.


SANDRA: I’m not special at all. What I do, anyone can do. Anyone can do.


SID: You’ve proven it. You’ve trained anyone to do it.


SANDRA: Yes, I’ve trained anyone and they can do it.


SID: Well you say something that some people get upset with, Sandra. You say healing is simple.


SANDRA: Yes, I do.


SID: So how come when I ask audiences, how many of you need to be healed, 99 percent of the hands go up and that extra one percent they’re just liars.


SANDRA: The biggest problem, Sid, is that most people are trying to get from God something God has already given. And so they are begging God, pursuing God, crying out to God, reading books, trying methods, trying this, trying that to get God to do for them what God has already done. So therefore, they put all of it on them. It is a big [unintelligible] mentality.


SID: You said one of the keys is to fall in love with God. Elaborate on that for us.


SANDRA: I actually tell folks this, and, Sid, it’s the truth. If I can get you to fall in love with Jesus, that’s my job, to get you to fall so in love with him that you just take from him what he has already given you. Most people know about God and don’t really know God. They don’t know what God has done. They don’t know what God has provided. They don’t know the blessings of God. They don’t know what God has already, as I said, given to them. So if I can get you to fall in love with him just from his Word, get you to fall in love with him, you will automatically be able to take what somebody you love has given you.


SID: You know, a lot of people approach this as almost formula.



SID: And that is, to me, that is the missing ingredient. It’s not formula.


SANDRA: It’s not formula at all.


SID: It’s God of love.


SANDRA: Right.


SID: And getting to know him. You like to teach a lot about Proverbs 4:20.


SANDRA: You’ve got to get into the Word. You’ve got to understand what the Bible has to say about healing. And when the Bible says that healing, that the Word of God is medicine then you will take a scripture. He said in his Word, “Heal me.”


SID: My translation doesn’t say, Proverbs 4 doesn’t say “medicine”, but I know that’s what the original Hebrew says.


SANDRA: Yes. It says “medicine,” absolutely, it’s medicine for you. And if you keep that word, keep applying, like you do medicine, take it morning, noon and night, you take the Word of God and you talk to yourself what the Bible says to you until you get it, Sid, from your head down into your spirit. Now people get stuck, and I know we’ve talked about this a lot, people get stuck because they’re stuck in their head. They know how to parrot it back. They know how to say it back to someone what the Word of God has said. They know how to parrot what a book has said. They watch somebody, but they don’t know, it’s not real to them. So all I have to do is have I have a pain, all I have to do is have something change and I automatically go with the problem instead of what Jesus has said. But if I believe him, if I really believe him then I’m going to start saying back to myself, well this is what the Word of God says. What am I going to do and who am I going to believe here. You know, the Bible says this, my symptoms say this. You know, I tell people sometimes to take their doctor’s report, for instance. You take your doctor’s report and then take your Bible and put it on top of the doctor’s report. Now you got to believe one or the other. You’re going to believe one or the other and the one you give all your attention to is the one you’re going to believe. So you’ve got to give your attention, everybody here, everybody you know who needs healing are begging God to do something that he’s already done, every person you know.


SID: Tell me about that man in the coma that your team, not yourself, people you just trained, what happened?


SANDRA: The man was in a coma, had very little time to live at all. Went in there. His wife was there, and I mention that because she thought they were crazy. They went in there, three or four people went in there and they began to speak, remember, we don’t speak to the flesh, we speak to the spirit. We go in because you’re a spirit. You have a body that you live in, that’s what’s sick, and you have a soul and your mind, your will and your emotions, and it’s your thinking that’s messing up your body. So you got to get your thinking right. So they go in and they talk to the man as if he were not in a coma. They begin to say what the Word says over him.


SID: By the way, your spirit can hear no matter what’s going on in the physical.


SANDRA: No matter what. So you’re talking to the spirit. And so you go and talk to him, hello John. His name happened to be John. “Hello, John, I’m so and so and the Bible says this, and by the stripes of Jesus you are healed, and God sent his Word in you, took all your sickness and all your diseases.” And you begin to speak to that spirit, “Spirit, come on, come out of that coma. Come on, bring yourself and let the healing power of God push out the sickness.” Oh I love saying this. The healing power of God, Sid, when you got born again, the healing power of God, Holy Ghost, Holy Spirit, moved inside of you, so you have inside of you right now all the healing power of God already in you, every, it’s in you now. When you got born again all of God came in you, which means all of his healing power came in. But I’ve got to get it from the inside to my body. My body is sick, my spirit is not.


SID: All right, I want to talk about that when we come back. But what happened to the man in the coma?


SANDRA: The man came out of the coma days later, weeks later…


Woman: Thank you, Lord.


SANDRA: Showed up at the healing center, walked down the street and the person who happened to say, “Hello, my name is such and so,” she was walking down the street, and he said, “Hello Velda.” Her name was Velda. “Hello, Velda, my name is John,” which meant he heard her in that coma.


SID: My goodness. When we come back I want Sandra to step by step tell me what she had to do, not when someone else needed a creative miracle, when she needed a creative miracle. Anyone can teach it. Anyone can speak a good game. What happens when you need a creative miracle? Be right back.

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