SID: Well the last time Rich Vera was on It’s Supernatural he said some pretty outrageous things. He said he that saw we were on the brink of a cure for Alzheimer’s, we were on the brink of a cure for cancer. Guess what we’ve been seeing in the headlines? Exactly what you prophesied.


RICH: Thank God for that. You know, the prophetic is not about releasing words, it’s about releasing Spirit. And we are in the same spirit, the prophetic spirit, there is a spirit that’s being released upon the people. And I believe today, around the world, you in your houses, God is releasing of what we’re talking about that’s going to impact your life, is going to impact the nations of the world. I see an incredible uprising in nations that is going to take place starting this season. I saw Egypt coming to an incredible revival. In Egypt, there’s going to be a Holy Ghost bomb that’s going to be dropped on Egypt and the Holy Spirit is going, I mean, the miracle, signs and wonders that are going to come out of Egypt is going to shake the entire region. This is the season for the nations and it’s going to be an incredible time to behold.


SID: You talk about something you call or God calls the law of attraction. Explain that.


RICH: Christmas, I woke up with this vision and the voice of the Lord spoke to me and said, “I’m releasing the law of attraction over my people.” And the Lord just downloaded information and it says we’re living in a season where all the seeds that have been sown, I’m not just talking about money, prayer, faithfulness, people that stop the church faithfully, all the seeds that we have shown in love, in kindness, this is the season that God is going to literally activate us, that is going to come back the seeds that we sow. The Lord spoke this to me and said and those that have been unfaithful.


SID: I was just going to ask you. There are many people, they haven’t given to God. They haven’t prayed. They just show up.


RICH: God is going to give them a chance to push that reset button and start all over again. This is the season we reset our lives. God is going to give us a chance to go back to sowing good seeds that we may reap the harvest of blessings that God is going to draw to us. I mean, the seeds that we sow, we’re going to attract what we sow. It’s just a fact of life. And even the election of President Trump, last time I was here I prophesied that and I got thousands of haters, but I love you anyway.


SID: Now you are Hispanic and I imagine you have a problem in your Hispanic community.


RICH: I have a problem.


SID: So how can you be for Trump as a Hispanic?


RICH: Because if God is for it, I’m for it. Now when he speaks to me and says, I’m going to give him not only the authority to change government, but I will give him an anointing that he will pray and things will change. And God told me that the spirit of prayer was going to come over President Trump. And I want to declare over you, Mr. President that God is going to use you to change the landscape of politics. God is going to use you to change, God is going to use you to raise up a new breed of politicians and even leaders in the church that will stand for the people and not for themselves.


SID: We’ve been talking about the year 2017. What has God told you about 17?


RICH: In this season, breakthroughs are coming. Restorations are coming. You know, family members are going to be saved. Miracles are going to take place in families. Curses are going to be broken, generational curses. And I’m going to release right now over America and the nations of the world that this is the season where the curses that the enemy put on your families for decades and years are coming to an end. The curse of sickness, of poverty, the curse of fear, we break it out of your life in the name of Jesus. And I declare that a fresh anointing of the Holy Spirit is coming over your life today in Jesus’ name.


SID: This really is your breakthrough. This is your miracle. No compromise. And this year the law of attraction is about to be released in your life. Are you ready?

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