Sid:  I have on the telephone Mrs. Ella Brunt. I’m speaking to her at home in Texas City, Texas. It was a nice day nothing so unusual happening, the sun was shining and her nephew offered to take the family out on a sailboat; it was July 2, 1997. So Ella took her 2 children her 6 year old boy by the name of Cody, and her daughter by the name of Britney and they go for a wonderful sailboat ride, certainly not bargaining for what occurred, but all of a sudden what happened Ella?

Ella:  Well it was clear warm day it was almost in the 100’s the water temperature was probably in the 90’s. We were just getting started the kids were in their lifejackets, my nephew Wallace was just putting up the last sail and getting underway. All of sudden a breeze blew and the boat tilted to the right which was on Cody’s side and it just started going over and my nephew handed me Britney and I was holding onto her but it happened so fast I couldn’t really give Cody any instructions…

Sid:  Now how old was Britney?

Ella:  She was 8.

Sid:  Okay.

Ella:  And Cody was 6. So they had had swimming lessons and I really wasn’t worried about Cody not being able to swim. They both had on lifejackets as a precaution. All I could see was Cody’s eyes you know just staring at me and his hands reaching out for me like “Momma help!” It was our first time on a boat so this was all new to him. So it happened so fast that I really couldn’t say “Well Cody it will be alright just swim out.” But whenever he was told to stay up in the front part of the boat until we got everything underway he was obedient, and he stayed there until the boat rolled over and it was dark underneath there and he just started I guess trying to swim to the top. He was using his arms but his arms were getting entangled in the extra ropes that were up in that compartment and literally got him so tangled up that he was attached to the boat. My nephew started diving for him immediately and he would come up to the surface and get his breath and go back under immediately so there wasn’t any talking in between there I was holding onto Britney. This happened several times and what I didn’t realize was he was finding Cody but Cody was kicking and trying to get loose and then Wallace was trying to pull on Cody to get him loose…

Sid:  Now was Cody all this time under the water?

Ella:  Yes. The boat rolled over so there was no air pocket or anything underneath there. He was actually under the boat and the boat was under the water, you know capsized so to speak. It was quite a while, in a situation like that a minute can seem like an eternity.

Sid:  What were you doing while this was all going on?

Ella:  I was holding onto Britney and after a time or two that Wallace came up empty without Cody I told Britney I said “Now Britney Cody is in trouble we need to pray.” So immediately Britney and I started praying and we just have some beautiful children that they’ve been trained in the ways of the Lord. Whenever you don’t know what to pray for we’ve got an intercessor, the Holy Spirit that prays for us. So Britney and I immediately started just praying in the spirit. The Holy Spirit will pray the perfect will of God for your life every time. So we didn’t know specifically what to pray for but the Holy Ghost did…

Sid:  All this time he’s under the water what’s going on with Cody?

Ella:  Well and I didn’t realize that really until afterwards just the step by step thing. All I knew was that he was underneath that boat. I didn’t know if Wallace was finding him or not but it was too long for him to be under there without breathing and Cody had never come up to the surface during all this time. I knew he couldn’t hold his breath that long. So I knew he was in trouble and we needed help more so than just Wallace diving underneath there that his body could not survive any length of time like under those circumstances. So we just knew to pray to God because God would help us. There was a lot of activity on the lake that day there was people in Wave Racers they call them Jet Skis, but it was like we were in our own little world no body was coming to help us. I don’t if they didn’t realize that we were in trouble or just figured everybody was up out of the water and we’d get things just right eventually. It took quite a while for help to even come and all this time I knew something was wrong so I’d pray in the spirit then I’d pray with my understanding. I would pray that No weapon formed against Cody would prosper that he would live and not die. I even started praying when medical help would come to assist us that they would have wisdom and only do good for Cody anything that would be done for him medically…

Sid:  But in the meantime he’s under the water.

Ella:  Right.

Sid:  I mean and… so what happened with your nephew he’s diving down to find him. Did he… what happened?

Ella:  Well again there was no conversation between me and him until one point maybe 5 minutes into this he came up and just hollered “NO!” I thought he was frustrated he couldn’t find him but later on whenever I was talking to him he said “NO!” because whenever he went down under to assist Cody, Cody was limp and he was not moving anymore. So he knew that Cody was really in serious trouble and whenever he came up to get air that time he just hollered out “NO!” In other words “No Cody you can’t die!” You know please, and I called out to Wallace to please keep trying. So he dove back down and kept trying and I was holding onto Britney and we were praying together. As I was praying in the spirit if anything would come to my mind like doctors and to pray for the doctors to pray for any medical help. All of a sudden a vision appeared to me that Britney and Ted, my husband and I, were joined hands with Britney walking down life without Cody. Then the next picture I saw was Cody in a casket and we were going to his funeral. So I just cried out “Lord have mercy on us!” Then I wanted to put the devil in his place and I said “No devil you are not going to steal Cody from our family!” Kind of like a line was drawn in the sand. So there was quite a few minutes had transpired after that. We were out there on the water probably 7 minutes by this time and a jet ski came up alongside and I said “Please take my daughter back to the dock and call for help. We need help to get my son he’s underneath the boat and we can’t get him out.” So the time went by and as soon as the Jet Ski left then I started diving underneath the boat and all this time just praying to myself because we needed God to intervene for us. It was so dark under there I couldn’t see anything. I came up and there was just a time a space that I just went blank I don’t what happened. The next thing I knew Wallace came up with Cody on his shoulder…

Sid:  How long had this been that Cody was under the water?

Ella:  It was probably close to 10 minutes by the time you know I got to start diving and I tried, but still there was no help that had come from the dock at this point. They had seen the activity and there was some jet skiers that had put up their jet skis and they were trying to hitch a ride from the one that took Britney back on that same jet ski to come back out to the boat and that jet ski had tipped over 3 times, I guess it was really built for one or whatever. Anyway there was so much weight on it that it had tipped over with a lady that had initially taken Britney back to the shore. Then that 4th time it had made it at least out to the boat. Wallace had Cody on his shoulder and he was just blue in color. The Jet Ski man helped come and untangling from the ropes and they tried to put him up on the Jet Ski and the Jet Ski would stall out. So here we are in the lake Cody is trying to be transported back to the shore and the Jet Ski won’t work. It just seemed like everything was against us and nothing was working out right. Then about that time a boat came alongside and asked if he could help. Well they started lifting, transporting Cody from the Jet Ski over to the boat. They all got up on the boat and here I was in the water and I said “Please don’t leave me out here!” So I swam over there and during this time there was a place on the boat where they could lay out Cody. The officer, well I didn’t realize this, but the man that came out to help us, off city police officer from Houston. He checked Cody’s pulse and there was no pulse, he was not breathing and all these things you do before you perform CPU on somebody. So with all those vital signs not there Cody was dead, I mean you could look at him and see that but he actually took his pulse there was none and no breathing. So he had no vital signs and they immediately started performing CPR on the boat.

Sid:  But wait a second now, you had a vision of your son dead, he is dead. Did you give up hope?

Ella:  No I just…

Sid:  How could you not give up hope?

Ella:  Well you know hope is something that you don’t have right now. So I just could not release, I could not release my son to go to heaven he wasn’t…

Sid:  Ella we are out of time we’ll pick here on tomorrow’s broadcast.

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