Sid: Most of us realize that Hollywood has an influence upon the way people think the way people act. But the degree and the true source of the influence most people don’t understand.  I have on the telephone Don Paul he has a Prophetic Intercessory Prayer Ministry to Hollywood.  I’m speaking to him at his office in Sherman Oaks, California and Don Paul how did you get into this ministry?

Don: Well I have found that God spends most of His time working with us and every experience He gives us one usually leads to another and usually builds line upon line.  My boot camp preparation for this level of ministry that I’m in started about 11 years ago when I was involved with a healing and deliverance ministry that was under the anointing of Kathryn Kuhlman and Tommy Hicks. Through that season we had several celebrities and just regular people churches just didn’t know what to do with that had demons cast out of them and AIDS healing.  That ministry was featured on the Joan Rivers Show it was her highest rated show that they actually reran it 4 times that year.  Of those celebrities that were actually featured on the show one of them was Denise Matthews.  Denise Matthews name used to be Vanity. Vanity was Prince of the Rock and Roll singer’s girlfriend. Vanity had several movies she starred in and also several albums. But she got her deliverance she’s now preaching the gospel praise God so she had quite a change when she met with the power of God and got the demonic literally delivered out of her life.  So through that season we were seeing a lot of people delivered of different demonic different demons that’s when I really came to grip with the power of the blood of Jesus. I think I ever saw a deliverance and a demon started coming out the minister said “In the name of Jesus and by the blood of Jesus come out.” And the demon said “Not the blood!” And I said “What?” Now wait a minute if the devil doesn’t like the blood then no matter I think the blood or animal sacrifices were through the Jewish traditions I suddenly started respected the blood when I found out that the devil didn’t like it.  Anything the devil didn’t like I loved because I didn’t like the devil. So we saw several people get healed and delivered through that season. However several people would come back week after week after being set free the prior week they’d come back and they would have the same problem. I went to the Lord and I said “God what is going on here how come they’re coming back with the very same problem they just got set free of?” He said “They’re going home and watching it on TV.” And I said “Well we’re burning ourselves out here 3 days of fasting and prayer preparation and every week just to go though the same group of people to get them set free again.” I said “If our ministry teams burning themselves out.  Think what this is like multiplied 100’s of times across the nation.  I said “This makes no sense no army would ever win a war if they kept waiting for the bomb to drop and then heal the casualties.”

Sid: Explain to me what exactly is going on in the spirit realm when people watch what’s on secular television.

Don: Well the Bible says that think on these things lovely and pure Sid and so often just like Adam and Eve partook of the knowledge of good and evil they started looking at both sides of the game. When we start looking at these things that are defiling and ugly we literally a dark spirit comes into our soul and our system and it will shape the way that we perceive.  See it’s as easy as this hold a glass that’s half filled with liquid or half filled with air or half empty.  It depends some people would say the glass is half full or some will say that it’s half empty it depends on how you see. Some people see unto lack other people see unto prosperity. And the whole key that God is trying to do is just like that boy who got healed of leukemia he was seeing unto lack everybody around him was seeing “Oh this is impossible.” And God had me come in and say “No this is abundance” and I had to bring another atmosphere or perception to him.  And the thing that God is trying to do is to see these things lovely and pure we’re not supposed to uncover peoples sins we are to cover them.  See in the news you can find dirt on everybody and that’s not what God does He covers that and He contuse to tell us to treat each other in a higher order that we might rise to the occasion. What is happening on TV that is literally spirits behind pictures and they actually motivate people. And because we take concepts into our soul it can shape the way that we believe that there is actually spirits that go into us and most people don’t understand this.  Sid did you know a spirit can be as simple as the spirit of fear?

Sid: Right.

Don: The Bible says “He has not given us a spirit of fear.” Well wait a second that means that fear is a spirit and it’s not from God that means it’s from the devil.  Well the Bible also says “Did you know that all of your life the devil controlled you through fear.” So when my motives and my choices are being designed of I’m afraid of rejection, I’m afraid of failure, I’m afraid of…the devil is literally hindering me from becoming what God had called me to be so God wants to break the fear out.  That for example is just one subtle spirit but so often we feed our soul on some of these concepts and it hinders and limits us into becoming what God called us to be. And then you go into everything from adultery to fornication and all of the different things and suddenly you wonder why marriages aren’t working…

Sid: You know you almost make me feel as though there’s nothing we can watch on most television that doesn’t have mixture.

Don: Today think back about Father Knows Best, My Three Sons and Leave It To Beaver you and I grew up on that we had something to balance. Think about the brand new little kids coming up today what are they looking at?  Ten Ways to Cheat the Government, Ten Ways to Shoot Your Mom.

Sid: Listen some of the things I limit myself to are news and I’m having difficulty even watching local news they’ve got so much graphic detail today.

Don: Right typically our lower nature the beast the flesh or whatever we want to call it loves blowup destruction, destruction and so forth and so on.  And yet God is trying to pull us into a higher order the reason…what is it “Train up a child in the way that he should go and he will not depart from it.”  The problem is what is the master babysitter? Actually I’ve had people disagree but by the time I get done talking they go “Oh my God your right I never thought it through.”  Today you’ve got single moms because that’s one of the spirits that’s gone out everywhere it is you know what “I’m leaving you I’m getting divorced I don’t have to put up with this.” And so rather than working out their differences and staying in unity like the Bible says we do the old throw away theology where we just run and leave. And that’s really promoted big time on TV now we have all of these single babies come up and the Bible says destruction has no covering.  That means there is no love, there’s no rules, there’s no order. The moms out working during the day the kids at home watching TV the mom comes home she’s tired the kid wants to hang out with her she’s too tired often times.  And I’m not just saying Christian moms I’m staying anybody because of the way life is she’s says leave me alone go watch TV. The problem is what’s on TV is filling these kids with destruction…

Sid: And the single Mom is also watching the same garbage.

Don: She’s burned out and tired she’s lonely she’s been rejected don’t understand it so the cycle just perpetuates itself.  What is happening spiritually in the higher heavens and most people are not even aware of this is that there are principalities over territories.  The new Hollywood is actually Santa Monica, Venice, California is actually where our ministry is located.  And over the territory there are ruling spirits that you’ve got the largest Hindu ashram, you’ve got three witch covenants in Venice. Some of the people in that are over the witch covens that over Dallas that’s why we’ve been seeing so many witchcraft shows coming out over TV because why? Because these people are working in the studios and unfortunately don’t get upset here but unfortunately well meaning Christians have been following a little pied piper in that a lot of times a baby Christian could probably tell you more about somebody’s theory of rapture or they can give you the 10 theories of rapture more than they can tell you how to rule and reign with Christ. Jesus came to give us life abundantly He said to rule and conquer but typically what happens is that everybody runs from a battle because there’s not enough drill sergeants there’s not enough warriors that is actually raising the body of Christ up.  If we had Christian men and I really hear the Spirit of God in this season calling the Christians to the forefront and I’m watching those Christians that would dare to believe just like Joshua going and fight the spiritual giants I’m actually watching them be placed in positions of authority and networks in government positions so forth and so on. More than worrying about how quickly I can get out of the battle we need to really have a heart for people and say “No God I want to be effective in the battle as long as I can put me in that place of authority.” Did you know that RW…well I don’t know if I can say people’s names but or ministries?

Sid: You can sure R.W. Schambach.

Don: Schambach could not get his television show played out of FOX studios in New York because they had the laying on of hands in the intro of his show. Now FOX will play naked tied up women being stabbed and raped and every other kind of gross defiling on humanity on women that’s okay but laying on of hands is not? That indicates that there are no Christians in authority in key positions in that studio.

Sid: And by the way we don’t even have to pick on one studio (Snickering) I think it’s probably most that way.

Don:  And really Sid it’s not their fault it’s just demons walking up and down the aisles and they are pawns.  See if the Christians will not rule and reign with Christ if they will not allow the Holy Spirit to fill them and give them authority and learn how to have the authority then the devil will have his way.  And literally in this last season just before the presidential elections when we were dealing with the witchcraft behind Free Healings and Blair Witch II, and by the way when that spirit or that stone was broken through our teams intercession and others that we had notified to pray with us we literally watched Blair Witch II fail within 2 days. It failed it hit the theaters and it was gone there was no power the newspapers even reported spell broken. And the problem is that Christians are not daring to raise up and be that mighty army like the Bible prophesies. So God is raising up if you will warrior leader drill sergeants we are not to focus on how quick we can get out of here or who’s theory is correct we’re to focus on how effective we are while we are here. Sid look at this a second we read the Bible we read about Paul’s life that he was a hero, we read about Jesus’ life He was a hero, we read about all of these heroes in the Bible and we have these role models. We don’t have role models like that today on TV and I want us to just…I just feel like I’m talking to some Christians out there do you realize those guys book was written. Do you realize Sid that your and my book and the people listening to us book is being written today?  And I don’t want my book to be all about how I spent my life trying to convince people how I was going to rapture was better than somebody others. I want my book to be about how I thought, how I went in and I took a territory I dared to believe God, I prayed until the demonic was pulled down. I pulled those witches out of the witch coven and they got…

Sid: Don Paul I’m sorry we’re out of time.

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