Sid: I have on the telephone Don Paul. Don is a prophet he has a prayer ministry in Hollywood, California that will find out about shortly but before that on yesterday’s broadcast I’m just so intrigued how a seer a prophet operates in the gifts of discernment, in the gifts of seeing, in the Spirit in the gifts of hearing prophetic words.  Like on yesterday’s broadcast you literally heard something that I believe that if the person that was listening does what was instructed will change their life. We were also talking about the value of praying in unknown tongues and a lot of Christians have been baptized in the Holy Spirit have manifested their gift of praying in unknown tongues but really don’t do it that much anymore tell them why they’re missing it.

Don: All of deal with not wanting to pray in the Holy Ghost that a lot of times is just pressure from the enemy and I realize that if I just pray… see if I will pray more in the Holy Ghost first of all the Bibles true that Paul said that the Spirit makes utterance and we don’t know how to pray. No matter how hard I try and figure out how to pray I’m not going to pray as good as God.  If I think my English and my appealing to God and my intellect is better than allowing Him to pray through me that’s pride and I want to submit to you if I want to be not prideful before God then I’m going to remove my opinion of how to pray and I’m going to yield to my Father and allow His Spirit to make intercession because I really don’t know how to pray. Sid I can act like I love people as much as God and it’s just not true I don’t love people none of us love people the way that God loves people.  And I just really think that He’s going to make better intercession than I am. The first thing is that really the Holy Spirit and Jesus dealt with that a lot of time there’s a lot to radio programs in the name of God and they really put they really do more work for the devil in generating the spirit of fear and Jesus said “I’m not giving you a spirit of fear and you’ll be able to tell what spirit a man is of the spirit that generates in you the fruit that generates.” And when you listen to somebody and it puts fear in you about everything supernatural and about everything of God we’ve got to come to a place where you know what I’m going to trust God and He’s just big enough to do what He says and just big enough to protect me I’ve got to come to that place of confidence with God. Jesus addressed that issue about getting the Holy Spirit and I think I’m addressing people and they’ve said “How will I know that I’m getting the Holy Spirit I’ve been told that you know its not and this ministry is dadada.” Here’s the thing if you have a heart before God and you’re really saying “God I really want all that You have for me!” Jesus said “Listen which one of you being evil in comparison to how good God is if your son asked for a fish you gave him a stone you wouldn’t you’d give him fish you’d take care of your son.  Well listen God loves you more than you love your own sons and if you ask God for the Holy Spirit He’s not going to let another spirit come in.  And that’s just something that the believer is going to get in their heart regardless of all of these paranoid teachings and people that exalt themselves.  You really need to this between God but once you understand that the Spirit of God is the gift that the prophets wanted from old it is the promise of the Father said “I don’t leave you as orphans I go to the Father I don’t leave you alone I send you the teacher the comforter He’ll teach you all truth He’ll teach you power.”  The miracles in Jesus life started when He received the Holy Spirit the miracles in every apostle’s life started when they received the Holy Spirit.  I read in the Bible loving God, loving God going to church do everything and yet I prayed for people and they weren’t getting healed.  And I got a scripture that God took me to popped out and it said “If you know Me (this is Yeshua talking to you Sid this is Yeshua talking to me it’s Yeshua talking to everyone of the people listen) He said “Personally “If you know me you’ll raise the dead, you’ll cast demons out, you’ll heal the sick, if you drink any poisons it will not hurt you.”  I looked at that scripture convicted as all get out I wasn’t concerned about what my church thought what my Mom, what my brother I was concerned  about my walk before God because I wanted this stuff and I said  “Raise somebody from the dead.” And I’m thinking in my intellect “Yeah I’ll take those shocker paddles when they have a heart attack you know.”

Sid: (Laughing)

Don: You know I’m trying to think “How am I going to raise somebody from the dead?” I’m trying to it in my ability I thought “Maybe I can give them penicillin or Vitamin C I don’t know how to do this.”  And I went before God and I said “God do I know you or am I being a Pharisee and I being religious just like those kids just like those people in that church when I was kid?  I just went “What’s missing?” And He showed me that Jesus after he got water baptized got baptized in the Holy Spirit. Well I had not been water baptized as an adult. I thought “Interesting Jesus went to John and John said “Whoa Jesus you should be baptizing me.” And Jesus said to John the Baptist “No let all things be done in order.” Jesus Himself submitted to the procedures of God because Sid this is a supernatural enough dominion where were getting into some real heavy stuff God’s not going to let people go into that if there’s areas of rebellion or self righteousness. Just like a soldier in boot camp that will sit under our drill instructor we’ll go out and fight a war and won’t get killed but if we’re rebellious we’re going to get hurt and God is not going to lead me into this level of supernatural.  Remember I told you how much rebellion was in me He wasn’t going to let me in this area supernatural until I would be willing to follow the procedure. So I said “Jesus if it’s good enough for You to get water baptized then it’s good enough for me and I set my marks to go get water baptized.  I had been having the best pray for me for the baptism of the Holy Spirit.  I had had the most anointed miracle ministries and it still wasn’t happening because God wanted to teach me “You’re going to follow procedure because I’m going to take you in deep but I want you to do what I show you because otherwise it wouldn’t be as affective if you did it your own way.  I went and got water baptized immediately came up and then that was when I received the gift of tongues.  And I have learned to trust the Spirit of God praying making intercession through me Sid it’s probably my most trusted gift from God. And God called that the gift and Jesus said “It is the gift” Jesus said “It’s the gift of God He said it’s the teacher, the comforter, He will show you all truth.” I will tell you the Holy Spirit revealed to me what I was going to pay for a car and this is just a side issue but God is very practical too.  And I went into that car salesman and he kept trying to get that price up 500 – $600 more it would not come. I said “Listen you don’t understand I got it very very good I know what I’m going to pay for the car.  And I said “If you don’t go ahead I go back one more time but you’re wasting my time if you keep going up I know what I’m going to pay for the car.”  He came out and wouldn’t give me that price I said “Okay I’ll go down the street.” Went and bought the car down the street and I came back and said “I’m telling you my Friend who is closer than a brother shows me all truth because He’s the gift of God.”  And God wants us to have that gift He helps us in supernatural but in practical things.  I am telling you I cannot image walking around without being connected up with the Creator the universe without being connected up with Him as the best friend who actually cares about you and where you can actually feel His love.

Sid: Don you know what I was fascinated with was how God many times will show you before something happens and then it happens. For instance that young person with Leukemia, tell me about that.

Don: Sid I like to share things and show the human side of miracles and things because we all are human and these types of phenomenon’s of God are such so natural. So I’m just going to just let you into some of the humanist of what I went through.  That miracle began with me in bed one day and I was depressed and wouldn’t get out of bed.  Even though I had seen great miracles I said “Forget this faith stuff.” Even though I had been standing in faith for this particular woman to be my wife (And you know I know that you have heard that over and over it wasn’t happening.) And God fires 5 scriptures at me real quick I read the scriptures and then He says “You either get up and go in faith today or you stay in the pit.” And I went “What?” Okay fine.  I get up and I go out in the living room and I say “Okay fine you’re raising me up for a miracle ministry then let’s pray for a miracle.” I know that I’m a little bit cocky but just angry the human side of me is out. “Okay fine what do You want to pray about I yield myself to You Holy Spirit to pray through me and what do you want to pray for today God?” And He says “Cancer.” I said “Cancer!” I said “Can’t we try for something a little easier?”  The Lord showed me “Like what you think that you’re going to do it?” And I’m like “Right You’re the healer okay fine cancer.” I start praying in the Holy Ghost (Prayer language) and I see a vision a picture of a little boy being healed of cancer. And I stop in the middle of the vision and I say “Wait a second Lord am I in my imagination am I dreaming this up is this real or this a fantasy. Listen You’re going to have to be more clear I mean I can’t just go into every hospital and pray for every little boy with cancer.” All of a sudden the phone rings it’s a Messianic Believer and she says “Don you know I’m a School Teacher and listen I know that God uses you in healings and one of my student’s mom just called and he’s in the hospital with leukemia and they expect him to die within the next day or two; would it be too much to ask you to come down and pray for him?” I said “Not only will I come and pray but you won’t believe what this morning has been like and God’s going to heal him.” Alright I’m going down to the hospital at this point and I’m at the hallway of the hospital and as I approach the door the Lord spoke to me and says “Don I want you to understand this little boy has been on radiation therapy he’s going to look very bad and I don’t want you to get pulled into his reality of hopelessness I want you to stay caught up where you and I were in the living room where you and I showed you that he was going to get healed and I want you to bring that atmosphere to him I don’t want you to get drawn into his atmosphere.”  So I walk through the door and I’m looking at the little boy and he’s like tubed up and dark circles under the eyes and the top of the hair you know is all falling out he can’t breathe his lungs are all full of fluid phlegm.  And we’ve got the Messianic playing the Yeshua songs, the Spanish believer mom is praying to Hesus and I walk up to the little boy and say “Are you ready to get healed?” And I mean he’s just looking bad okay God did not give me any particular thing to say or to do I just knew that He was going to heal him.  This is the first time that I prayed for somebody that got healed that I didn’t feel the heat of the Holy on my Spirit and God was teaching me that when God says he’s going to do something He does it.  And a lot of time He lets us feel the heat because it helps our unbelief.

Sid: Hm.

Don: And that you really don’t need any outward signs for the power of God to work it’s really to help us to grow up to believe. I walk up to the kid and I don’t know what to say so it makes sense to me and I said “Have you given your life to the Lord?”  He prays the sinners prayer and then I think that it makes sense to me well let’s get the Holy Ghost in him.  And so I say let’s get you baptized in the Holy Ghost and bang he starts praying in tongues.  Good I said “Now sit up and act like your healed and he sits up and (sounds of struggled breathing) can’t breathe his lungs are just so full of phlegm.  This is a little gross so I reached over and touched him and said “Lord clear out his lungs.” I figured it would take a week instantly it came flying out of the lungs I did not expect that…

Sid: Oh we’re out of time was he healed?

Don: Yes he was healed the nurse came in and she said “What’s going on?” It looked like total chaos I said “Were done.” We leave I get a call 2 days later she says you’re not going to believe this not only is the little boy out of the hospital he’s playing outside at the next door neighbor’s house as if it never happened the doctors can’t figure out what’s going on.

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