Sid: I have a guest Dave Roberson I’m speaking to him at his office in Tulsa, Oklahoma where’s he’s Senior Pastor of The Family Prayer Center.  We’re talking about his new book it is a must must book. Some of you are in a crisis some of you are in you feel like you’re treading water. You’ve hit a break wall and you want to get busted out to the next place with God. This book is going to do it for you… “The Walk of the Spirit and the Walk of Power.”

Dave I want you to pray for everyone that has never  been baptized in the Holy Spirit or been baptized in the Holy Spirit and never spoken in tongues or even the people that were baptized in the Holy Spirit but haven’t been praying in tongues and a fresh impartation and anything else God directs you to do.

Dave: Alright I’m excited because the last time an India they said it was 4000 preachers to receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and began to speak with tongues 4000.

Sid: Imagine how that’s going to affect India.

Dave: Oh my and I remember one boy was born…he was 11 years old and he had no teeth in his head because his jaw bones didn’t have seeds for teeth.  And there was about 200 Hindu’s that gathered around him when the mother screamed.  And then in 12 minutes his teeth had grown in.

Sid: Hm.

Dave: And in 12 minutes it they got saved. Any way 4000 preachers received and if you’ll listen to me you what that want the Holy Spirit and want to speak with tongues. And you that have Him can and want to speak with tongues you that haven’t spoken awhile and it seems difficult to you. If you’ll listen to me closely in these next few moments and yield yourself over and you will be speaking with tongues right where you’re at He’s going to come on you and He’s going to rise up within you and that language is going to pour out of you.  See when I was born again I was translated out of darkness into the Kingdom of Light and His Son. My spirit literally received His nature and when I did God didn’t send me an angel although they’re with me and with you and their Ministering Spirit. But God didn’t trust you to an angel now that you have His nature He trusted you to the Third Person of the Godhead the precious Holy Spirit and He sent Him to step on the inside of you and become to you what no man can give you.  He is the instructor of your new nature and the teacher of your wisdom in that new nature. He sent the Holy Spirit, who did He trust you to when you become a son of God but the Holy Spirit. So when you are baptized and He steps into you the difference is when you were born again that happened to your human spirit He became part of you. You’re an individual that become part of your nature.  The Holy Spirit is another person He steps into your spirit in baptism all the way from heaven He brings with him a supernatural language the language from heaven and He brought it with Him. Because the moment He steps into you that very moment He baptizes you He wants to begin to pray for you in that supernatural language that my friend it will change your life. Now if you’ll follow me closely I was just like you I was first born again I didn’t have the Holy Spirit and somebody laid their hand on me and prayed for me. I felt something come over me all of a sudden my mouth stated quivering trying to shape words I didn’t know what was happening to me.  Well what happened to me was what’s going to happen to you the moment I prayed the Holy Spirit stepped inside of me. What He began to do in the depth of my spirit was create that supernatural language in my spirit.  But the moment He creates it in your spirit my friend to complete the circuit of prayer He will shape the words with your mouth, with your tongue that He’s creating in your spirit. I didn’t know what was happening to my mouth it was trying to shape words. A saint looked at me and she said “He’s got stammering lips.” And she’s right because my mouth was trying to shape that beautiful language He was speaking in my spirit but I wouldn’t yield over. I was afraid but finally when I did yield over and I spoke that first word that my mouth was shaping like a ciphering hose another word come up out of my spirit and another one and another one until the whole language began to pour out of me.  And He’s been praying for me ever since and my life has not been the same but if you’ll listen to me closely right now right where you’re at even if you’re driving it doesn’t matter right where you’re at in your front room, driving all you have to do is say this after me.  Say Holy Spirit

Sid: Holy Spirit

Dave: I invite You into my life.

Sid: I invite You into my life.

Dave: Fill me.

Sid: Fill me.

Dave: And pray for me with that supernatural language.

Sid: And pray for me with that supernatural language.

Dave: I now yield myself over to You.

Sid: I now yield myself over to You.

Dave: Jesus

Sid: Jesus

Dave: Fill me with the Holy Spirit.

Sid: Fill me with the Holy Spirit.

Dave: I now receive

Sid: I now receive

Dave: the supernatural language of tongues.

Sid: the supernatural language of tongues.

Dave: Now my friend notice that your tongue is beginning to shape that language.  Notice your mouth is beginning to form the words all you have to do right now is to yield over. Don’t speak any English or any language that you know out of your mind this new language comes from your spirit so give your tongue over.

Sid: But I don’t know what to say.

Dave: Just yield over and He will shape the word all you have to do is give your voice to what your tongue and mouth is shaping and you will notice Him begin to take it over with power and it will get stronger and stronger.  (Praying in tongues.)

Sid: (Praying in tongues)

Dave: And I’m sure there’s many being filled now. That’s it just yield yourself over.

Sid: It feels almost like the Holy Spirit is raining on me right now even though I’ve been baptized in the Holy Spirit for many years it’s almost like I’m in a river of God’ Spirit. And in that river I heard that people are being physically healed right now. There’s someone that had pain in their neck and they are healed. In their…there’s someone that had no hope and I don’t understand this but hopelessness has left I guess it must be the anointing Dave.

Dave: Sure lately He’s been doing that in our services the grace that reaches in a person’s spirit makes adjustments you know so strong that people have been so healed and encouraged that hopelessness is…

Sid: Would you pray for people’s teeth?

Dave: Oh yes! You have crocked teeth, rotten teeth, cavities, gum problems, TMJ Jaw I don’t care just get ready. Oh Sid He’s flowing already.

Sid: Fillings?

Dave: Yes Sir He’s flowing already and some of your are receiving the supernatural manifestation your rotten cavities are filling up with gold and silver some He does with silver.  Some He restores with enamel gum diseases and the TMJ Jaw and the straightening of the teeth. O Holy Spirit flow and in Jesus name Your released to do this.  Flow Holy Spirit with your glory and Your power and do these creative miracles in people’s teeth. And Father I worship You and thank You for this in Jesus name. A back also Sid O see something in the back.

Sid: I’m hearing the word spine.

Dave: Yes some steel or something and it’s in the same creative line as the teeth but only this time He removes He removes. There’s some steel in somebody’s back I just saw it and You’re doing something there a miracle hallelujah.

O Sid that despair feeling and hopeless feeling I feel so many people that feel like the end of the rope like you said. I can still feel that flowing so strong. Recently I entered into a peace I didn’t know existed the sower can overtake the reaper because its resident in me right now you can harvest what took me 20 years to get. Right now the peace of Jesus surpasses all understanding.

Sid: Quickly scurry that in.

Dave: Right now be healed in Jesus name be healed.

Sid: In Jesus name.

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