Sid: This is one of these weeks because it’s the week Friday and Saturday its Shavuot Pentecost the outpouring of God’s Spirit. And my guest Dave Roberson he’s Senior Pastor of The Family Prayer Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. And Dave right before we went on the air he talked about several Indians from India that you have been teaching about praying in tongues and walking in the Spirit and what happened in their ministries?

Dave: They have the 4th and the 5th and the 6th there’s 3 of them at this point largest ministries in India.

Sid: What caused their ministries to get so large?

Dave: They got a hold of the tapes and the tapes that I had taught on the walk of the Spirit, the walk of power and not near as in detail as the book that you’re offering at the end of program “The Walk of the Spirit the Walk of Power” but enough to launch them in.  And you have to understand that the Indian ministry over there they have nothing to lose you know they don’t have the same distraction. When I preached this and they saw it for truth they jumped all of the way in. And begin to spend hours a day and now my friend just called me we nicked named him Rambo he’s Dave Rambo who from England I just talked to him last night. A woman England they’re packed out they’re running it in their newspapers now.  A woman 87 years old had been in a wheelchair for 38 and just walked out of the wheelchair at his meeting.

Sid: Hm. So you know a lot of people say “Well we see these miracles in India but we don’t see it in the United States or England.” Dave do you see these miracles in the United States?

Dave: Yes Sir I see miracles like that often and this was in England that miracle my friend Rambo. But yes yes I see oh let me see the last time I was in Palm Springs with Norville I was in a Camp meeting. And let’s see there was Norville and Tim Story was there and was a doctor there that’s why I remember this one in particular.

Sid: This was Norville Hayes but go ahead.

Dave: Yes and I was there ministering and the service I ministered He filled some people’s teeth with gold. And so there were big overlays of gold and so when they showed the gold and of course you know Norville got excited he wanted to see it and he run over and looked and the doctor came up and checked her out. And then Tim Story he even jumped up you know and run over and he looked into their mouth to see all of these tremendous gold overlays like that. And yes I just finished our conference this March and nobody that came in Sid nobody that came into our conference left with the braces and crutches they came in with it was our first conference that ever happened.

Sid: Katherine Kuhlman used to share and I’ve repeated this on the air that she’s prophesied a day is coming in which Christians will go into hospitals and clear the whole hospital out of the sick.  Do you see that day coming Dave?

Dave: I do and I believe it there’s a realm that I just recently made it through from praying in tongues and going from glory to glory. And where I used to operate that happened where I would go out and my senses would be put on the side and an  anointing would come. But now Sid this next realm of glory through praying in tongues and worship that He’s brought me to it seems that my spirit is just a second away from Him. And its closer to a hospital bed anointing than I’d ever seen.  Any way these people come in on crutches and neck braces and back braces all of them pealed them off and left them they walked out in this particular meeting.

Sid: Dave there are people listen to us right now and they say “Yes I know tongues are for today and yes I believe it’s for everyone and I’ve asked God and nothing’s happened what are some of the obstacles of speaking in unknown tongues?

Dave: As you know you mean from receiving.

Sid: Yes from receiving yes.

Dave:  Operating in the gift as you know strongholds consist of imaginations. And he said this “Out weapons are mighty through God that of casting down the strongholds or pulling down, casting down imaginations.” An imagination is a system of thoughts which is empowered by emotions so many many people that can’t receive and the most that we’ve had the most trouble with is people that will have a stronghold built in them from a system of thoughts that they received from teaching.  Now it isn’t that they’re not filled when they ask and we pray for them but many times that stronghold exists between Him coming in and the block that He puts in their mind from them receiving Him and that block stops them.

Sid: How do you get rid of the block? How do you even really know what the block is?

Dave: Well a lot of times it is that the reasonings that was taught into them against it. And so they ask Him to come in and He will but they just can’t get it out of their minds so they set up a block and they won’t let the tongues come through. So that’s that is one and another an another stronghold is if you’ve ever been in any kind of witchcraft or anything that sometimes that devil will be set up in such a way in them that he will try to remain in the stronghold to block them from receiving after they’re saved.

Sid: And of course many the people say they’re listening say “I’ve never been involved with the devil but they’ve been in what God calls abominations like New Age like a necromancing communicating with the dead, channeling, going to fortune tellers, calling the physic hotline would anything that simple cause a block?

Dave: It can.

Sid: So what do they do about it?

Dave: Well then then they can pray they themselves can pray but it’s good to go with some saints that pray a lot. And then they can literally bind that devil, bind him and force him to turn loose in the name of Jesus and when they do he turns loose. Then that block will be removed and they’ll give themselves over then and they’ll be able to receive the Holy Spirit.

Sid: My experience is that it is the same that all you need to do is repent because it was sin and tell God you’re sorry.

Dave: Right.

Sid: And ask to be set free from anything you’ve opened yourself up to in Jesus name.  On tomorrow’s broadcast Dave I want you to pray for people to receive the infilling of the Holy Spirit the baptism of the Holy Spirit, speaking in unknown tongues and even as God directs healing. I believe that it’s as affective you speaking over the radio even as someone being in person because I can tell you just in the interview we’re doing right now there’s a river of God’s Spirit that is all around me and all around everyone listening whether they sense it or not it’s there. Dave is there any reason why any born again Christian cannot receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit if they want to?

Dave:  There’s no reason Sid they can receive it the moment they were born again if they could have give themselves to it.

Sid: Well what kind of feedback are you getting from people that are reading your book “The Walk of the Spirit the Walk of Power”?

Dave: Sid it’s a run away even individuals are buying cases for their friends and the feedback even people that are not filled that are reading it it’s filling their Spirits up with so much faith. And it’s pulling down every stronghold it’s just receiving in their car and their going about their business He’s been falling on them and they’ve been talking with tongues.

Sid: Tell me one specific person that’s read the book that gave you a testimony.

Dave: There was a woman that had been really messed up in witchcraft and things and she had been trying to receive and she came down to the conference and gave her testimony. And Sid if you can believe this she was so thirsty for the Spirit she read it 6 times in one week. It filled her up so much with faith that when she had finished reading it that she just just gone about her business I don’t know what she was doing but she just lifted her hands so full of faith that He just busted out of her in the most fluent tongues you ever heard.  And so it’s been she’s on the way to power now.

Sid: Now let me ask you a question that’s crossed my mind there are some people when they pray the call it warfare and they get really angry and scream and shout in tongues and other people just go very normal almost in a monotone is some of that flesh or is it the Holy Spirit causing them to pray that way?

Dave: I think most of it is flesh Sid because He said “He that prays in unknown tongue speaks not unto men but unto God.” You’re not talking to men you’re not talking to devils either this isn’t a tongue to be interpreted this is a tongue for your own edification and you can whisper that and be at a fight. Now there is an intercession one of the diversities of tongues that talked about the groaning that is also not talking to devils. That is going out and causing you to stand in the place of people on the path trying to get to hell and they would but your prayers are stopping them.  So…

Sid: How important is praying in tongues for the unsaved for you if you have unsaved relatives?

Dave: Oh Sid when your heart no you can’t stand it that the lost is lost your loved ones he picks up on your heart.  He prays the compassion of your heart that’s why you can’t direct Him He prays that compassion. And boy you talk about a story my bothers and sisters coming it that’s a story (Laughing) hallelujah.

Sid: In your own family you mean?

Dave: Yes my brother just came to visit he never went back after being a policeman 20 years hardened he just come to visit. He got saved he never went home he moved his family up he’s preaching now it’s been 2 years.

Sid: Now the Bible talks about deception in the last days how does praying in tongues protect you from this deception does it refine your discernment?

Dave: It’s an inoculation against deception.  Because John said “Concerning those that seduce you have no need that any man teach you.” He says that “The truth that abides in you and the anointing cannot lie.” So when you pray in tongues your praying the mysteries of Christ “He speaketh mysteries” He said in tongues. And when these mysteries go off in your spirit then it cleanses you from what the Bible says “All filtiness of flesh and spirit.”

Sid: Dave we’re out of time today.

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