Sid: My guest by way of telephone I’m speaking to her at her home in Fresno, California is the leader of the World for Jesus Ministries Nita Johnson. She’s a prophetess from a very young age God began to show here the future for America and she began to warn Christians wherever she could go.  And we have passed the point of no return we can only forth stall judgment we can’t eliminate judgment the Lord showed her. On yesterday’s broadcast Nita has been interviewing holocaust survivors for a book that she’s working on.  And she asked a very interesting question to an elderly Jewish holocaust survivor, review that question again Nita.

Nita: I asked him I said, “Robbie what do you think would have happened had the church stood up on behalf of the Jewish people during the holocaust or prior to the event of the holocaust?” And he thought for a moment and tears began to fall down his eyes and he said to me “There would have never been a holocaust.” He said “Hitler… it seemed as though Hitler was invincible and that he did not care what anyone thought.” But the truth is he was very much a coward and if the church would have stood up on behalf of the Jewish people in the very inception of what he was doing not even Hitler would have Now that’s a pretty heavy thing to lay at the feet of the church.  And I know that it’s a heavy thing to receive but…

Sid: But you know I’ve taught I don’t know if I’ve ever discussed this with you but I find it very interesting in the book of Esther which I believe is a very prophetic end-time book that there were 2 banquets in which Esther went to the king on behalf of the Jewish people. The first time she for reasons that are not revealed in the book she didn’t stand up for the Jew but the second time she did and I’m just wondering is it as if that first banquet was like the first church had a chance during the holocaust to stand up for the Jew and unite and we failed, but there’s another banquet coming up.

Nita: That is a very powerful insight Sid very powerful and it’s true the church has  not stood up for the Jewish person for 2000 years. For whatever the reason it hasn’t occurred and in fact most of what has been done against the Jewish people has been done in the name of God and in the name of Messiah. And it has left the Jew…this is how the Jew perceives the church.  As I’ve interviewed the holocaust survivors for this book that I’m writing it has been unanimous what I’ve been hearing from them and this is how they perceive the church that we come to them with a cross extended our extended and a cross in our hands saying “You accept this and you accept our Messiah or we will kill your babies, we will burn your synagogues, and we will destroy your families from off the face of the face of the earth.”  Now I’m sure that most of the people that are listening today do not have that kind of heart but that is the heart that has been presented to the Jewish people.

Sid: And I can tell you as a Jew that is the perception that I had before I became a believer in the Messiah that Christians really are your enemies.

Nita: That’s how they feel. So as I have shared with them for instance what is taking place up in Canada what I have myself been doing for the last 2 years in America. And now the compilation of these biographies to present to present to the church to help the church to help the church understand not that 6 million Jews died in the Holocaust but what the 6 million people endured on a personal level. So we take it out of numbers and bring it down into a more intimate reality with the minds of the readers. And as I have shared with them my heart and heart of a growing concern of Christians I have talking a about full grown men who have been very very successful in this life financially will sit there and weep and say to me “I can’t believe that a Christian cares about me as a Jew this is unbelievable to me I can’t hardly contain it in my heart what you’re saying.” They do not see Christians as lovers of the Jewish people.  Just as you said they see them as their enemies. And so the Lord wants to bring the issue back to where it belongs and that is a Messiah issue either a Jewish individual will see the Messiah and receive Him or they won’t but it is no longer a church issue that they can’t even see the Messiah for the pain in their hearts towards the church.  And so to heal relationships in the church and among the Jewish people so they can make an honest decision in their heart regarding the Messiah. You see it’s hard to be a Jew, I’m Jewish as you know, and it’s hard to be a Jew and to think of Christians supposedly serving the Jewish Messiah and yet hating Jews. It’s like there’s a logic that’s missing and they can’t understand it they can’t comprehend it. And so the only way that they can deal with it is to refuse to believe that this Jewish Messiah the Christian is serving is real and is of any value so they reject the Messiah for the sake of the church.  And so what the Lord wants to do is to bring the church back around to see Israel and the Jewish people though His own eyes and to see His love, His care and His concern, His delight in them, His desire to bring them close to His bosom and to deliver them from every enemy according to the 1st chapter of Luke so that they can worship Him in holiness and the only way we can do that is to heal relationships between the Christian and the Jewish community so that they can begin to see the Christian not as an enemy but as a friend.  Now the other benefit of this it’s not only going to be in our reaching out in divine love to the Jewish Community we’re going to prepare an atmosphere where our hearts can melt and they can be prepared for the revelation of Messiah. Not only are we going to that to just loving them but we’re going to bring upon head the blessing that was promised clear back in the days of Abraham when the Lord said “Those who bless you I will bless, those who curse you I will curse.” And so the church then will come into a panorama of glory that she has never known before because of turning her heart back to Israel.  It’s interesting that these prophets of old still carry that mantle that brings about decisions in the Father’s heart and they will until the Father brings everything to the end at the very end of day. Gifts and callings are without repentance Sid and we can’t neglect the fact that the Jewish people have been called to be a prophet to the nations.

Sid: Paint me a picture what the glory will be like on the church that stands up for the Jew in Israel and now you’re telling about anyone can do in good times, but I mean when this International type of Holocaust is going on and people hate the Jew it’s going to only take someone that has the Spirit of God that would be able to stand up for the Jew under those times.

Nita: That’s right and they will bear a glory that no other Christian will bear they will bear the hand of the miraculous. You want to see the multiplication of the bread and the fishes?

Sid: Of course.

Nita: Stand up for the Jewish person when the Holocaust is sweeping across the nations.

Sid: But will there be Christians like Corry Ten Boone? Will there be Christians that will be martyrs? Will there be safe houses like we had in the days of slavery where Christians would hide Jews are those days coming?

Nita: There will be both but there will be the Daniel type of escapes and there will those who give their lives for the Jewish people. And both will bear tremendous blessings and a harvest of wonderful things in heaven. But there will be those who today in this life that are going to experience the blessings of the Father in ways that they have never known in miraculous ways for aiding the Jewish people in this time of the Holocaust. There will always be the martyrs in every generation and there needs to be. There will be… there will be so many souls that will be saved through the Jewish people when they see a Christian giving their life for them so that nothing else can touch I mean you can’t touch their heart in any other way because it has been too much of the reverse that has occurred for too many generations. And so when they see that kind of love coming from a Christian it’s going to open up the eyes of many many Jews not just the one that you’re giving your life for but that Jewish family that Jewish community it’s going to make a strong statement. But on the other side of it there will be these great blessings that will come down from heaven the multiplication of material things in order to help these Jewish folds escape and into a place of safety and a haven.

Sid: I think the greatest wealth that has ever been put into the hands of Christians is about ready to occur and it will be contingent to your heart for the Jew in Israel.

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