Sid: My guest by way of telephone is Sandra Kennedy I’m speaking to her at her headquarters in Augusta, Georgia the Whole Life Ministries.  And I think it’s wonderful when someone at a young age knows their destiny before God.  Sandra as a child God spoke to you of about your destiny tell me about that.

Sandra: Yeah I was about 6 years old Sid I heard a voice it sounded to me like an audible voice it said “One day I’m going to use you in healing.” And of course you have heard me say in times gone by that I’ll even pray over the animals on the farm right there in Georgia a very small farm.  I’d pray over the animals and always believed in healing even though I’d never really heard any teaching on healing but I just believe in my heart you know that healing belonged to us today and that God was still in the healing business.

Sid: Out of curiosity Sandra after all of the years have you kept your childlike faith?

Sandra: Yes I have thank God.

Sid: That’s the key isn’t it?

Sandra: That’s the key.

Sid: Now when you were on an airplane and your mother was dying from cancer and again God spoke to you what did he say?

Sandra: Well  I wasn’t Spirit-filled but as a Southern Baptist girl working for a Southern Baptist Convention flying home and had gotten a call that she wouldn’t make it through the weekend and she was sent home to die and was in a coma.  And of course it was years ago and people did that I heard what sounded to me like an audible voice.

Sid: Now exactly what was wrong with your mom?

Sandra: She had cancer.

Sid: Do you know what kind?

Sandra: I don’t remember what kind I just know that she had been at the Medical College of Georgia and they had sent her home at the last stages of cancer.  And this was again almost 30 years ago.

Sid: Okay.

Sandra: And had sent her home to die and she was in a semi-type coma and when I when I arrived home as a matter of fact she didn’t know I was there. But any way on the plane I heard this voice say “Tell your mother the Lord’s Prayer.” And this is part of the Lord’s prayer I heard quoted “Our Father which aren’t in heaven hallowed it be Thy name Thy kingdom come Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven; and tell her there is no sickness in heaven.”  I heard that 3 times Sid and it so shocked me I didn’t really know how to handle it but I had led my sister my oldest sister to the Lord 3 months prior to this. And I said to the Lord “Tell somebody else about this too.” Because I knew in the scripture that it said “Out of the mouth of 2 or 3 witnesses a thing is established so I said “Tell somebody else.”  And so when I got home I arrived on a Friday they said that she would not live through the weekend and my sister immediately called me and said that she had had a dream and she said in the dream the Lord had said “Tell your mother the Lord’s prayer ‘Our Father who aren’t in heaven hallow it be Thy name Thy kingdom come Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.’” There is no sickness in heaven from that we were just 2 girls that didn’t know much except our mother was dying and we believed from God. And we continued to praise His name and we just went and sat by her bed and literally said nothing but the Lord’s prayer over and over quoted what we had heard.

Sid: How long did you do that?

Sandra: We did it for about 5 hours.

Sid: That’s a long time!

Sandra: Well she was in a coma and it was for at least an hour or 2 it appeared that she heard nothing but we kept doing it.  I’d do it for awhile and my sister would do it for awhile we just kept doing it, we kept doing it, we kept doing it. And then slowly but surely she would bat her eyes around and make some movement and as a result of this she popped out of that semi-coma type state. Then we just kept saying we didn’t have anything else to say we just did all we knew to do. And of course now I know much better I understand now the Bible teaches in Proverbs 4:20 to 4:22 “Incline your ear unto His sayings they are life unto those that found them and health like medicine to all of their flesh.” And so the word is power the word has enough power in itself to bring forth what it proclaims.  And so I didn’t know all of that then I just knew that I kept saying, kept saying just saying and finally she became totally alert and then we went and did something that I had never seen done I’d read in the Bible.  I had marked my Bible totally was in blue with everything pertaining to healing.  And Sid if you were to do that you’d be amazed how many blue marks you’d have in your Bible.

Sid: It’s amazing to you know someone made this statement to me once they said “If you had never heard man’s doctrine on healing and on miracles and you just read the New Testament and if for the first time in your life and someone walked up to you and said “Healing wasn’t for today” you’d think they were nuts.

Sandra: Absolutely.

Sid: It takes a lot of help to get confused in that area.

Sandra: It really does a lot of false teaching.

Sid: So tell me what you did next with your mom.

Sandra: Well the next thing we did was anoint her with oil because I had read that scripture about anointing with oil.  And remember we’re Southern Baptist girls we’d never heard we were from a little baby town in Georgia.  We had never heard one single teaching on healing.  I was a seminary graduate at this time and I was taught at seminary that healing and signs and wonders was not for today.

Sid: And I might add you were the first woman in the nation to be ordained by the Southern Baptist in the United States.

Sandra: But I still was taught totally the opposite of what I was doing and so I…but I just believed that God is bigger than all of this so I kept quoting that and it was funny because God’s sense of humor is so outstanding.  We couldn’t find any oil and I didn’t know what kind of oil the Bible said “Anoint them with oil.” So I couldn’t find any so we found a can of Crisco shortening and (Haha.)

Sid: Did you melt it?

Sandra: No.

Sid: (Laughing)

Sandra: (Laughing) we did not melt it but we smeared that woman up we decided that a little dab will do it we could imagine what a whole can would do.

Sid: Oh no (Laughing.)

Sandra: We greased that lady up and we were doing it sincerely you know I mean we were childlike faith we were doing this sincerely we didn’t know what to do we couldn’t decide where we’re supposed to put it because it doesn’t say and we didn’t know where to put it. So we decided to just put it everywhere so we put it all over her and just prayed. And when we prayed we still prayed the same thing “Our Father which art in heaven hallow it be Thy name Thy kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”  Mama there is no sickness in heaven and she popped out of that I mean instantaneously was healed.  I mean she jumped up out of that seat as someone had shot here with vitamins or something I mean she jumped up. I mean this woman has been in a coma!

Sid: I can imagine there must have been some rejoicing in your household.

Sandra: We had a…it was a…and she lived 28 years after that 28 years and never ever had any kind of reoccurrence of that and when she died she was not sick just died an old lady and went home to be with the Lord.

Sid: Do you believe that that’s God’s best for every one of His children?

Sandra: Oh I do, I do I believe that healing really does belong to us.  And I mean don’t misunderstand me now I believe in the medical profession I thank God for the medical profession. As a matter of fact as a result of the kind of healings that we have seen here in Augusta I have had an opportunity to go on 3 different occasions the Medical College of Georgia is here in Augusta and I’ve had on 3 different occasions, or maybe it’s 4, opportunities to go and teach medical students another side of healing at their request.

Sid: You’re telling me that a medical college you’re teaching about healing in the atonement!

Sandra: Yes I am.  I’m taking the word of God at their request and I’m coming in and teaching another side of healing taking the the Bible and of course people get healed the same way you get saved through a faith act.  If you have faith I hear a lot of people say “Well I don’t know if I have enough faith to be healed.”  If you have enough faith to be saved you certainly have enough faith to be healed because getting saved is the most outstanding thing on the face of this earth.

Sid: Now you’re a bit of a maverick because not only were you the first woman ordained by the Southern Baptist you caused a lot of trouble when you were in seminary because of this word that you had from God that you were called to pray for the sick.  What happened in the seminary?

Sandra: Well when I went, and I still wasn’t Spirit filled, but after when I had an experience with God I’d go back to the seminary I have several degrees from the seminary Southwestern Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas.  I went back to the seminary and after this event happened with my mother I went back to the seminary and when people got sick I’d start praying for them in the dorm.  And people started getting healed and I mean all kinds of things just toothaches, belly aches, leg aches, headaches anything that was happen with my you know fellow students I would pray for them.  And people started getting healed. When I came under a lot of criticism for what I was doing as a matter of fact I had to move out of the dorm and go live off campus.

Sid: Isn’t that amazing?

Sandra: Yes it is amazing (Laughing.)

Sid: I mean how man with a little tradition and a little demonic managed to get so far removed from the pure of simple truth of God’s word.  Tell me about how you were baptized in the Holy Spirit.

Sandra: Well that was a miraculous thing that happened Sid I actually had gone down to the Christian Retreat Center down in Bradenton, Florida.

Sid: Yes I’ve been there.

Sandra: That’s a wonderful place and I’d gone down there for a vacation type thing and was prayed for by Harold Bradeson.  And everybody in the line who was prayed for would receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit except me and I went to him and I said “What’s the deal here what’s happening?” And he looked at me and I’ll never forget it he looked at me yeah and just simply looked because we were eating lunch. And he looked up and said “You have a spirit of rejection.”  I mean I’m Baptist I didn’t even know what rejection was I had no earthly idea my mother and father had divorced when I was a small child but what is it I mean get rid of it. He did bat an eye he just looked up and said “Well in the name of Jesus be set free.” And kept on eating.

Sid: (Laughing)

Sandra: Didn’t feel anything nothing happened I did not speak in tongues and I said “Did something happen?”  He said “Yes in the name of Jesus something always happens.”  And I said “Well okay” I came home for about 2 weeks I had a traveling job I worked for the state of Georgia as a matter of fact I was a psychologist and director of Mental Health Centers and Mental Retardation Centers Regional Director in the state of Georgia and I went traveling.  And I began to cry because I didn’t receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit. And one day I was coming to Fort Gordon here in Augusta and I remember I glanced over at Fort Gordon and the next thing that I remember in the natural realm was sitting in front of my house in front of my garage which is 22 miles on the entrance to Fort Gordon.  And it makes such an impression on me because I don’t remember driving those 22 miles because I was instantaneously caught up to the throne room of God.

Sid: I’ll tell you what hold that thought Sandra.

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