Sid:  Getting ready Mishpochah for the greatest move of God’s Spirit. I believe that as Samuel Lee a former Muslim that Jesus Himself came to and revealed Himself to… Jesus Himself is coming to Muslims all over the world because this is God’s time to have mercy on people involved in Islam, on Muslims. Samuel Lee I’m expecting such a move of God’s Spirit I want you to teach whatever God wants and as He’s teaching I want our listeners, our Mishpochah, to yield, to surrender, that’s what yield means to surrender to the Holy Spirit. I pray in Yeshua, in Jesus name that people would be healed that backs would be straightened that hips would be restored, and that people would get their first love back for the Lord and that each person listening will have their own experience. I don’t mean intellectual I mean tangible manifestation an experience by the living God. Samuel Lee if you will teach.

Samuel:  Surely. You know when I was praying for this radio program the Lord put the word in my heart to share with the people who are listening to this radio program. This is the word exactly what the Lord told me to tell you here on the radio. He said to tell you that darkness never wins from light. It is always light that is going to win in the end. It doesn’t matter what is your life situation. It doesn’t matter what you are going through. Maybe cancer got hold of you, maybe you are dying because of AIDS, maybe your back is hurting you, maybe your family is falling apart. I want to tell you one thing that in life darkness can never win from light. Even if light finds one little hole he will find his way through and he will shine through your life and win. Jesus Christ said He is the light of the world and that Jesus Christ who is alive today is able to change your life. He is able to change your negative into positive. He is able to change your sickness into healing. The same way the Lord said to me to tell you the same way that sickness came to you he is able the same way to leave your body and go out of you because our God is able to do it. It doesn’t matter how much darkness you may have in your life believe it or not you have never met me before but I am just giving you the word of the Holy Spirit. He is talking to you My daughter, My son, My child, My life is going to win in the end. I see in my spirit that there is a lady your husband has run away from you. God is going to bring back that husband to you. I see it in my spirit the Lord is showing me you are a black American, you are an Afro-American and your husband run away. He is coming back to you; he is going to restore your family in the name of Jesus. Because I believe God is going to win in the end. I know that right now there are people crying for God who are wanting God to touch them no matter what your need is our God is greater than your need He can touch you right where are. Let me tell you something, God is not limited only for a ministry hall, or a conference hall, or you know nice music to heal you. I was just praying for somebody in the Philippines from Amsterdam to the Philippines through the telephone. This lady had asthma for a long time and when I was praying for her on the phone life she was healed. There was no man to glorify me because I don’t want to be glorified Jesus will be glorified. But that lady was healed from asthma and God over Amsterdam is the same God over the United States God can touch you right in your heart. No man, no evangelist, no person can get in only God can get in. When you open your heart, when you let Him come to your heart I’m telling you when the holy God touches an unholy man your life is going to be changed.  The only thing is you surrender to God because you cannot fight on yourself, you cannot fight with your own strength let the Holy Spirit fight for you. Because I know He is able to change your situation whatever you are going through. You can say “Preacher my life is going through a mess. I have messed it up.” I have come to tell you God is looking for messed up people, God is looking for people who are nothing and nobodies to make them somebody because made this world out of nothing. The Bible says “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God.” God created this world with His word and with His word right now that you listen through the radio in the name of Jesus, in the name of Yeshua your situation can be changed, your life can be changed, healing power can touch you when you open your heart and let Him come. Let Him come into your room maybe you are listening to this radio program in your room, or in your car, or wherever you are at your working place. I am telling you God can touch you and God wants to use your negative, God wants to your illness to glorify Himself so that one day you are going to be the person that God is going to use. Let me tell you one secret, God always uses people who are broken, God always uses people who have passion in their heart. You remember Jacob? All of his life he was limping that limping means that passion that God put on his leg. That leg that was used to run away from his brother was touched by God to limp because that gave a passion to his life.  I know that maybe you are limping today in your spiritual life but God can change it for His glory. God can make you Israel, God can make you victorious over your life and I’m telling you He can do it today. Please listen to the voice of God and listen to His voice what He is going to do open your heart. God is looking for your soul, God is looking for your life He want to change you not only to heal you but change you inside out. Not only to heal your physical body but to heal your family, to heal your life, to heal you to revive you. God is able to do it. If you want so I am going to pray for you. Before I pray for you I want to ask you this question, do you know Jesus in your life? Do you know that Jesus right now is knocking on the door of your heart and saying “I want to come in.” Maybe there are secret rooms in your heart that you won’t open to Jesus but brother or sister He knows it already just give the key to Jesus and let Him open that door. I see in my spirit there is somebody you are really addicted to pornography. God can set you free right now with your Lord Jesus Christ to enter into that room, to enter into that secret room and you surrender to Him. He will set you free and He will make you a new man and give you back to your wife. You are right now listening to me and I know that God is talking to you and don’t turn that radio off because He is talking to you right now. If you don’t know Jesus in your life let me pray for you. Repeat after me and say: Dear Jesus

Sid:  Dear Jesus

Samuel:  I surrender to You

Sid:  I surrender to You

Samuel:  all my life.

Sid:  all my life.

Samuel:  I confess my sins

Sid:  I confess my sins

Samuel:  please Jesus forgive me.

Sid:  please Jesus forgive me.

Samuel:  I believe You are my Lord and Savior

Sid:  I believe You are my Lord and Savior

Samuel:  You died for me

Sid:  You died for me

Samuel:  and You rose again.

Sid:  and You rose again.

Samuel:  From today on

Sid:  From today on

Samuel:  I surrender

Sid:  I surrender

Samuel:  my life

Sid:  my life

Samuel:  the Key of my life

Sid:  the Key of my life

Samuel:  to you.

Sid:  to you.

Samuel:  Come and be my Lord

Sid:  Come and be my Lord

Samuel:  come and be my master

Sid:  come and be my master

Samuel:  send Your Holy Spirit to me

Sid:  send Your Holy Spirit to me

Samuel:  to teach me

Sid:  to teach me

Samuel:  to heal me

Sid:  to heal me

Samuel:  to change me.

Sid:  to change me.

Samuel:  In Jesus name, amen.

Sid:  In Jesus name, amen.  Pray for healing miracles right now.

Samuel: Right now I’m going to pray, Father in the name of Jesus Christ Lord I ask you to release Your anointing healing anointing upon everyone who hears my voice. Father Lord this is my anointing and this is my office You have given to me. In the name of Jesus I rebuke every sickness, I rebuke every chance that I see in my spirit that there is somebody with lung cancer. God is going to heal you right now. Heat is going to touch your chest and you feel warm in your chest God is healing you from terminal cancer. He’s able to heal you He’s going to give your life back to you now in Jesus name.  I see in my spirit someone is going to be healed right now from kidney sickness. Your kidneys are hurting you God is healing you, be healed in the name of Jesus. Father I ask you to heal this man from kidney sickness in Jesus might name. Father I pray every type of sickness whether I call the name or not oh Father You are able to do it. I hear this in the name of Jesus be healed in the name of Jesus. Oh dear Holy Spirit just send Your anointing right now, send Your Holy Spirit right now and minister to these people Father Lord. Minister to their needs Father. I see somebody you are broken financially God is going to restore that financial problem in your life but you need to do your place for Jesus. Father in the name of Jesus I pray for this man, for this family restore the financial blessing to this family Father in the name of Jesus. Father I am asking you to heal the people… I see someone that’s sickness in your bones. You are getting healed right now in Jesus name. Sickness in your blood be healed in Jesus name. Father heal them from asthma, those people who are having asthma Father God is going to heal them right now in Jesus mighty name. Holy Spirit move upon every man make Your miracle, let Your life win, life win in Jesus name. Darkness go out in the name of Jesus from this house, from this family, from this person I claim the victory of Jesus over the lives of these people.  Jesus Christ I trust them into Your hands and I know that you minister to them.

Sid:  There is someone with prostate cancer that is healed right now in Jesus name.

Samuel:  Amen.

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