Sid: I have a former Muslim that is red hot for Jesus. His name, we’re not giving him… giving you his Muslim name, nor the country he was born in the Middle East because of security reasons for his own safety. His name is Samuel Lee I’m speaking to him by way of long-distance in Amsterdam, Holland where his office is located. Samuel we were talking about how God has allowed you to walk in the miraculous. I believe there is no way you could ever reach Muslims if you did not walk in the miraculous.

Samuel:  That’s correct, that’s correct.

Sid:  I want you to tell me about one campaign we were talking about earlier in West Africa. It’s a Muslim nation, I imagine it’s almost a little dangerous to preach the gospel there. Tell me about it.

Samuel:  Yes I was in West Africa Republic of Guinea one of the Muslim nations.  One of the least reached countries in black Africa. I was in Conakry holding a crusade there. Let me tell you before I arrived there they just took my passport in the airport and they would not give it to me for 3 days. They were troubling me for holding the crusade there in the Muslim country. Then we had this you know fear that people really they were bringing so much fear into our hearts “You need to be careful there are going to attack you. They’re going to kill, and they are going to do this and you need to be careful with this crusade that you are doing…” So the devil really tried all his ways. Also they told us that Reinhard Bonnke was there. As far as I know they told me 1992 ever since he didn’t go back there again, that is was they told me I don’t know whether it is true. I was the 2nd evangelist holding that open air crusade in Conakry. Now what happened with all this fear in my heart, of course I’m ministering for Jesus Christ in the name of Jesus but I’m also a human being. So I had a little fear in my heart what is going to happen in this crusade. Then I was holding this open air crusade and I was preaching about the healing power of Jesus Christ that He can heal people, He can set them free. There was Muslims and even some Imams they were standing there and listening to my sermon. Suddenly from the back of the, you know, the multitudes in the back of the multitudes…

Sid:  Imam is a leader in the Muslim faith.

Samuel:  Yes exactly he is a Muslim leader he’s like a pastor or something like that.

Sid:  Okay then what happened?

Samuel:  What happened was this group of people they start to run and I was thinking “Oh my God this is the end they are going to rush the platform and this is the end…”

Sid:  Hmm.

Samuel:  “…of my life I’m going to be with Jesus.” I was so afraid that “God please do something.” Suddenly my interpreter said “Don’t be afraid there is nothing wrong here there is a crippled man who couldn’t walk for many years and his hands, his arms were crippled, his legs were crippled, he couldn’t walk properly. He just jumped and he was running in the field and he was rejoicing in the Lord that he is running in the field because of that people saw the miracle, live miracle that is happening to him.” They ran behind him and rejoiced with the old man and that was one of the miracles that comes in my mind right now.

Sid:  Now did many of the Muslims at that meeting accept Jesus?

Samuel:  Yes!  A lot of Muslims accept Jesus and many of them were healed by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Sid:  I want to take you back to a prayer meeting at your church on October 10, 1997.

Samuel:  Yes.

Sid:  Now was this in Holland?

Samuel:  Yes this was in Holland and this was in former ministry building. We started in a very poor and old building. You know it was wooden building as I preach in sometimes the rain would fall inside.

Sid:  Now was this the building you talk about in your book that the Holy Spirit told you about?

Samuel:  No this is the second building.

Sid:  Oh.

Samuel: The first building we grow bigger so we move to the other building. But the thing is that in that building in that wooden building as we were praying it was exactly 10 October 1997. Suddenly the Holy Spirit entered into that room I was praying only with my team members. I have a wonderful team who are supporting my ministry standing behind me and we were having this prayer meeting. Suddenly the Holy Spirit you know came down and they started to be drunk in the spirit. It was so powerful that suddenly there was this you know it was like the room for children, Sunday school room. So there was a football there in the room suddenly the spirit brought me to that ball and said “Take this in your hands! Take this in your hands this is the world and I’m going to put the anointing of world evangelism upon your shoulders. I’m going to use you to the many different parts of the world to preach and proclaim Jesus Christ.” In the beginning I didn’t believe it, I didn’t believe it with all my heart. I said “No maybe I just imagined it. Maybe I’m too high for myself.” Then after the meeting finished 3 sisters confirmed the same vision that we need to start the world evangelism that we need to share the gospel to all over the world. Believe it or not from the 2 days or 1 day later I already received my invitation.

Sid:  Now it sounds like that was such an awesome move of God’s Spirit. When God’s Spirit came in there you said the people were all drunk in the spirit? Tell me about that.

Samuel:  They were all drunk in the spirit, they were like you know like drinking wine spiritual wine. It was so powerful I cannot explain how it is unless you yourself get that and experience yourself what that is.

Sid:  Now does this happen often to you or did it just happen that one time?

Samuel:  No no it happens often as the ministry, as the Holy Spirit leads, as the Holy Spirit moves in my meetings. Now of course not every meeting is like that there are some meetings were people weep, there are some meetings people they are just quiet. There are some meetings people are drunk in the Holy Spirit it depends on the time and the will of the Holy Spirit how He is going to do it in the meeting.

Sid:  Now you get some very specific words of knowledge give me an example.

Samuel:  Very interesting example is, one day we had a prayer meeting in our ministry. Then I start to you know pray in tongues and you know in our room we have the map of all over the world with specific countries we are praying for. Then suddenly the Lord turned my finger to the map of Korea, South Korea and He gave a word let’s say prophecy and also a word of knowledge. He said that “They have lost their first love. The church…” He said “My people in Korea they started spiritual but they are ending non-spiritual.” He said “That richness has touched them and because of richness they have forgotten Me.” Then He said “Therefore I will strike you and after I strike you I will build you up again and out of you I will call a new generation, new people with new anointing that will yield to My voice. I will shake that nation again before I will shake North Korea.” Believe it or not one week later the market crashed and Korea’s markets were all broken. People lost their jobs and they lost their businesses and through that many of them came back to the Christ, the real Christ not the theological Christ, not Christ of rule or regulation, not the Christ they worship through one man or one pastor but the living Christ the living Yeshua. Now God is choosing new generation right in Korea and bringing new moves right in that land and changing the church upside down.

Sid:  You know as a new believer Samuel Lee you were instructed by the Lord to start a Bible study but you didn’t know that much about the Bible yourself let alone run a study. How did you do that?

Samuel:  Well what happened was of course I was trained by some pastors who were training me and blessed me and of course of the Holy Spirit told me I must train you know my people, the people who are you know under me. Of course I’m coming from a university background so I have you know… I’m well trained in methodology and I’m well trained in you know science. So the Lord says he’s going to use all these things to glorify His name. He said “Start writing these Bible studies, start to begin with the book of Matthew every chapter and design a Bible study book for 52 weeks for every week one lesson. Be consistent and be faithful to this because I’m going to use that one day.” When I started people laughed at me, people sometimes didn’t even come to my meetings. They say “Oh this is a joke,” but I kept writing it I kept doing it. Believe it or not, that book is already published and it is used in many places in Africa and in Asia as a Bible study book in Bible colleges. All of that I have received through one man, through one personality He is my best friend, He is the greatest I have ever had in my life. Let me tell you His name His name is Holy Spirit my best friend. He teach me and He guide me then through that I design that Bible study book and even I have finished one new book under the Old Testament.

Sid: Now you have seen so many miracles people that are blind, get their site back, asthma, heart conditions been healed, tell me about that person with the broken bone in their arm.

Samuel:  Yes there is this lady she had a long time ago an accident, a car accident, therefore her arm somehow was broken and they put back, you know they healed it but the arm was not straight it was not healed in the right way. So it was like little bit you know… how can I explain it?

Sid:  Oh yes we understand.

Samuel:  It was not straight. Then this lady she always trying to go to acupuncture, she was going to all this you know these other things…

Sid:  New Age.

Samuel:  Yes to heal her arm. She couldn’t receive any healing…

Sid:  Quickly we’re running out of time.

Samuel:  Yes. So what happened I prayed for her and she was touched by the power of the Holy Spirit one hour on the ground. Then she woke up, then she stand up she was totally healed and the arm…

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