SID: Welcome. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. My guest is the son of one of the greatest healing evangelists in history. He’s the son of Oral Roberts. His name is Richard Roberts. But this is what you don’t know. Five months ago he was activated to a new level of healing. He gets about 20 letters a month from people that have been to their doctor that were healed of cancer. I am expecting, I’m telling you, there’s a word called “expectation,” I am expecting the greatest outpouring of miracles we have ever had. We’re ready for a Holy Spirit explosion.


Is there a supernatural dimension, a world beyond the one we know? Is there life after death? Do angels exist? Can our dreams contain messages from Heaven? Can we tap into ancient secrets of the supernatural? Are healing miracles real? Sid Roth has spent over 35 years researching the strange world of the supernatural. Join Sid for this edition of It’s Supernatural.


SID: I believe that Richard Roberts has done a lot of TV, has his own television show. But something special is about ready to take place here. Now you had such a privilege as a young boy to travel with your father. I want to remind you of something right now and I want you to see it. I would like to have the rolling

of his father and I want you to watch, especially watch this young child as he prays with a child. Let’s see the rolling right now.


[begin video]


Oral Roberts: Be healed from the crown of your head to the soles of your feet. Heal those little legs. Heal them. Heal the little hip. Lonnie, the thing that you’re feeling is God’s presence. You feel something going all through you. That’s the Lord’s power on you. That’s what’s going to make you walk. Bob, you hold those. Mrs. Black, you step over back there at the end of the platform. We’ll soon know what God has done. Put him down there, [unintelligible]. Everybody, mind on God now. Step back, Bob.


[end video]


SID: Richard, you told me about four months ago, five months ago, there was a prophecy and you started moving in miracles beyond anything you’ve ever done before. Tell me about that.


RICHARD: Well Sid, the healing ministry actually began in my life as a little boy, as you said, growing up in my dad’s ministry, and the effectively through me in 1980 after Lindsay and I were married. But something happened last September. Our mutual friend, Hank Kunneman, a pastor in Omaha—


SID: The guy that prophesied everything you see before it was here.


RICHARD: Yes I know. He told me that there was an even greater level of healing, especially concerning cancer and incurable diseases, and that the numbers of healing would dramatically, and by the way, someone is being healed right now of a migraine headache, he said it would dramatically increase. Within 30 days it happened in October and it’s been happening wherever I go since then. There’s a sciatica nerve being healed right now in the name of Jesus. You’re watching.

SID: I have to ask you this though. Like right this second when you said this person being healed of the migraine, etc., what is it? Is it inner thought? Is it, what’s going on inside of you?


RICHARD: Sid, I actually feel the pain and then I see a person healed of that ailment or affliction, and then when I say it, it’s released. Suddenly as you were talking, I got this sharp pain right here and all of a sudden I saw someone with a migraine headache being healed, and then I said it, and then that pain left. And I felt pain go down my right hip and down my leg, and I saw someone being healed of sciatica problems. And as soon as I said it, that was released. That pain was released from me. That’s how it operates through me. I don’t know how it operates through others. That’s how it operates through me.


SID: Okay. Tell me what happens? You’re walking through a shopping mall with a microphone in front of 10,000, a hundred thousand people.




SID: TV cameras and flashbulbs, well there aren’t flashbulbs any more. I don’t know. But it’s just you and you’re walking down a shopping mall. What happens to you?


RICHARD: If I see someone that’s ill, compassion comes up. You know they said of Jesus in Matthew 14:14, he went forth, he saw a great multitude, he was moved with compassion. Compassion is an irresistible urge to remove the problem, to reach in, take hold of the problem and pull it out. And that comes on me whenever I see someone ill in a shopping mall, in a theater, in a restaurant, in an airport. It just, I have to get over close to them. If I can’t touch them I want to breathe a prayer over them as I walk by. That’s the compassion of the Lord.


SID: The most exciting thing that I read about your dad, you witnessed. Your dad went into, they used to have tents of the people who were paralyzed.




SID: Or in stretchers and things like this.




SID: And he went into that tent and there was someone dying of cancer, and the smell was so horrific because the guy was dying.




SID: Tell me what you observed.


RICHARD: Well I was there. My father stretched out his hands to pray for him and instead of praying for him, he just threw up because the smell of the cancer was so bad. And my dad turned and walked out of the, what he called the invalid tent. He walked out, just left me there standing. I was just a little boy, but I remember it like it was yesterday. But a moment or two later he came back in and he got up on the hospital gurney that the man was laying on, and laid his hands on him, and then took him in his arms, and prayed for him. And then we went on back into the main service. And I never understood until years later after my mother went home to be with the Lord, my father and I were talking one afternoon in his home, and we were reminiscing. And I brought up that subject to him, and I said, “Dad, I never understood why you left and why you came back.” And he laughed, and he said, “When I got outside, I said to the Lord, this is too difficult.” He said, “I was being opposed so heavily by the media at the time. Here I’m trying to get people saved and healed, and people hated me.” And he said, “It’s too difficult. I can’t do this any more.” And he said, “I got outside and the Lord spoke to me and said, ‘If you’re not willing to pray for him then you’re not worthy to be my child.’” And he said, “That’s when I came back in the room and I took the man in my arms and prayed for him.” And my dad was like that until the day he went home to be with the Lord. If he saw someone ill he had to get near them. And if he couldn’t touch them he had to at least reach out his faith and prayed for their healing, and that compassion is on me. Just stretch your hands out towards me right now. Not that my hands have any power because they don’t, but they’re hooked up to the one who does. So in the authority of the name of Jesus, I pray right now for the compassion of the Lord, here it comes, for the compassion of the Lord to flow right through me right into you. From the crown, here it comes, from the crown of your head even to the soles of your feet, that you, like Jesus, will be touched by the infirmities of the people, and it will cause you not to make you move away from them, but a way, a move toward them for healing in Jesus’ name.


We’ll be right back to It’s Supernatural.

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