Sid: I’ve got Curry Blake in the Studio today. Curry Blake supernaturally was given a training manual that John G. Lake used in the first Quarter of the 20th Century in Spokane, Washington. And had such phenomenal results and everyone he trained had these phenomenal results. For those that are listening for the first time Curry Blake tell me about John G. Lake and his methods of training.

Curry: Well Dr. Lake first arrived in Spokane in early1914 he had just attended the formation of the Assemblies of God in Hot Springs. He decided to go to Spokane, Washington. When he was there he actually started preaching in a particular church. After about 6 months there he opened what he called Lake’s Divine Healing Institute. In that healing institute because he was having such success in getting people healed he knew that he could also teach it. He invited some people the needed healing predominantly at first. They came in and the people started getting healed in his classes not even having to lay hands on them. Most people…in fact he even put out a $500 bond once saying anyone could attend his classes for 30 days and not receive healing he would give them $500.  Now technically at this point we haven’t made that same offer but we’re ready to its…we’re at that point that I would even like to go further and say that I would also say that anyone that wanted to learn this training that wanted to spend the time come and spend the time with us, come and walk with us, come and see what goes on and participate and be there and participate in it.

Sid: Tell me about the training that John G. Lake…

Curry: Well he started what they call the Healing Rooms there at the Agree Building and what they did they had rooms where someone would come in for prayer. They would come in and the people that were actually training technicians or the Divine Healing Technicians were a lot more people that had been healed and they get healed and then you become responsible for ministering healing ministering to others. It’s part of the “Whom much is given much is required.” Well he actually had them in the teaching and he would require that they attend the teaching for 30 days. That 30 day period would be a rotating every 1st of every month would start all over again. And he would train all of them all over again and they set through it for 30 days and were trained they were taught, they would ask questions you would answer the questions and would bring people in to be prayed for. He would pray for them and minister to them and demonstrate it and then he would let the people there minister to them.

Sid: Now would the people be instantly have the manifestation of healing or would some or would it take a period of time?

Curry: Oh there were lots that too periods of time as a matter of fact there was several instances in the records somewhere that you would have to attend 30 days to receive healing to guarantee it.  And a lot of people would be gone and they would be healed on the 29th day.

Sid: Hmm.

Curry: And so that goes against the word of faith teaching of praying once. And I know that Wigglesworth said that if you pray twice for the same thing you’re praying the 2nd time in disbelief. Well that’s fine if it works but you pray until you get it.

Sid: Now Wigglesworth didn’t teach 1000s of people to do exactly what he could do he taught 1000s of people but they couldn’t do what he could do.

Curry: Right that’s exactly right.

Sid: Could the people do exactly what they were trained by John G. Lake exactly what he did?

Curry: I have in my files testimonies from people that were there and saw the healings. And they said that the greatest healings took place not under Dr. Lake’s hands but under Charles Westwood and Brother Fogwell and other ministers that were there. Dr. Lake at one time 16 ministers that trained that he taught and trained. And they had every bit as powerful healings as Dr. Lake did. Fogwell went to the bottom of a hospital at a morgue where they kept the bodies and there was a young baby there and took the baby and held her in his lap until she came alive. Well there was no record of Dr. Lake doing kind of thing there were dead raising in Dr. Lakes ministry but not like that. So the requirement was when they came in that they had to attend for 30 days and most of them would continue to attend after that for years and the longer they stayed…

Sid: Because it was revolving.

Curry: Right and he always taught the same thing over and over again but each time it would differ a little bit. And so the manual we have is what he taught at one particular period. Now it changed over the period of time as a matter of fact even the lecture titles we have are the same titles that you’ll see in different books but the actual book and the gist of the message would even be very similar but there are differences in it and tend to be more instruction than what this is.

Sid: Let me ask you a question give me some teaching nuggets that you gleaned from John G. Lake.

Curry: Okay first off I would say that one thing that Dr. Lake said was that “He can act himself into believing faster than he can believe himself into acting.” That is probably the number one primary nugget that I use and I walk in.

Sid: What does that mean “Act yourself into believing.”

Curry: Well we keep thinking that if we study enough, read enough, pray enough we will get full to a point where we will act without thinking about it it will just happen and “It will just hatch out” is what TL Osborn said. And that’s not true it’s not even been proven if that was true with all of the teaching and confessing and everything we’ve done over the last 20 years there would be no sick people left in America. But that’s not true the fact is you can do all of that and you can build up strong faith and do everything else but until you step out on your own free will and exercise your faith in God nothing will happen. But once you decide to step out just like you decided to get born again there is not enough devils in hell to stop it from happening.  Again God will not override your will He wants you to use your will for His glory.

Sid: And we’ve been taught to be passive and let the paid professional do it.

Curry: Right.

Sid: And give them money to do but let the paid professional do it that’s not for me I’m a layman. In fact this whole idea of layman and professional clergy that’s all Greco-Roman culture not Biblical Jewish culture.

Curry: That’s right. Jesus did not make any distinction the only distinction He ever came to was in Ephesians when He talked about the 5 fold ministry. Every other thing He ever promised was to the believer.

Sid: Tell me more about what you learned for John G. Lake.

Curry: Well one of the things was that Dr. Lake operated under the Great Commission. He did not sit and wait for a special leading. He believed the Great Commission he would spend time in prayer and then he would go about and complete the Great Commission. He didn’t wait, he didn’t wait for any special leadings, special guidance now those things come. But until you’re doing the general will of God God’s not going to give you specific direction to do the specific will of God.  You have to be involved and you have to be active in doing it. Some of the other things is that he got fed up with sickness and disease that’s probably one thing that mattered the most half of his family died because of sickness and disease. He was one of 16 children and 8 of them had already died by the time he came into a healing ministry and started watching what was going on. And at one point he said when his sister was dying his spirit would not let her go there was something inside of him that said “No enough is enough this is it.” It’s just like when you get born again you say “That’s it I’m given my life to Christ that is it no more sin I’m getting away from it you do the same thing with sickness and disease and you start to attack it.  You can’t be passive, you can’t just say I’m through with it and I don’t want it to come on me. You have to attack it because it is an enemy and it has to be destroyed we don’t wait we seek it out we search out the enemy and we destroy his works. Jesus went about destroying the works of the enemy that’s what we do.

Sid: What do you really see as let’s call it the fallacy in word of faith teach there’s this great deal of truth I subscribe to it…

Curry: Yeah.

Sid: …but what do you think the fallacy is?

Curry: Well the majority of it is true and it gives us a good foundation and without it we couldn’t step to this next level we couldn’t do it. The 2 main fallacies and we deal with these a lot in the course a matter of fact the 2 main fallacies is the ideas is that a person has to have a Rhema word from God before they can do anything or they can be healed or anything else. That is just not true scripturally speaking I’m no Greek scholar but all of the scholars do say that there is literally no difference between the Greek word Rhema and the Greek word logos. If you look in the in James 1:22 it says “Be therefore doers of the word and not hears only thereby deceiving yourselves.” Now that word for word be therefore doers of the word if the Rhema doctrine was true then that word there should be Rhema because that’s what we’d have to do is the Rhema. But it’s the word Logos which is the written word the complete word the general concept the idea of what God had in mind. So what we’re to be doers of is not a Rhema we’re not to wait for Rhema we’re to be doers of the word. We’re going to be judged according how well we lived by the standard which is the word of God. Not by the standard of somebody’s arbitrary standard of “Well God never told me this I’m not responsible for it.”

Sid: What is the second fallacy?

Curry: The second fallacy is putting faith in our own faith. Our faith is not to be our own faith that’s why people get discouraged and they get beat down and they lose our faith is to be in God. And faith is not this big thing this monstrous thing it is just trusting God just like a friend you know. You know what He says is true so you act on it it’s not something that you have to build up. Put your faith in God not in your own faith because your faith will fail it is faith in God that works.

Sid: Thank you Curry our time is up this week.

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