Sid: As many of you know I recently went to Israel and I was just… I was serious and I was kidding. I told several people “Wouldn’t it be something if when I’m in Israel when war broke out.” I went to Israel for Passover. You see my sister and brother in law recently made Aliyah, that means became citizens of Israel and are living in Israel right now. I wanted to visit them for Passover and I had several meetings that were going on. So I combined the whole thing and I went there I had a thought “Wouldn’t it be something if war broke out when I was there.” I actually thought it could happen and my wife Joyce went with me and I told Joy “I know that we’re going to be safe.” She was saying “Well I don’t want you really to go but I’m going to protect you.” Of course you know I’m thinking “How you going to protect me?” But she literally felt she was supposed to go protect me, to pray my way through.

I’m going to tell you something those of you who have followed what happened at the Passover massacre and the Passover war on Israel you know what’s going on when I was there and I needed that prayer support and that prayer protection. I mean it seemed like we would just leave the city and then a suicide bomber would do his thing. We were outside… on the Passover massacre we were in a huge traffic jam because it was right by when that massacre occurred. I can tell you as a fact there is supernatural protection when you do what God tells you do, when God tells you to do it you have nothing to fear, absolutely nothing to fear.

Some of you may recall the story of my sister and brother in law, they had a prophetic dream. My sister does not get a lot of prophetic dreams, is not one these people that God says this and God says that. So when my sister says God say this I really pay attention. I remember my sister saying “You know Sid I had a dream and in the dream my husband and I were determined on a certain set plan to stay in the United States because we had to get our retirement.” They both have very substantial retirements. In this dream they’re debating “Should I go? Should I not go? Because I need my money” and they decided “No we’re going to go” and it’s in the dream.

So they get on a jet and they’re heading making Aliyah to Israel and while they’re on the plane the voice of God comes to them, again this in the dream. The voice of God says “This was the last planes that Jews will be allowed to leave for Israel.”

Now needless to say after getting that dream they made Aliyah. They went to Israel they’re living in Israel today. Now many people ask “Sid do you believe it’s too late for a Jewish person to make Aliyah from America to Israel?” Absolutely not, but I believe that’s what God used to get my sister and brother in law to Israel. I believe prophetically this day will happen in America and prophetically I believe we’re very close to that day happening.

What would happen if the same thing happened in Argentina happened in America? I mean you have a house that’s worth $250, 000 and instantly it goes down 50% in value $125,000. You have $50,000 in your retirement plan or in the bank instantly it’s worth half, $25,000. Then each day the value keeps going down so you say “Well I’m going to go to the bank and take my money out! Take my retirement dollars out!” And the bank doors are closed you can’t get your money and you watch the dollar going down, down, down. That’s what’s going on in Argentina, and you say “It couldn’t happen in America,” it will happen in America, unfortunately.

So what should someone do? I believe a Jewish believer in the Messiah must hear from God. The safest place in the world is where God tells them to be, and a Jewish non-believer in the Messiah pack your bags quick and get to Israel. Why? Because time is running short and you have a choice you can go as a mensch, that’s a human being, or you can go with the clothing on your back as many of our brethren after the flesh in Germany did if they were blessed, if they were fortunate, if they didn’t go into the gas chambers.

By the way I believe a law will be passed in the United States shortly when economic chaos hits that we won’t be able to take money out this country. So while you can go as a mensch I urge you to.

Now a lot of people wonder about my sister and brother in law, I mean here they just made Aliyah they just moved to Israel and they don’t know the language, they’re in Ulpan, that’s where they’re studying the language. So people wonder “Here they just moved and they’re in a war zone. They were very comfortable in the United States. Are they sorry? Do they have regrets?” I can tell you my sister and brother in law, my sister’s almost 60 and my brother in law is over 60 and they’re studying Hebrew. My sister said to me when I was in Israel with her, she said “You know languages are very difficult for me but I love studying Hebrew. It’s God! The people that I meet, I love the people in Israel so much and I feel so safe in Israel. I just go down the street and I order a coffee afuf (I think that’s the way you say it. It’s coffee with cream in it).” And she said “I just the people of Israel, I love living in Israel. I’m not afraid of anything.”

Whether you’re  Jewish or not the issue is whether Yeshua is your Lord. If He is your entitled to Psalm 91 “That no weapon formed against you shall prosper.” Not one weapon that’s formed against you. I’ve never seen the righteous forsaken of their seed begging for bread. I’m watching my sister experience that.

By the way we had a wonderful Passover Seder, Passover meal in Israel. It was just my family, Joyce and myself, and my sister and brother in law. And my sister said “You know I have a feeling I’m supposed to invite a particular Russian Jewish woman and she’s a single parent.” So my sister said “Would you like to come?” She said “Wonderful!” So this Russian Jewish Woman came and we had our Passover Seder. You see God has given us the culture of our faith and when we had the Passover meal this Jewish woman saw that Jesus, Yeshua, is in fact the Jewish Messiah. At the Passover Seder she became a Messianic Jew and she was so happy. The next Shabbat, the next Sabbath, she was in the Messianic Jewish congregation.

By the way, when Joyce and I were flying over to Israel, and interesting enough of course we didn’t know for sure we were going to be in a war zone, but we found ourselves in a war zone. Joyce was saying to me “You know I didn’t want you to go Sid but I felt I had to go to protect you, literally.”  I believe her prayers did protect us while we were there.

But while I was on the airplane I heard for the very… actually the second time in my life. I was just dozing off and I heard an audible voice and the audible voice called my name. I mean it literally startled me so much I looked around and I said to Joyce “Did you call my name?” I literally said that to her because that’s how clear it was.

So when we got to Israel I’ve got some very interesting things to report to you. We had a couple of services one was at a Messianic congregation in Tel Aviv. The Messianic rabbi is David Lazerus and the night I went there to speak was a night that many of the young men and women were called into active duty. So a lot of the members of the congregation were very heavy and why were they heavy? Because their sons and daughters were going into a war zone. I have to be candid with you I have it in my heart there’s going to be so many miracles and my faith was so high was believing for all sorts of physical miracles. I normally always get words of knowledge, I didn’t get any words of knowledge. I said “Lord what’s going on?” Then I realized He wanted me to talk about fear and worry, and heaviness. God gave me a supernatural message I never shared this message before and at the end of the message there was a release of the Spirit of joy.

You know doctors tell us “Watch a comedy if you have cancer.” By laughing you release good things into your body that heal your body. How much more when you start laughing in the Spirit of God? How much more healing comes? Literally I believe people that are laughing in the Spirit of God are laughing at the devil and laughing at their problems because they know God has gone ahead and already removed their problems and already healed them.

My sister was at this service and she started laughing and laughing so loud. At first she was sitting in her chair and the next thing I noticed she was laying on 3 chairs and she said “You know Sid I didn’t have the nerve to do this but I felt like being like a little child. I felt like taking my legs and just kicking them up in the air like a little child being so free.” Remember the atmosphere before I started speaking? Do you remember the heaviness, the worry and the hurt, and the fear? It all was deflated it all disappeared.

I tell you God is so good I’m so glad I didn’t give the message that I had prepared. I had a wonderful message prepared but I would have missed God. That’s the purpose of life we must be led of God’s Spirit not by our peanut brain because our peanut brain doesn’t have all the information. But when we’re led by the Spirit of God we’re sons and daughters of the living God. There is nothing more exciting than being alive at this set time to favor Zion. At this time we’re in the footsteps, as the orthodox rabbis say, we’re are in the footsteps of the return of the Messiah, except they don’t say return I say return. They think it’s His first coming it’s actually His return and the two will be one, that’s my One New Man message.

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