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Sid: My guest is Bible teacher Martha Kilpatrick and I’m interviewing her on her new book “Chariot of Fire – Elijah the Last Days.” I told you on the telephone when I called you Martha that there was something in your book that I didn’t know you had a burden for a supernatural burden for the Jew in Israel at the time. But there was something in your book that just it JUMPED OUT at me, and I believe it’s a now word for intercessors. You were talking about the distinguishing characteristics of people that are controlled in one or more areas of their life by a spirit of Jezebel, or a spirit of Ahab. You talked about the spirit of Ahab is “peace at any price.” I’m thinking “That’s what Israel is doing. That’s what…” I mean in Israel, and I happen to have dual-citizenship I’m an Israeli as well as an American. In Israel it’s like a small city mentality even though it’s a country. When one person so many people know that person, it’s national tragedy. With all the loss of life, even knowing the consequences of negotiating with the Palestinians, and the consequences are very simple; the Palestinians have made it clear that they want their own nation all of Israel not a Palestinian state the goal is all of Israel. You have to be crazy to want to have a peace agreement, that’s like putting the Trojan horse in your nation.  But death after death of these young children, of these university students, and we say “Peace at any price,” and that’s what’s coming. Where did this spirit come from? It defies my logic. Explain this to me Martha.

Martha: Well you pointed out when you called me that it could be the spirit of Ahab and this astonished me because it’s so clear. I think  I said to you  certainly the terrorism appears to be very like Jezebel, threatening , intimidating, committing murder, and more religious than Israel claiming to be more religious all in the name of religion. All of those smack of the spirit of Jezebel and it astonished me. I think you asked me “How would you pray?”

Sid: Right.

Martha: I know from a personal walk in this that the first thing you need is courage from God. It takes a supernatural courage to face this.

Sid: So what if you don’t have this do you ask Him for it?

Martha: You ask Him for it. You ask Him for it. It takes courage to face yourself, it takes courage those who are coming after you in that spirit…

Sid: More of… Israel can’t pray for themselves…

Martha: Right.

Sid: … they can pray for peace, but how should someone that’s like you, and I’m looking at you you’re from a non-Jewish background but you have a Magen David, a star of David around your neck. You’re boldly saying “I’m on your side Israel. I love the Jewish people.” That’s what that is saying to me when you wear that around your neck. So how can someone like yourself pray effectively against, this is what it is, a spirit of Ahab. I mean listen that’s covenant land. God says “I’ve given it to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and your ancestors unconditionally forever, and don’t you dare give it up no matter what the circumstances.” Now even Israel, even the United States is orchestrating this whole deal. So how can we pray for America because I know, I don’t think this, I know that the day America plays the point man on a Palestinian state is the day it’s going to be the darkest day in the history of the United States of America, not Israel, but Israel is acquiescing it’s being an Ahab. They’re saying “Yes you can have a Palestinian just no more deaths of our children.”

Martha: Hmm. I think that our job as intercessors is to pray for that courage to face them. A salvation above all to recognize Yeshua as Messiah, that’s the answer. But in between here and there (chuckling), the spirit of fear is what comes that you acquiesce to Jezebel.  I said in the book that to conquer fear is to conquer Jezebel. To be absolutely fearless…

Sid: Are most people fearful?

Martha: Most people are more fearful than they even realize, and able to be controlled through fear and threats. Jezebel increases your fear by those threats and the actual performance of some of those threats makes that principality seem indestructible and everyone of the lies of it.

Sid: Isn’t that exactly what the Palestinians are doing through suicide bombers?

Martha: It appears to be the max of it so clearly. So fearlessness by the courage of God is what is needed.

Sid: You know for our president, I can’t speak for him at this second but I can speak for him historically. He has been what is called politically centrist, he walks right down the middle he finds out what the majority of the people want and that’s what he does. As a centrist that’s pleasing man we have to pray for courage for our president…

Martha: Yes.

Sid: …and to have the…

Martha: Fearlessness.

Sid: Yeah I mean with everything going on in the world today I think personally God put Sharon in office, I don’t believe it’s an accident. We needed a military type in Israel at this moment, but I also believe just as strong that God put Bush in office, he is God’s man of the hour. You know what he tells people when he sees them, just you know he’s in a big crowd and he shakes hands with people, I’ve had people tell me this and they say “Mr. President I’m a Christian and I’m praying for you.” This is what his answer is every time “Oh please I need that!” Can you imagine having a president like that. We’ve got to lift his hands up.

Martha: We have to pray.

Sid: Martha you told this story at our conference of what happened to you in Russia that really fits in right now.

Martha: We’d gone on a missionary trip there. A friend of mine, Carol and I were walking the streets of St. Petersburg praying. She took me by the arm and stopped me and she said something that it took me a long time to understand. She said “Martha where you walk Jezebel is displaced, Jezebel and Ahab are displaced.”

Sid: Oh will you walk all over my office Martha? (Laughing) No I’m just kidding, I’m not teasing but go ahead.

Martha: (Laughing) And she said “Because you have conquered it. Those who are after you and in yourself you have authority in the heavens over this principality.” I stood there a bit in shock but later I began to comprehend what she was saying. I believe that God’s going to use this book to prepare us to be instruments that can part the heavens.

Sid: Well it’s the anointing that’s on you is transferred to people that read this book because the anointing that is on you is almost like you coming into their home when they read this book.

Martha: It is my story and it is my journey.

Sid: You know as we’ve discussed all of this week most of this is blind spots this control, this fear, this just being so apathetic, just being self-centered, just wanting fun – fun – fun. Would you pray that the blind spots would be removed for our Mishpochah right now?

Martha: Yes, yes I will! Our precious Father in heaven we ask You to bring Your kingdom on earth. I ask you to bring it through the listeners, through me, through Sid, and ever listener. Grab us Father that we may be filled with forgiveness and filled with You Spirit that where we walk whether it’s in the prayer closet for Israel, or whether it’s on the streets on Jerusalem that we will displace the dominion of evil. The presence of Jezebel and Ahab intimidation will depart. Let us as believers be instruments by personal repentance and personal cleansing to bring forth the defeat of Satan’s plans for your nation. I ask it in the name of Yeshua. Praise you Lord I know you will do it!

Sid: Spirit of the living God I pray that you convict of sin and righteousness and judgment. Father God we’re Your best, we’re the only body you have on earth and we humbly say “Show us where we’ve yielded to the enemy so we can repent because I’m not satisfied, my Mishpochah are not satisfied with the intimacy that we have with you we need more and we know this is a stepping stone. Almighty God reveal by Your Spirit areas we need to repent of. In Yeshua’s name I pray. Mishpochah even the bad areas in our life that’s affected by Jezebel or by Ahab, God is even redeeming those things. Even though the devil meant it for evil God’s going to use it for good.

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