SID: You know, I’m a little frustrated because I recognize God is speaking to me. But because I can’t know for sure I don’t even ponder that. Why doesn’t God just say it the way it is, say, go to Africa and be a missionary. I’ll do that. Why does he have to talk in this heavenly language to me?

ADRIAN: First of all, God speaks to us that way. He bypasses our defense mechanism and he uses images and our mind is actually created to absorb images. So God speaks to us in parables and metaphors, and images so that it can absorb into our spirit, so we can actually remember it, because sometimes when we actually dream we don’t remember initially, but some image can trigger your dream. You said, I had a dream last night.

SID: That’s right.

ADRIAN: I remember that.

SID: Okay. So Adrian, you’re much like me, logical, pragmatic, study the Word. And you used to go to Adam to have him tell you what your dreams meant, and now you don’t. Are there many people that sit under your teaching that are able to not have to go to a specialist? I don’t want to have to call him in Australia. What happened with you?

ADRIAN: You know, somebody told me that I’ll never get the gift that Adam has in dream interpretation. But spending time with Adam, understanding the voice of the spirit through someone’s dream has been imparted to me. And now together, we minister together, and people who attend our, you know, conferences and listen to our teaching grab a hold of something and it’s an impartation that takes place. I believe that that’s what we’re here to say today that this is transferable and we can, you know, God wants everybody to have the understanding of the language of dreams and have that wisdom. I thought I was going to become an intellectual genius when I asked for wisdom, but I was wrong, because I had this, it’s the wisdom to understand the language of Heaven. And you know, Joseph, when he stood before Pharaoh he had the wisdom to discern his dream. And Daniel the prophet had the wisdom to understand dreams and the mysteries of Heaven. So this is what it’s all about, is understanding the language of Heaven and being led by the Spirit of God, and this is for the body of Christ. I’m not a guru. We believe that everyone should be able to do this.

SID: You told me thousands have been able to do this.

ADRIAN: Yes, yes.

SID: And at your seminars, you release, you’ve researched this language of Heaven and you’ve researched 3000 biblical symbolisms from the scriptures for us to understand. Tell me, Adam, about what things God shows us in dreams.

ADAM: Well God can reveal our heart in a dream. And it’s very good if you’re counseling somebody. That’s one way God can speak to us in dreams. And another way is God can give us warnings in the night. When you get a warning it’s actually a blessing because God is showing you the plans of the enemy ahead of time. So you can actually go in the spirit and reverse the plans of the enemy, reverse the curse and mess up Hell and release blessings.

SID: Dreams come from different sources. Tell me.

ADRIAN: They do. Sid, we all know God gives dreams. We’ve read the scriptures and we’ve seen Joseph and Daniel had dreams. Nebuchadnezzar had dreams. So that’s a given. But the devil has a capacity to either influence our dreams or create dreams. You know, we know that from Scripture when Jesus was taken up the mountain in one of the temptations where the devil showed him all the kingdoms of the world, there’s no place where you can physically go and see the whole of the kingdoms of the world. They’re not only geographically impossible to see, but there would be different time spans between each of the kingdoms. And so we realize from that that the devil has the capacity. But the good news about that is this, that when Jesus went into the wilderness, who led him into the wilderness? It was the Spirit of God. So who was in control? God was in control. And so we have God dreams. The enemy has the capacity to influence our dreams and also our own hearts can flavor and color the dreams that we dream. But the good news is God is sovereign. He knows every one of those areas. And so what that means is that God can speak and communicate, and have a message through any one of those sources. So we don’t just go, oh that was a God dream or that wasn’t a God dream, and we throw it away and go no. There’s a message in that for me.

SID: When we come back I want them to pray impartation for you to understand your dreams. Some of you don’t have dreams to start dreaming, and basically the difference between a dream and a vision. Be right back.

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