Sid: My guests speaking to them at their corporate headquarters for Proclaiming His Word Ministries in Santa Rosa, Florida Chester and Betsy Kylstra. They’ve been putting on seminars for people that are even in ministry that need to be set free. And they have been able to identify 4 foundational problem areas and when these are dealt with people easily are set free. Perhaps we can start out with Betsy Kylstra Identify those 4 problem areas for us.

Betsy: Sid I would love to do that as you were speaking I was just thinking about how many of us really wanted to be red hot for our Messiah but we felt like we were just still pale pink because these things were operating in our lives and we didn’t know how to identify them and get free. So today we want to talk again about the affects of the Sins of the Fathers and the Curses that are operating in our family line. And I just sense while as we were talking that the Lord is saying that to you that you can get free that this is going to show you a way and He just wants to encourage you in a little while to enter into a prayer as you identify some of the strongholds that have been passed down from generations.

Sid: And worse than the ones than the ones that have been passed down if you don’t end them they may never stop they may just keep coming until the Lord returns. Your children are going to have to bare a price someone somewhere has to have enough courage to get free.

Betsy: Yes and even more precious than your silver and gold and your good looks and the family heirlooms you can pass on generational freedom so that your children and grandchildren don’t have to repeat the same sins and be bound by those same sins such as living in fear, divorce, extreme rejection, sexual abuse, anger and rage. Just these things that are so common and have eaten up the spiritual destiny of so many of God’s children.

Sin: Look at all of the children, the youth that are involved in the demonic culture that is around them New Age and rejection society. I believe that when parents get themselves free then their children can get free.

Chester: That’s true.

Betsy: A friend of ours recently told us that the satanic bible was one of the most frequently checked out books when she was a librarian. We had an opportunity to minister to a teenage who was trapped in witchcraft but the occult had been strong in his family line.

Chester: Hmm hm.

Betsy: And we want to be able to break occult roots and particularly Masonic roots that come down a family line and cause not only these things sins to be repeated but even our infirmities our very related to some of the curses.

Sid: Let’s go to those 4 problem areas.

Betsy: Alright just to name them again there the “Sins of the Fathers and Curses” that cause hurts in the children of the family if those sins are reenacted then the children are hurt in a variety of different ways. And out of that wounding that the children experience they begin to form ungodly beliefs or lies that they live out of such as “I am unwanted, I’m unimportant, nobody cares for me, God’s not there for me, life is futile. And then besides those 3 areas they open the door for demonic oppression. And the demons come in and reinforce all of the areas and help to carry out all of the areas that we’ve mentioned. They aggregate the hurts, they reinforce the ungodly beliefs and they carry out the sins of the fathers which we will enter into. And I think you wanted to look a little bit more about at the Sins of the Fathers area is that right?

Sid: Please.

Chester: Well we’ve talked in the previous broadcast the scriptures that sort of laid out the original problem. Want to talk a little bit more about God’s freedom?

Sid: Why…first of all why do we need to break these sins of the fathers?

Chester: Well some people would argue that when we are born again it’s all taken care of. It says in Galatians 3:13 it says “Christ redeemed us from the curse of the law by becoming a curse for us.” And goes on in talking about the blessings but we feel that this is in everything else in the Christian walk we have to receive by faith and we don’t automatically receive all our freedom and all our healing at any one point in our Christian walk like when we’re born again not everything’s taken care of. We’ve heard wonderful testimonies about people getting instantly free of addictions etcetera or when the baptism of the Holy Spirit comes or any other profound encounter with the Lord usually significant things happen but not everything that we need because it all needs to be received by faith. And it’s a real easy to prove it all of us would be born again when we were born physically if it just happened automatically but it doesn’t. The provision has been there for almost 2000 years now for everything we need including our healing and our freedom but we have to receive it by faith.

Sid: Okay we’re talking about the “Sins of the Fathers.”

Chester: Okay we have to receive the freedom from that by faith, we have to meet God’s conditions which is confessing our own sin and the sins of our ancestors that’s pointed out for us in Leviticus 40. And then God makes it very clear that He wants us to forgive those who have offended us so He wants us to forgive our ancestors, release them or hold them accountable particularly our parents our mother and our father. And then we need to ask forgiveness for entering into these same sins and making them our own and hurting other people out of them and so we do that and we’re in a position to break the power of the curses out of our lives which then allows us to get rid of demons that are carrying them out, get rid of the ungodly beliefs that are based on the curses and the sins and to get out hurts healed. It’s all very interrelated.

Sid: Well let’s redeem the time now and let’s corporately pray if you will lead us in a prayer to get free from these areas.

Chester: Okay I’d be happy to do that why don’t you just take a moment and those of you that are listening and think of at least 1 or 2 or 3 predominate areas in your family line that is afflicting you that you’re struggling with and that you would like freedom today from that pressure to continue in that sin. Okay and now if you’d just follow me I’ll lead you in a prayer.

Lord I choose to confess.

Sid: Lord I choose to confess.

Chester: The sins in my ancestors.

Sid: The sins in my ancestors.

Chester: Including my mother and father.

Sid: Including my mother and father.

Chester: My own sins.

Sid: My own sins.

Chester: In the area of

Sid: In the area of

Chester: You name the areas that you thought of a minute or 2 ago. Each one of us will have a different area. Okay. I now choose to forgive them.

Sid: I now choose to forgive them.

Chester: And release them in every way.

Sid: And release them in every way.

Chester: that their sins and curses

Sid: that their sins and curses

Chester: that have afflicted my life.

Sid: that have afflicted my life.

Chester: And Lord I ask You to forgive me

Sid: And Lord I ask You to forgive me

Chester: for entering into these sins.

Sid: For entering into these same sins.

Chester: And perhaps hurting others because of them.

Sid: And perhaps hurting others because of them

Chester: But mostly for letting them affect my life.

Sid: But mostly for letting them affect my life.

Chester: And keeping me from my destiny.

Sid: And keeping me from my destiny.

Chester: I receive Your forgiveness.

Sid: I receive Your forgiveness.

Chester: Now Lord based on the power of your cross

Sid: Now Lord based on the power of your cross

Chester: And Your forgiving me

Sid: And Your forgiving me

Chester: I now choose to break the power of these sins

Sid: I now choose to break the power of these sins

Chester: And these curses.

Sid: And these curses.

Chester: And you might mention them again the same ones that your mentioned earlier. I break these sins from my life.

Sid: I break these sins from my life

Chester: And my descendants life.

Sid: And my descendants life.

Chester: Lord I receive Your freedom from these sins and curses.

Sid: Lord I receive Your freedom from these sins and curses.

Chester: Now just open up your heart and see what else the Lord wants to say to you just say “And I receive…”

Sid: And I receive…”

Chester: And listen God always gives us something good when we get rid of something bad. Some of you will hear His voice that still small voice speak to you in your spirit. And you might make a note of what He said because it seems we so quickly forget. And that’s really all it takes Sid simple steps of forgiveness and confession.

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