Sid: Hello Sid Roth here with “Something More” and the most important thing that I’m going to tell you is you are the one that is going to get something more. Yes there’s something more in this show that’s why we call it “Something More” it’s double of our “It’s Supernatural.” But there is something more for you I mean you will become just as Robby he didn’t tell me this but it was in the notes that when he was a 9 year old Jesus came in the room and instantly healed a heroin addict. Robby said “This is going to be the passion…” Am I right? “For the rest of my life.”

Robby: Yeah it was I was determined to see and wanted to be a part of and wanted to experience just the reality. Because I realized I experience God, I experienced God right there in that room.

Sid: Well people are getting addicted all over the world to “Something More” and “It’s Supernatural” because that’s what we do we equip you. It’s wonderful that Robby had all of these things happen to him I mean I’m overwhelmed with the experience that he and his family have had but I want it to happen to you. You want it to happen to you and more important than that God wants it to happen to you He wants it it’s His greatest desire….Robby I still can’t believe the story about your wife…

Robby: Yeah.

Sid: She goes and she visits a woman that has a child who has been tremendously physically, mentally, and emotionally abused take me from there.

Robby: Yeah she was actually she had 2 small children and she was pregnant with her third.

Sid: Oi vey.

Robby: And she was 19 years old.

Sid: And she’s being abused that viciously?

Robby: Yeah and it was a terrible situation the man that she was with he was actually just a year older but he was had been in gangs and was you know just involved in crime life and actually was hooked on crystal meth. And her mother had sent some money because he had started to the church they both had started coming to the church and so he was moving away from the gang lifestyle but the problem is he was trying to figure out how to still make the kind of money…

Sid: Right.

Robby: …work and really wanting the drugs and mother had sent some money for the baby for some formula and he wanted the money to go buy drugs and she wouldn’t give it to him so he beat her. And my wife and kids had gone to show up I was actually out of town at the time and my wife and kids had showed up to their apartment (which they lived in a real slummy place it was really sad). So my wife had wanted to go and pick them up and say “Hey let me show you that there’s something free in town that you can do.” And so she went there and the guy had already left he had taken the money because he beat her and so you know her hair was all messed up she was bleeding. And so my wife cleaned her up and said …the girl told her the story. And she said “Well you’re going to come home and you’re going to live with us.” She goes “Because I’m not going to have him treat you this way period but especially treating a pregnant women.”

Sid: Yeah but how did you feel about having 2½ half children coming into your house?

Robby: Well we already have because we had 6 so this was quite an addition. And here’s the other thing my wife was already watching during the day 3 kids with pretty severe learning disabilities.

Sid: Whoa.

Robby: So we had you know this was adding…

Sid: So how did you feel?

Robby: Well it will be a whole total of 11 (Laughing).

Sid: How did you feel about it?

Robby: Well we have big hearts and big desire for the community.

Sid: Okay.

Robby: And so the city is a very broken city and we wanted to see transformation and…

Sid: Okay Robby so she has the wife in tow, the 2 kids, the pregnant wife in toe the 2 kids going out of the apartment and who does she bump into but the father!

Robby: And she’s carrying their youngest child my wife is carrying their youngest child and they go down and right across the street as they walk out of the building was the guy and he had his cell phone and he had his arm up against a telephone pole but his back was towards the building he was facing the opposite direction. And my wife looked and the wife burst into tears as soon as she saw him because she was scared you know because he had just beaten her and my wife looked at the girl and said “You stay here.” And the girl said “Please you know don’t approach him he’s very dangerous as a matter of fact you know (he carries a gun and street term is that he straps) but he’s strapping.” So my wife said “You wait here I’ll be right back.” And so my wife walked across the street grabbed him by the shoulder and spun him around and she’s holding the …. with one hand…

Sid: Is your wife a big woman? Is she a real big woman intimidating?

Robby: Oh no she’s like you know 5’4” you know and average build you know.

Sid: But did she really poke his finger in his face?

Robby: (Laughing) Yes she spins him around and not only that Sid she slaps the cell- phone out of his hand and then sticks her finger in his face.

Sid: (Laughing) And this is the guy with a gun and just beaten bloody his girlfriend?

Robby: Yes, and she…

Sid: And doesn’t she had a child in one hand his child?

Robby: Yeah and she’s holding his youngest child who is just probably about 10 months old in her arms. And she shakes her finger in his face and she goes and she said “If you know what’s good for you you’ll stay away.” She said “I’m taking you know the girl and the children they’re going to come live with us.” And she goes “I will deal with you later do you understand me.” And he just froze he didn’t move and she just turned around and walked back across the street and told you know and my children and the girl’s jaw was just dropped and she told my wife later I’ve never seen anybody much less a woman every talk to him that way.”

Sid: That had to be supernatural the way the way I mean he really froze.

Robby: Yes he didn’t move at all he was you know I had asked him later “Were you in shock or he goes “I couldn’t move, I couldn’t move.” And so she loaded the kids up and she took them back to our house.

Sid: Because there’s so much we want to talk about and I believe there’s going to be a move of God’s Spirit on “Something More.” Bottom line today are the they married?

Robby: Yes they’re together they moved back home, he was actually on the run from the law.

Sid: Is he a believer today?

Robby: Yes, yes they’re active in church the last I heard which was not long ago. And they’ve been just it was totally transformed and he had just had had… and for the next several days you know he would try to use drugs and they wouldn’t work.

Sid: (Laughing).

Robby: The drugs had no effect on him what so ever he couldn’t eat he said every time he closed his eyes he would see my wife’s finger in his face. And he said “Look at me and he opened up his hands and his hands were shaking.” And I said “She put the fear of God on you and he goes “Oh.”

Sid: And you tell me when he came into her presence afterwards after that encounter he was still shaking after this little woman?

Robby: Yes he tell me this and this is several days later and he tells me this and his hands are still shaking.

Sid: (Laughing).

Robby: And he didn’t…I told them that she had to pray for him relief.

Sid: Now this is a thug with a gun now why was he afraid?

Robby: The Spirit of God it’s just the Spirit of the Lord just hit him and you know she’s a woman with authority and I told him. And he told me “Every time I close my eyes” he goes “I see that finger.” And so you know I’ve seen that finger before too I understand (Laughing).

Sid: (Laughing).

Robby: There’s authority in that finger I’m telling you.

Sid: Okay, Robby there is a presence such a sweet presence of God it’s not just sweet it’s that word authority that use.

Robby: Yes.

Sid: Where there’s that word authority that coming in right now I want you to pray whatever God tells you to pray right now.

Robby: Right now Father I just thank You for all of the fear an inhibition there are some people that are right now in the midst of fear of people that have been abusing them. There’s other people that are in fear of people who are family members that are in addiction and that are abusing them or taking advantage. Right now by the authority of Christ we thank You Lord that the listeners have the authority through Christ to break that hold, to break that power and to be set free. And so right now I just pray that an authority understanding through your Spirit just hit the listeners right now and an understanding of Your authority that You’ve given. Jesus You said that “All authority has been given to Me and I am in You therefore all authority is in You.” And therefore I pray that that reality be known right now in Jesus name. And there’s a man who’s battling alcohol right now that’s listening to this that’s just been a real severe addiction right now your feeling a turning in your stomach. Where there is a spirit of addiction we break the addiction in Jesus name now get off of him. Now we right now declare that freedom and that authority I just felt that break right there in Jesus name.

Sid: There’s a lot of not just a lot of authority a lot of power in that prayer right now…I really want you to be mentored by Robby and the prophetic and healing ministering the presence, how to hear from God, deliverance, it’s time to beat sickness, it’s time to beat suffering, it’s time to beat despair….Robby I want you to pray another prayer right now I want people to experience the presence of God would you pray that right now?

Robby: Yes. Father I thank You for Your glorious presence Lord and just as Moses said in Exodus 33 “Show me Your glorious presence, let Your glorious presence be know it. I don’t care about the land, I don’t care about the bling of God, the fancy things that we pursue in the natural but Lord Your presence surpasses all of that. And so Lord we just thank You for that and Lord we say let that presence be revealed. And I release the manifest presence of the Lord right now that tingling, that heat of the Spirit. Many of you are just feeling that tingling or heat in your hands or across the back of your neck. Some of you are feeling it even go down your legs and others of you your hearts racing or your legs are starting to shake or your hands are starting to shake. That is the manifest presence of God and Lord we say “More, more, we say increase let increase Holy Spirit.” As a prophet prayed double portion, I just double portion turn it up Holy Spirit, turn it up increase is that manifest presence and that reality of God’s presence. And I thank You for that Father and that breakthrough of experiencing You. Even some that don’t know the Lord right now there’s some who are listening you don’t know Jesus but you’re feeling Him now, right now this is not psychosomatic, this is not hypnotism this is Jesus right now manifesting on your physical body right now receive Him open up to the King of heaven He is Lord of heaven and earth be filled with that right now, be filled with that. We thank You for that reality Father and we thank You that we can live in that in Jesus name.

Sid: Robby in about l minute I’d like you to explain to me what you mean “We are to follow the slightest prompting by the Holy Spirit.”

Robby: You know so many times we just think that the thoughts are out thoughts or that the feelings are our feelings and so much more it’s the Spirit of God. And whenever it’s in line with scripture, whenever it’s a prompting or a sense or “Oh I see that person that needs healing I’ve got compassion I need to you know somebody needs to pray.” That’s the open door that God has given for us to do that, to respond to that. He created these minds to receive messages from Him and His body to receive messages. So move on those just out of your compassion simply because you feel the compassion for that person is the nudge of God to go because Jesus was moved with compassion and healed them all. And so that is that prompting follow it it’s there and the Lord is there for the breakthrough that miraculous supernatural encounter.

Sid: And you are missing so many miracles because you are dismissing that slight prompting, why don’t you go for the gold the next time you have a slight prompting. I have a strong prompting right now that there are people with neck aches and I’m telling you if you will move your head back and forth you’ll see that the pain is gone and people’s spines are being restored, your backs, hips are being restored your digit your fingers are being restored. I don’t care what’s going on what the doctors are saying I’m telling you that they are restored in Jesus name. And there are a few of you that need to get right with God. If you repent of your sins and you tell God your sorry, believe that Jesus died for your sins and has forgiven you and believe that when you believe that with your mouth ask Him to come inside of you He will be inside of you He will be your Lord and begin to read the Bible and start enjoying the purpose that you were created. There’s got to be something more, that’s why we have this show right now. There must be something more and I’m telling you that something mores is Jesus….

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