SID: Hello. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. Is there a diabolical plot to remove major sections from the Bible that we don’t even talk about today, which will cost us the power of God and in some cases, even our very salvation? My guest says yes. Bert Farias, after graduating from Bible College, you had an amazing dream with an amazing effect. Tell me about it.

BERT: Yeah. It was actually the night at my ordination service. I had just been ordained for ministry and I was trying to get to bed, and I kept hearing words up on the inside of me, rolling around on the inside of me. I get up, turn on the light, write, go to bed. This happened several times just like that voice wouldn’t shut off and it was this long prophecy about, I call it, the flame of fire prophecy. It was really part of my calling and part of the anointing that God has put on my life with that fire. Then I fell asleep and then I had a dream about the fire. I was in a large, a wide open grassy, dry grassy field and I remember I was on my knees in the middle of this field just praying and there were these young men all around me lighting these quick fires all over this grassy field. And I was down on my knees, and I could feel the heat of the fire coming up closer and closer to me until I couldn’t take the heat any more, and I got up and just ran in the house. I knew that I was giving birth to some kind of ministry that I would be involved in at that time.

SID: But what you have found is that you are a fire starter. I believe that’s what God was showing you.

BERT: Yeah. No absolutely. When I was dreaming, and I don’t know if I was half awake or dreaming, but I heard that roar of a blazing forest fire on the inside of me, and it was [blowing]. I mean, it was furious, so much that when people found out about it they, instead of calling me Bert Farias, they started calling me Bert Furious because that flame was a furious fire.

SID: You know, as far as I’m concerned, normal is not necessarily what you see with your eyes. Normal is normal according to the Bible. That is normal.

BERT: Exactly.

SID: Tell me some normal things, because you’re like a historian of revivals and moves of God’s Spirit. Tell me, and you know that this has got me so excited, this Divine radiation zone.

BERT: You know, I’m a glutton for his glory. I’ll admit that.

SID: The Divine radiation zone, you find out and you’ll be a glutton for it, too.

BERT: Well in studying revivals of old, the power of God, I mean, we have so many church conferences today and so many conventions, but where is the power of God? I mean, when you read about history, the power of this Divine radiation zone, when ships would come into the New England harbor and crew members would be coming under conviction without anybody preaching to them, they came into this, they call it Divine radiation zone, where they came into this and crew members came into conviction, and they began to repent of their sins and call out on God because they had, they were hit with such a God consciousness of their sin and their conviction before God. I read stories about George Whitefield. When he came to Boston, you got to be tough to preach in Boston, I’m telling you. You got to be really saved to even live there. And he would draw a crowd of 10, 20,000 people that would come and these young boys would climb up on trees, you know, back before the day when they had amplification and sound systems. And he would tell these young men, “Boys, now you need to come down off of that tree because when I start preaching the power of God is going to come and it’s going to hit, and you’re going to fall off that tree, and you’re going to injure yourself. So he would have all these young men get off, down off the trees. And sure enough, when he started preaching, in the middle of his preaching, people would just be slain in the Spirit, nobody touching them, all over the ground where he was preaching.

SID: Did anyone catch them so they wouldn’t hurt themselves?

BERT: No, there were no catchers. You would either fall in the flesh or fall in the Spirit.

SID: Now you are normal as far as I’m concerned, normal as defined by the Bible. You see the blind see, the deaf hear, the lame walk, but this is kind of off the charts. Tell me about Thomas Amaro.

BERT: Well that was amazing. That’s the greatest miracle I think I’ve ever seen. Thomas taken over by demons when he was a little boy. He lived in Africa and, you know, in Africa these things are common. You know, there’s witchcraft, there’s voodoo. And he, in his own words because I interviewed him, he said evil spirits came and visited him when he was just a little boy and they enticed him and began to show him these wonderful things, and kept taking him deeper and deeper and into almost a relationship with these evil spirits where really he entered into a covenant with the devil. As he came into this covenant the devil kept demanding more and more things of his life, which is what the devil does. He gives you pleasure and then pain, a little more pleasure, a little more pain. But one night I was there it was in Gambia, West Africa, and I was preaching the Gospel. And this young man was now 19 at this time. He had been kicked out of his house because the people were afraid of him because wherever he stayed there would be this weird activity, so much so that there would be blood, people would see blood on his back. He had scars on his back because he was beaten. He was being beaten by evil spirits for disobeying them. So he was out this night, very tormented trying to get out of this covenant that he had entered in with the devil. And he was outside of the venue where we were preaching, out on the streets and he froze to the ground. He couldn’t move. As I was preaching, I remember in the meeting there was great joy and liberty. There was breaking out in the meeting during that time. And he said he came to a place where he felt this power he had never felt before and he didn’t know if it was a stronger demonic, Satanic power that was going to take him over for good and he’d never be able to get back out of it, or if it was a higher power than Satan, maybe God’s power that had come to deliver him. And sure enough, it was God’s power because the young men that were ushering in the meeting, they went out and noticed him. And he said, “Don’t touch me. I can’t move.” And they tried to push them and he couldn’t move. I mean, if you just stood as hard as you could and you asked somebody to push you, you could not help from pushing. They couldn’t push him. Finally over a process of a few minutes, they finally got him loose. They brought him into the meeting. We ministered to him. They actually laid him down on the pulpit. We cast the devil out of him to minister the new birth to him and then the next day, the Holy Ghost, and he came out of that. We registered to him in our Bible school and Thomas Amaro, he’s totally free today.

SID: Now that is normal, normal as defined by the Bible. But there are major themes missing in the presentation of the American Gospel. They’re in the Bible, but they’re missing intentionally, diabolically missing and it can cost you moving in that kind of normalcy, normal as defined by the Bible. We’re going to talk about it when we come back. Don’t go away.

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