SID: I don’t know, I want to take care of my spirit. I want to take care of my emotions, my soul. Does exercise help in way by helping those areas?

BENI: It helps in all areas. It really does. It releases, whenever I exercise I always feel closer to God. I actually spend time with God while I’m doing cardio on that treadmill and I pray, and I feel closer to God because I’m doing something that he’s wanting me to do.

SID: Okay. Now God turns the tables on you. 1997, you’re in Toronto. From what I understand, Bill had this great experience. But you didn’t have any dramatic type of experience.

BENI: Yes.

SID: Until that day in 1997.

BENI: Yes.

SID: What happened to you?

BENI: Well we were leaving the meeting, and we were sitting up in front, and I had my arm in Bill’s arm, and we were walking and leaving. And we got to the back where the mezzanine is. And I was minding my own business. I wasn’t expecting anything and this man that was drunk in the spirit was walking around praying for people. And we made eye contact. And so he came over to me and all he did is he put his finger on my arm. I’ll never forget it. And I flew to the ground, literally flew to the ground and I became this rag doll. And for 20, 25 minutes I shook violently. And my husband couldn’t hold on to me. He had to let go. And he said, “I have never seen anything that violent before.” And he still hasn’t seen anything that violent. I knew that it was God. I had absolutely no control over my body at all, but I knew it was God. I didn’t know what it was. So the next day we came back to the conference and we sat towards the back. And the speaker got up, and he said one sentence, and I was back on the floor. This time I wasn’t shaking. I was sobbing and crying. And I laid on the floor and I said, “Holy Spirit, what happened last night?” I still get really emotional about that experience. And he said, “I was shaking out of you the lies that you believed about yourself.” Now let me go back just a little back when I was a little girl. I’m very, I have a very quiet spirit. But when I was a little girl I was told that I was shy, not by my parents, but by other people. I had a hard, and that became a label on me. That actually became a stronghold to where I couldn’t talk to people normally. You couldn’t have paid me to do this what I’m doing today nor get up and teach. It wasn’t me at all, but God knew it was. And so he reached in and shook the daylights out of me and took that lie out.

SID: Well you know, every one of us, and we don’t realize it, the devil is so subtle, maybe from childhood, have believed lies and it’s crippled us in one or more areas of our life. I believe that if you pray right now that God would show us the lie and we can get rid of it. And maybe we’re not going to shake like you did, but we know how to get rid of it in Jesus’ name.

BENI: Yes.

SID: We just command it to go.

BENI: Yes.

SID: Would you pray?

BENI: So Holy Spirit, we invite you to come right now and we ask that you would reveal any lies that we have in our life that we believed about ourselves, whether we’re not worth it, whatever it is, it’s so subtle and so awful. And Holy Spirit, I ask that you would reveal the lie right now in Jesus’ name. Now just tell him, I will no longer live this lie. I will believe what you have for me, Holy Spirit. Now Holy Spirit, I ask that you would come and you would give them revelation on the way you see them in Jesus’ name. Thank you, Father, for your restoration power. Amen.

SID: You told me at dinner last night there is a special grace on Planet Earth for what you’re teaching. Explain that.

BENI: Yes. I really felt as I began teaching on health and body, soul and spirit that every time I would pray for at a conference or a group of people, I felt the Holy Spirit come and release a supernatural grace, and that’s what I just started doing. I started, and I believe that we’re in a season for this, that there is a grace. People are hopeless and they’ve tried everything and nothing has worked. But grace comes along, that supernatural grace that can empower people to walk in.

SID: You say that health is God’s idea. Elaborate.

BENI: Yeah. He wants us to be vibrant and alive, and to live a long time. And part of that is being healthy.

SID: Well you know, I’m reminded, Psalm 91, it ends with, “With long life I will satisfy you.” So you’re not going to be satisfied sitting in a home just waiting to die. With long life you’re going to be satisfied. You’re going to be whole. You’re going to be free and I believe there is a special grace that is being poured out on you now to do what you already know to do. Get in shape because your calling is dependent upon it. God needs you now.

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