SID: Hello Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. Talking about supernatural, my guest went to Heaven every day for three years and was taught mysteries on how to awaken your spiritual senses, your supernatural hearing, your supernatural smell, your supernatural sight, your supernatural feeling, and he wants to pray because God told him he had this gift for your supernatural senses to be awoken. Do you want that? You know, James, I really protest. I mean, I have not been to Heaven once. And in 2010, you started going to Heaven every day. For three years, four months and two weeks you visited Heaven. Why you? What did you do to get this?

JAMES: Well actually Sid, the Lord told me why. And basically why was that because I had been away in the Army for a whole career, I wasn’t really well known in the church at all. And when people would look at me and hear from me that they would say, if he can do it, I can do it.

SID: And that’s the whole purpose of our show. Anything my guests can do, you can do better. In fact, it’s God’s part for you to do better. That’s what so great about God. Okay. Why would you say, bottom line, did you have these encounters in Heaven?

JAMES: Well the Lord was teaching me things and asking me to share with other people. He was really teaching me how to activate spiritual senses, spiritual gifts and how then to teach people and impart to people so that they could also have the same experiences. So the whole purpose was for me to receive things that I could release to other people.

SID: Okay. Open Heaven, that’s a term I hear a lot. You were instructed to pray that people receive this seer anointing. People operate in an open Heaven. What is, define open Heaven for me.

JAMES: Well when I get an assignment from the Lord I always go to the Word and began to do research, and what I found was that from Genesis through the Book of Revelation open Heaven is taught over and over. Jacob saw an open Heaven. We see Daniel saw an open Heaven. Isaiah saw an open Heaven. And when Jesus was baptized God tore the Heaven open over him, and I can’t find anywhere in Scripture that he sewed it back together. Heaven is open and he wants us to know it. And Jesus said to Nathaniel, “You shall see Heaven open and the angels ascending and descending on the Son of Man.” Now I have a habit that any promise in the Bible I believe is for me. God preserved that not just as history, but to release something to his people, and I receive that.

SID: And I have to tell you this, God is not a respecter of persons. If every promise in the Bible is for James, every promise in the Bible is for you. In fact, the Bible says, “All of his promises are yes and amen.” Amen means yes and so be it.

JAMES: Amen.

SID: So on this, when, but it seems to me that it’s easier to operate in an open Heaven today than 30 years ago when I became a new believer.

JAMES: I believe that in the Kingdom of God there are seasons and things are shifting. And I believe that we’re in the season of the open Heaven right now when this manifestation is available to everyone who is willing to be open to it.

SID: I’m practical, James. What does it literally mean if I’m walking in an open Heaven, what can I do that I can’t do if I’m not walking in an open Heaven?

JAMES: Well one is, as you were talking about, the seer anointing, you begin to see the things in the spiritual realm, but all of the senses are activated. The hearing, you can hear the Word of the Lord. When the disciples were on the Mount of Transfiguration they saw Moses, they saw Elijah, they saw Jesus transformed, they saw a cloud, but they also heard the voice of the Lord. And I think in open Heaven times we can hear. Also the fragrances of Heaven began to manifest and taste, the Lord says, “Taste and see that I’m good.” But I believe the Lord has taste as sweet as honey on our lips.

SID: Every, your every sense, you’re saying.

JAMES: All the senses.

SID: There is a spiritual sense and a natural sense.


SID: We all understand the natural sense. Many believers operate in the natural. Why would you want to operate in the natural and be as limited as any other human that’s ever lived? Why not operate the senses? You have ears and don’t hear, but God is going to activate in a lot of you. Now my Jewish people were stubborn and we got stuck. And you know what? It’s not confined to Jewish people.

JAMES: No it’s not.

SID: Many Christians are stuck today. What do you mean? Tell me from the Bible what you mean by stuck?

JAMES: Well in Deuteronomy, chapter 29, Moses is summing up his time with the children of Israel. I think the children of Israel represented humanity in general and I see myself in that as well. I think everyone that God has created can see themselves in these stories. And Moses said, you know, “I’ve been with you all of this time. Now you saw in Egypt, with your own eyes, you saw the things that God did, the miracles, the signs and wonders that God, you separated. And yet, yet to this day, God has not given you a heart for perceiving, eyes to see or ears to hear.” When I read that it just, something inside of me just felt so sad, and I thought, well that could be said of our people today. We need to break out of that limitation and let all of spiritual senses, let God open up our spiritual senses so that we’re functioning. I think we should function at a higher level in the spiritual senses than we’ve been trained to do in the natural.

SID: You know, an example from the Old Covenant, these are examples for us that are so practical.


SID: Don’t you tear out your Old Testament. You won’t understand the Jew and Israel, and End Time events. Don’t be meshuga. You read the whole Word of God. But tell me about, in the Old Covenant, Elisha, when his eyes were opened.

JAMES: Well I think that we tend to over complicate things, people trying to look for some kind of special formula or some kind of special person. Well this is so natural in the supernatural realm that God wants us to live in. And Elisha was being hunted down by this huge army. His servant was panicking because he saw this big army. But Elisha said, “There are more with us than there are with them.” And his servant said, are you meshuga? There is no, there’s just you and me, an old man and me.

JAMES: Elijah prayed such a simple prayer.

SID: What did he pray?

JAMES: He said, “Lord, I pray, open his eyes that he can see.” That’s it. And his eyes were opened, and he looked, and he saw that the mountains were covered with horses and chariots of fire. And indeed, there were more with them than there were with the army. Then Elijah prayed another prayer. He said, “Close the eyes of the army.” Everybody in the army went blind. And when he took them where he wanted to take them, he prayed again and said, “Open their eyes that they can see” and their eyes popped open. I think that we need to build up the kind of supernatural faith to begin to operate in the anointing of Elisha, to begin to speak. You know, the Bible says that we are like, we have a nature like Elijah and we should be doing the things that he did, but he gave a double portion of that to Elisha. And I think we can operate in the double portion anointing of Elisha, and we don’t have to complicate it. Just pray for people, Lord.

SID: Okay. I’m going to turn James loose a little bit. But I want him to teach a little more so you’ll get unstuck. We’ll be right back.

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