Sid: I’m going to tell you something we have a breakthrough week last week and this week. Last week I interviewed Pastor Henry Wright from the Pleasant Valley Church in Thomaston, Georgia. And this week I’m interviewing Anita Hill who is also a Pastor there and a teacher. And they have found that there are specific doors for specific diseases. When you repent of these doors and another name for a door is sin. When you repent for these specific sins you get your healing miracle, it’s that simple. I think you really need some help to get confused. But I was speaking before we went on the air today with Anita Hill and I said “Anita, are many medical doctors taking advantage of this teaching because they have found that diseases or derivatives of diseases for close to 500 the roots of them. Are doctors coming to study under Henry?

Anita: Very definitely, in fact very recently we had a surgeon that came to go through our program and she had gone back to her practice and she does heart surgery part of the time now. And the other part of her time is spent in praying with her patients according to how we pray here based on the word. She says and she’ll have to give her own testimony she’s getting better results with what God is doing than with the open heart surgery.

Sid: Well, I’ll tell you what I know that is true but too many people have to have bypasses and all different types of heart surgery and drugs because and by the way I am in favor of that if it’s a matter of that or them dying. But I know that there’s a better way, I know that there’s a more excellent way I guess that’s why the book “A More Excellent Way” came out.” Tell me real quick before we get into the meat of this interview one more healing testimony that comes to mind of someone that had a door. I would like to know something about… what about arthritis?

Anita: There we’re dealing with bitterness, jealousy and envy. In the Bible it tells us that jealousy and envy is the rottenness of the bone. And so God has already said a lot of this already it’s not that we thought of it but God did and put it in His word. And if people will go to their Bibles and really read them take that word in fullness you can’t miss it. When we talk about heart disease it says “Men’s hearts shall fail them in the last days because of fear.” When we talk about autoimmune diseases and diseases of the immune system it says in the word “That a broken spirit, a merry heart does good like a medicine but a broken spirit dries up the bones.” And what’s in the bones but the immune system. And so…

Sid: And so it’s all there in the word, it’s a matter of just digging it out.

Anita: Just multiplied it out for the diseases that are here in the world today. So you can take that broken spirit and extrapolate out the HIV, or whatever when the immune system is involved.

Sid: Hm. Is there any disease that God doesn’t have an answer for?

Anita: He said in Psalms 103:3 “I’m the God who forgiveth ALL your iniquities and I heal all your diseases.” That’s what I believe and that’s what I’ve seen Him do. But there’s always an “if and but” in the Bible. We have to appropriate these things, we can’t go around and sin and curse God and expect his blessing…

Sid: But you know I have to tell you this Anita, there are many Christians understand the scriptures in healing they can quote them better than me and you put together and yet they have disease and they don’t get healed.

Anita: Right because there can be blocks to their healing or they’re leaving a step out. Maybe they think that we don’t have to repent.

Sid: Anita you teach on the “8 R’s” to freedom please do that now and I believe many are going to be set free just by listening to this teaching.

Anita: Alright in the 8 R’s they all begin with R. The first is Recognize the problem have discernment because God said in Isaiah 5:13 “That My people have gone into captivity because they have no knowledge” and so need to recognize what they are. Then we have to take Responsibility you cannot just say “Well, that’s just the way I am.” Let’s say that you’re angry all of the time you have to take responsibility for what you’ve gotten yourself into with your behavior and if you’ve offended your brother then you have to Repent. And repentance means that you are truly sorry and you don’t want to continue to do this action which takes you into Renouncing. Which means turning away from that sin of anger and not wanting to continue it in your life. Then in order not to continue in it you have to Remove it and that can be done through deliverance and separating yourself from that sin. And the 6th R would be continue to Resist going into that sin again. In the word it tells you to resist the devil and he will flee. And then you have to move into Number 7 Rejoice to thank God, praise him and give Him all the glory for what He has done in your life. And then Number 8 would be to Restore Isaiah 42 talks about restoring others. And when you have received your blessing it is on your heart hopefully that you want to share this fruit and help others.

Sid: You know Anita it strikes me that what you’re teaching isn’t just theory you have done this you have been set free and you want to help others be set free. It seems to me that what you were teaching is similar to what other people teach yet you seem to be getting better results why?

Anita: I think again it’s because it’s the fullness of the word. Taking God, might I say, at His word and becoming living word. This stuff can’t just be in your head when it was just in my head you know I was very intellectual 11 years of higher education. I needed this to drop into my heart because all man’s learning had not healed me but God’s word dropping into my heart and my spirit becoming alive unto God, and then being that living word. When you bless others God blesses you. And you can’t lose and you can walk in divine health.

Sid: Now you spend a lot of your time identifying the roots of diseases. I imagine you look at it almost as if you’re a detective trying to get the clues from the word of God.

Anita: It is detective work in one sense you know how it says that the word of God is so simple even a child can understand it. That after awhile when you read the word you can just see all of the stuff that we’re investigating over here God has already said but man in turning away from God for so long has gone into so many more diseases. It’s no wonder he said that we will do greater things then He did there is so many more diseases too.

Sid: Let me ask you a question there’s a lot of fear now here in the United States as you’re aware of about biological warfare and is some of the research you’ve done how that help someone prepare so that they could walk through a situation with these germs and not die?

Anita: Right in the word it says in Psalms 91 “A thousand shall fall on this side and 10 thousand on the other and it shall not come nigh you as children of God.” And so we have take that scripture not that we don’t use wisdom, you know we can’t just be unaware of what’s around us, because there are things in exaggerated amounts can have a negative effect on us but God can protect us in the midst of it. Because were His children and it’s the children’s bread to walk in this divine health.

Sid: Tell me some disease that you’re walking on now that you don’t totally have the door for.

Anita: Well, we are working on autism.

Sid: Hm.

Anita: And some of the other brain dysfunctions but it’s becoming clear and we had young boy with autism who was in all special classes. His social skills were very much under par and after 3 sessions of ministry. But when we deal with children we deal with the parents first because it’s a generational curses that are there. It does not good to get a child healed and then send them back into the same environment that might have made him sick. But this child is now in 3rd grade making A’s and B’s. His eye contact has improved; he is more outgoing with people, no special classes anymore. I think except for physical education where he had to catch up with his physical skills. But there are many children with various learning problems we haven’t dealt with that many children with autism but that is an area where I’m very interested in God healing. Because when I was not a believer I worked for 2 years using union principals of psychology and living with children with autism and I saw not healing.

Sid: Hm.

Anita: So I’m very excited about this area.

Sid: What about all of these drugs they’re giving children today because they have what is it Attention Deficit Disorder what do you think about all of those drugs?

Anita: Well, that’s a case where it says in the word “Peace, peace when there is no peace.” That that’s a false peace and plus I have worked with some children that have been on some of these drugs and we almost lost a little boy because the Ritalin was suppressing his immune system.

Sid: Look hold that thought I want to find out how you really minister on tomorrows broadcast.

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