Sid: Well I’ll tell you what I was red hot for the Messiah, but I had such a problem with my unsaved Jewish family. One by one every member of my family became a believer in the Messiah except one, my father. You have to understand my father was born in Poland. He tells me the story of how he would walk by a church with his father, my grandfather, and my grandfather would spit at the church because the church would represented the people. The people represented the most anti-Jewish, anti-Semitic people in the history of the Jewish people that had in the name of the cross, in the name of Christianity had persecuted, and murdered, and butchered so many Jewish people.

Then picture this, this is when my father was a traditional Jewish man. The last thing in the world that he could imagine would be his son being a believer in Jesus. Not just a believer in Jesus an outspoken believer in Jesus, and not just an outspoken believer in Jesus but on radio and television, and the front page of a major newspaper in his hometown in Washington DC.

I tell you something, the shame my father felt when he would go to the synagogue and he would hear people talking about me. He couldn’t comprehend it. He tried to bribe me, he offered me any amount of money I wanted. He said “I’ll put you in business I’ll do anything if you’ll give up your faith in Jesus.”

Then my sister became a believer in the Messiah, and then her husband, a Jewish CPA became a believer in the Messiah. Then the children became believers in the Messiah, and my wife became a believer in the Messiah, and my daughter became a believer in the Messiah. My mother became a believer in the Messiah, but my father he held out really.

I learned something about faith, and if you’ll catch what I am about to tell you it will transform your life. I learned how important it is to first of all find out what God’s will is. Now I have to tell you I didn’t understand it to the degree that I understand it now, but I’m going to give you something that will cause a lightbulb to go on. Have you ever heard it quoted “You and your house will be saved?” I’ve heard it quoted and I say “Wait a second that was one specific man the Philippian jailer. You can’t make a doctrine on that one verse.” I used to get really upset when people would say “Oh it’s God’s will that you and your family be saved. Look, he said to the Philippian jailer ‘You and your house’” “No! No! No! he said it to him not me and my house, not you and your house! Him not universal!” That’s because I didn’t even understand my own Jewish background.

You see in the Old Covenant, and by the way they understood it in the New Covenant. In the Old Covenant at Passover in Exodus God clearly says “A lamb for the house.” He doesn’t say “A lamb for a person,” He says “A lamb for a Mishpochah, a lamb for a family” that’s God’s principal. That’s what was meant when they said “You and your house there’s a lamb for your house Philippian jailer.” That’s why when Cornelius the first Gentile was saved he gathered all his family but he even brought more people into his house, he even brought some of his friends into his house too.” That’s why Rahab, remember that scarlet cord, what does that represent? The blood of the lamb hanging from her window. What did the spy say “Everyone of your family that’s in your house under that scarlet thread is going to be saved?”

Do you realize you can hold onto God’s promise for your family? It’s a lamb for a house. You got it? A lamb for a house. So every member of my family was saved except my dad.

I remember talking to my mother one time, even after she became a believer in the Messiah and I said “Mom, dad’s going to be saved.” She said “Don’t say that.” Now you have to understand my mother was a classic Jewish mother. Why did she say “Don’t say that?” Because she knew my dad better than I did, and she knew it was impossible for him to be saved and she didn’t want me to be disappointed. So that’s why she said “Don’t say that.” I remember, and I can’t explain why, but I remember so clearly right out of my inner most being came out “Don’t you ever say that!” I mean I said that with such power “Don’t you ever say that dad’s going to be saved!”

I remember where ever I would go I would say this. I would go to speak for a group and I would say “Pray for my dad he’s going to be saved.” I said that so much I don’t know whether I believed it at first or not. I know I was saved, I didn’t realize the foundational scripture that I just pointed out to you at the time, but even without realizing that something in me “He’s going to be saved.” I kept saying it and I kept saying it and I don’t really believe I believed it initially. I mean if you knew my dad you couldn’t have believed it initially, trust me.

I remember one Christian man that was a friend of mine. There was a restaurant that had like a counter and my father like to use to go to that counter and sip his coffee and talk to the people next to him. One day a man sat next to him who knew me, he was a believer in Jesus. He figures out that’s my father and he starts witnessing to him and my father started screaming at him so loud that he ran out of that place and he said “Sid I never bumped into anything like your dad in my life.” It was impossible, I tell you it was impossible for my dad to be saved, but somehow I kept saying “I know my father’s going to be saved.” I said it so much that I convinced myself of it. I really did.

When you say the word of God enough it doesn’t make anything happen. You can say it till you’re blue in the face, but something supernatural happens in your spirit and you begin to believe it, and once you believe it it happens. You follow? We’ve been looking at this confession thing wrong, we’re thinking the confession is what causes someone to be healed. No, no, no, the confession finally gets it into your spirit the truth that God has healed all your diseases and forgiven all of your sins, and it’s a lamb for a house. I mean you say that out loud till you believe it.

I’ll tell you something fewer people would die today of dread diseases if they would stand on God’s word. Listen you’re standing on your experiences I know because I have good friends that have dread diseases that have stood on the word of God and died. So I could make a new doctrine and say “You can’t stand on the word of God and live” but I’ll never do that. I’ll say “I don’t understand that’s what I will say,” but I will say “Let every man be a liar God’s word is true.”

God is healing people right now. God’s telling me that there are people with back problems and tell you if you’re driving pull off to the side of the road get out and you start praising God and bow down before Him and you’ll see that pain is gone. There are people with neck problems if you’ll start moving your head you’ll see the pain is gone. I tell you there are people in the spine, I’m telling you in the spine some of you are hearing cracking sounds right now in your spine.

I’m going to tell you something even more important than that, every time I do this I am not doing this on my own initiative, I’m doing this because God Himself is speaking to me and I’m a good Jewish secretary. I’m speaking back what God is speaking and I’m seeing that there is the heavens have literally been ripped in two over your head right now for healing. I’m telling you whatever you need “ Bless the Lord oh my soul, forget not all His benefits He’s forgiven all of my sins, He’s healed all of my diseases.” You say that with me “He has healed…” oh it’s so strong in backs. Oh there’s something so wonderful going on the people that are literally almost crippled from the pain, it’s gone. Arthritis I curse you in Jesus name. I command you to get off of God’s people! There are almost knots I see it in peoples bodies that are being shrunk right now in the name of Jesus. I tell you whether I mention your condition or not Jesus paid the price, He’s the healer I’m just peeking in a little as to what God’s doing in the spirit. You stand on God’s promises, you say it until you are absolutely convinced and that from the invisible world will come into the visible.

These body parts, I’ve got several friends that have been to heaven and seen the room with body parts and we are just almost, literally one breath away from someone getting a new heart, a new kidney, a new leg, a new finger, and you and I are going to be a part of it. Why not now? All things are possible to those who believe.

There’s some people that are discouraged. There’s such a presence of God right now that discouragement I bind you in Jesus name, I command you off. I pray that You give this person right now give them back their first love let them be like a little child again, new beginning I speak into your life. Brand new beginning in Jesus name, in Jesus name.

But I keep hearing backs, oh it’s so strong. Our time is slipping away but praise God. I let Him interrupt for a commercial anytime. That was a word from our Sponsor – God He is our Sponsor and He’s the only that deserves to speak.

Anyway with my dad I was there in the hospital I received a call my father was dying. My sister was there, we were in intensive care there’s no hope. I said “Dad, mom said heaven was a wonderful place. She’s there now. Would you like to be there?” He lost his voice by this time but he could grunt a little bit and it sounded like he said “Yes.” “Then you’ve got to believe in Jesus. Do you want to make Him your Lord and Savior?” It sounded to me like he said “Yes,” but my sister Shirley she’s a schoolteacher. She walks up to me and says “I did not hear him.” I said “Shirley quiet. It’s dad that’s good for him.” “I did not hear him.” “Dad do you say that Jesus is your Messiah and Lord and you’re repenting of your sins and He’s forgiving you of all of your sins?” I tell you without a voice he belted out “Yes!” My sister started jumping up and down in intensive shouting like a mad woman. I mean she’s a refined dignified school teacher. “Shirley what are you doing?” “I told God I’d jump for joy when dad received the Lord and he just received the Lord.” All things are possible, it’s a lamb for the house.

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