Sid: We want everyone that’s listening to us everywhere to receive physical healing and I pray in Yeshua, in Jesus’ mighty majestic, glorious, magnificent name that every disease especially cancer. My guest right here is David Piper and I’m speaking to him in the studio from Tifton, Georgia. And I believe Lord that you want healing to flow like a river and there’s someone’s neck if you’ll move your head you’ll see that that pain is gone it is gone. And there’s people with breathing difficulties you just take a deep breath and you’ll see those allergies are gone. I say they are gone in Yeshua’s name, in Yeshua’s name bless the Lord.

David: Amen. I feel that as you’re beginning to greet the people Sid I feel my hand beginning to burn like fire they’re starting to burn and that has been a sign that God has given me that a mighty healing anointing is beginning to fall a healing anointing is beginning to fall on my life right now. And I believe that it’s for the people that are listening.

Sid: Tell me a bit about healing what is your understanding about healing?

David: Well I understand that it’s not God’s will that we’re sick that God that He’s very clear in His word He said “It’s in His will that we’re in good health and that we prosper even as our soul prospers.” And I believe that God’s will is that walk in total health and that He’s Jesus is not coming after a defeated church He’s coming after a totally victorious church totally without spot of blemish. And I think that means diseases are completely gone. And God wants us to walk in health and I believe that it’s His will that we’re healed.

Sid: When you were 12 years of age you had a prophetic word what were you told?

David: I was told by an evangelist actually it was his wife that prophesied to me, that one day I would be doing exactly what I’m doing that God would use me in a ministry with signs and wonders and miracles and that there would be healings and I would be just like the apostle Paul. In which this prophetic word has come to past almost exactly as she said and then my upbringing.

Sid: But between age 12 and what age?

David: At 37.

Sid: Between age 12 and 37 you were as far away from God as a human could be.

David: Oh it was awful, really it was more between age 12 and 34 and 35 when it really started. Listen I was raised in church my grandma took care of me and raised me my dad remarried after my mother died and we were taken to church by my stepmom every time the doors opened you know. But there was a point where I became rebellious as a teenager and went away into the world and began to do things my own and for 17 years drug addiction and ended up in prison and a mental hospital, but one day all of a sudden I woke up in 1976 and I began to hear a prophetic word that was spoke over me when I was 12 and it began to ring in my ears. And you know God began to remind me of that word and I believe that the Holy Spirit is watering the seeds of greatness planted in the lives of great ones by grandma and grandpa and the preachers. I believe that God is speaking to the lost right now to the lost right now on the bed and the wayward sons and daughters of prodigal sons and daughters that went away from how they’ve been raised. And I believe the Holy Spirit today is speaking to those people watering that seed and that seed is beginning to sprout and the harvest is coming forth.

Sid: So talk to that grandma right now that’s been praying for her grandchild.

David: Grandma don’t give up I feel a lady standing right now in a kitchen and I see her standing right now in a yellowish dress on with flowers. And I want to tell you something don’t give up on your daughters, don’t give up on your son but I see the lady with a daughter and I see the daughter. And I see the daughter has been rebellious and you’ve tried over and over again and you’ve just exhausted all of your efforts and you just feel hopeless because nothing you seem to do she won’t even listen to you she’s rejecting everything you’re telling her about how she needs to straighten her life up. Don’t give up because the Lord says her salvation is done in Jesus name.

Sid: What’s it like for the close relative of a drug addict? What’s it like for the close relatives that see the child they love stealing to survive?

David: It’s a torment…you know the drug addict himself of course is affected by drug addiction but more people are indirectly affected the close relative that the many times and manipulation, the control all the things that happen to a drug addict that the people around them are just destroyed there’s so many casualties that are taken down by this drug addiction. You know that is the people that God wants to heal today, He wants to bring hope and encouragement to the grandmas, and the dads and moms that haven’t seen any change in the life of their children. I’m here to tell you when you raised the child up in the way he should go the Lord’s very clear that He will not depart from it. You can rest assured that all who call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved, them and their house.

Sid: I don’t understand exactly what’s going on in my life David but it seems as though prayers are being answered faster than ever before. It seems as though there’s almost a supernatural…

David: There’s a quickening there’s a very quickening.

Sid: That’s it.

David: There’s a quickening in the Spirit God is since we know that there’s very little time left, even the Bible says “The devil knows that his time is short.” And there’s a little time left and Jesus is getting ready to come back and God is bringing in the harvest and there’s a speeding up now in the Spirit realm. And even in my life all of a sudden like I said in ’96 the words of a prophet began to ring in my head that “One day you shall be as Paul; one day you shall lay hands on the sick.” And I would be in a crack house smoking crack and here these words it was driving me bananas. And all of a sudden one day my Grandma invites me to go to church with him again and low and behold it was the same evangelist that 22 years before had prophesied over me and they were back in town from Louisiana and I said “I’m going to go.” And they could not believe I was going and I went because I wanted some answers God had been slowly drawing me everyday back to Him. And I followed that evangelist to another church 3 days later and accepted Jesus as my Savior. Hallelujah!

Sid: And I’d like to think that everything happened wonderful after that but you weren’t discipled.

David: No unfortunately I took what is known today as a bad Christian bounce, a bad new believer bounce. Nobody came to disciple me and I believe that the biggest form of spiritual malpractice in the church today is when we as believers do not disciple baby Christians. Nobody came to tell me to read the word, to pray…

Sid: You know Billy Graham said the biggest regret looking back over his life is that he made converts and not disciples.

David: You know the Bible’s very clear that we are to go and make disciples and Jesus said “You didn’t choose Me I chose you that you should go forth bring forth fruit and your fruit should remain.” You know we need to be not only getting people saved but we need to be discipling them and getting them a solid foundation on the solid rock and not on sand. Jesus was clear to what will happen to you if your house is built on sand, on every storm that would come it will knock you down and that’s what was happening to me. And because well…before I was sinning successfully well I thought but everything seemed to be okay but once I accepted Jesus and the devil came to tempt me I had no foundation, my house was not built on a solid foundation the enemy his temptation was stronger than my relationship with Christ so I fell over and over again. And this time God began to disciple me you know; God’s got a big stick in heaven, He’s got love written on it and He brings it down and He begins to chastise us with love to whip us back into place where we should be. If He didn’t chastise us the Bible says we would not be sons.

Sid: How were you chastised?

David: Well I ended up in a mental hospital and prison a big stumbling block and ended up on 38 years probation facing, well what I thought was 21 months but the minute… 21 months in prison I thought I was facing but the minute I cried out to Jesus He never left me. He said “I will never ever no way, way leave you or forsake you.”

Sid: you told me when you were in jail there was only 1 Christian television show all of the inmates watch and tell me what happened about and what it was.

David: We would sit around and watch a show called “This is your day.” They would sit there and what really attracted these inmates was the miracles, they were attracted by the power of God and we would sit and watch this program 30 minutes a day every day in jail and we would watch as the presence of God would fill that building and the craziest inmates the most bound up devil possessed people that were in there for the most craziest crimes that you can think of would sit and cry for 30 minutes during this show watching the miracles.

Sid: And today after God has set you free you have a ministry to prisoners in fact you told me that all of a sudden out of nowhere people sent tracks for prisoners to you.

David: Oh yeah that’s how it started happening; when God delivered me in 1998 I came home and went back to work as normal working my job and all of a sudden I started meeting people and these people I would meet would end up sending me in the mail boxes of prison tracks saying they were praying and God told them to buy me prison tracks. And it was not even 30 days later that I received an invitation to minister in the jail and by the time this invitation came God had already supernaturally provided all of the material I needed to go to the jail ministry with, it was amazing.

Sid: Tell me about one jail you went to and what happened to the prisoners.

David: I went to a detention center in Ocilla, Georgia and where I had been told that it was impossible to minister to all of the young boys at one time. We had to take them in segments and so you can imagine if you were only allowed to go every other week how long it took to cover the entire place 300 some odd boys. They said that it was impossible to get them in the same room together. Well I said “Nothing is impossible with God and I prayed that God would do it and all of a sudden a memo came from Atlanta, Georgia gave them the money to remodel the building where they could get where they would have a church with all of the boys at one time. All of the young boys from ages 12…

Sid: Well they were remodeling not for church they were just remodeling or did they just remodel it for churches.

David: They got a memo from Atlanta for them to spend money on sound board in the gym.

Sid: What are soundboards?

David: Soundboard is for in a gym it cuts out an echo.

Sid: Okay.

David: It’s where they could have church and all of the boys could come at one time. And I went in there and watch these kids ages 12 to 18 years old about 350 of them all of them gave their heart to Jesus at one service. Hallelujah!

Sid: God’s doing something in prisons and in jails today.

David: I believe people that are in prisons and in jails today are in there because they’ve got a call of God on their life and they’ve been running from God.

Sid: Is the best thing that ever happened to you in your life going to prison?

David: It was one of the most I got to say it was beneficial because it was a stumbling block that God allowed to come in my way to stop me dead in my tracks.

Sid: Or you would have been stopped dead in your tracks.

David: Oh no doubt.

Sid: Should you have died?

David: Should I have died? I was headed that way but…

Sid: Did you have any close calls?

David: I had very many close calls I remember one time very particularly when I was coming over a hill in my car and when I come around the curb another car turned in front of me and my car supernaturally went through the middle of that car. And it was like I was taken and…

Sid: It must have been grandma’s prayers. We’re out of time Mishpocha…

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