Dr.Paul Gervais & Mark & Marlene Werning (1342) 2003

Sid: Let me tell you about a dream I was just telling my guest Dr. Paul Gervais about this. A few years ago I had a dream now many people have dreams and some are from Pizza and some are from the Lord very symbolic and many don’t even understand what God is saying in these symbolic dreams but every once in a while you get a dream that is literal where God Himself comes to you. And the Lord came to me and He says “Sid more Jewish people have come to know Me through Your book than anything you’ve ever done.” And I said to the Lord Paul “I had the audacity to say to the Lord “Oh, my testimony book it’s finally taken off.” And He said “No Sid your book of Jewish testimonies.” Now before I could tell Him that I didn’t have a book of Jewish testimonies I woke up.” And guess what I did Paul as soon as humanly possible I got a book of Jewish testimonies 100’s and 1000’s of them have been given to Jewish people throughout the world it’s translated into 6 languages now. And I believe in Russian alone it’s some 500,000 that we have printed. And the Russian Jews are coming to the Lord but I just got a report from the fellow that runs TBN Russia for Paul Crouch; he sent me an email he said “Sid, we are getting so much positive feedback from your Russian version of “They Thought for Themselves” that’s the name of the book; we’re getting so much feedback but this was the most unusual letter I’ve ever received a very wealthy Jewish businessman from Moscow happened to be in Budapest, Hungry on a train. He fell asleep but as he was waking up he sees a woman over him and he looks startled and the woman puts a book into his hand and says to him “You must read this book.” So he looks down at the book, then he looks up at the woman and she’s gone and there’s no way that she could have been gone he thinks maybe it’s an angel. And he reads the book and it turns out to be the Russian version of the book “They Thought for Themselves” the one God told me to write. He gets radically saved he’s in a congregation on fire for Jesus. And I’ll tell you something Paul’s there’s nothing more exciting than having intimacy with God, hearing His voice and doing what He’s called us to do. You were telling us about an open vision on yesterday’s broadcast in which you literally saw the parts-room of heaven. But I understand that this is manifesting in your ministry. For instance you had someone that needed a colon tell me about him.

Paul: Mike Pinoshin was diagnosed with ulcerated colitis and Crohn’s disease.

Sid: Hm.

Paul: Which appeared to be fatal in his situation his family was falling apart because of the anx’s that Michael was carrying around. Spent most of his time in the bathroom bleeding, had to watch a diet; he was sort of I don’t want to say cohered but encouraged to attend one of my miracle services in Maine. And the individual who brought him along was also a black belt in karate both of them are a black belts. And Michael thought that he was going to be attending some kind of a vitamin health seminar that might help his ulcerated colitis. But during the Miracle Service words of knowledge spring forth. By the way God is healing cancer cans of metastatic cancer right now in a left lung. Ears are opening up, gold teeth are manifesting all over the nation. And I want you to after this broadcast look in their and He will confirm the word with signs following. And this will be a positive contagion that you’ll take out into the world as a witness.

Sid: You see it’s going to be a layman’s movement it’s not going to be the superstar it’ll be The Super Star! Yeshua the King of the Jews operating through you we’re going to have…Paul I am so convinced that we’re going to have the reformation that will cause a restoration of what the first church was. And in the first church it wasn’t paid professionals it was every man, every woman a worker. And I’ll tell you the anointing is going to be so strong that people are going to where ever you walk it’ll be like Peter where you’re shadow it will cause someone to be healed. Okay, let’s go back to Mike now what happened to him?

Paul: I’ll say that in addition to that do you remember the son of the cat’s bag it purrs and rises up. The very ground that you walk on from this point on and it will gain on intensity momentum will literally purr all creation awaits manifestation of the sons and the daughters of God. So the old song “The earth move under my feet” is the literally going to happen. But Mike Pinoshin became a follower at the end of that particular meeting and said “I believe I’m the individual whom you described and also concerned about the flying out. Probably 99 per cent or the people prayed for were overcome by the precious Holy Spirit and His presence. So felt that I was touching a nerve in the neck and so any way I told him that I know in my spirit that this word is for you. I laid my finger on Michael’s forehead and he levitated literally off the floor, had been on prednisone so his head was swollen like sticking a pin in a balloon he had just popped and went down to normal size. He was overcome by the Holy Spirit while on the floor taking up an issue relative to the passing of his grandfather whom he loved tremendously and this had been sort of a stopping place between a relationship without a relationship with the Father and Mike. And just felt while lying there a lot of time there the presence of the Holy Spirit the love of God. I think the greatest miracle that took place next to the new colon being established in his system and the Crohn’s disease vanishing the fact that Michael Pinoshin really and truly experienced the Father’s agape unconditional love, that love that sent Jesus into this world. And by the fruit yea shall know them as a result of all of that Michael accepted Christ as did his family which remained together and he is preaching the gospel.

Sid: Tell me what the doctor’s have to say about Mike’s new colon?

Paul: Well, their scratching their heads they’ve never seen anything like it before. And of course humanity want to contribute this to men but they cannot come up with an explanation you don’t go from ulcerated colitis and Crohn’s disease. And right now as we talk Sid I’m looking at before and after scopes of Mike Pinoshin’s colon an it’s absolutely profound. This is something that happened immediately it wasn’t a gradual healing but instant manifestation. And all they can do as medical people and I have the lab report also in front of me is to relate that basically that Mike Pinoshin is healed; that the colon is not the same one that was originally in there.

Sid: But let me ask you a question on the television show which we recently did you made a statement that I have been pondering and it’s so wonderful. And you made a statement you said that “You believe that heaven and earth are getting closer together.” What do you mean by that?

Paul: I’ll never forget walking outside the hotel and looking at the beautiful clouds and I said “Lord it appears that they’re so much closer literally to the ground and He said “Well, in essence they are heaven and earth are kissing one another; and My will is about to be done on earth as it is in heaven.” And it’s going to be so much easier listener to hear the Father’s voice more so than ever before. As a matter of fact the Lord related to me that you’ll literally be able to discern the heartbeat of the Father. And the works that you see Him doing you’ll do. Everything comes out of intimacy and so there’s a literal drawing neigh unto the earth just as the Father sent Jesus 2000 years ago He is sending Him in presence first and then in person.

Sid: See the problem that I see Paul with the world is religion. Religion is man’s attempt to love and serve God. And what God wants us all to do is to learn how to yield to Him, have intimacy with Him, not limit God the way every generation has done. Because this is the generation of all of generations in history that everything is in place for the Messiah to return. And I believe as the Orthodox Jews say “We literally can hear the footsteps of Messiah.” ….The purpose of this ministry it’s a prophetic ministry you’ve got to understand intimacy with God, yielding to the Spirit, ministry that comes from intimacy with God. Nothing else will spend when you get to heaven everything else will burn and fall apart. The only ministry that counts is based on intimacy with God but you have to understand the prophetic times that we’re in, you must understand what’s going on in the Middle East; you must understand what God’s knitting Jews and Christians together. There is the resistance that was in the heavenies is down, the scales are down, this is God’s time to reach Jewish people to get Jewish people into the church. In the book of Roman’s where Paul spoke about in Roman’s 11 that “Salvation has come to the Gentile to provoke the Jew to Jealousy.” You understand what that means? That means that you’re call you’re saying “God what is my call?” Do what is written Roman’s 11:11 “Provoke Jews to jealousy.”

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