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Sid: I have on the telephone a good friend Shira Sorko-Ram she’s really a pioneer in Israel, she’s been there since 1967. Shira and her husband Ari have a wonderful congregation in the Tel Aviv area. Their organization is called Maoz and I’m speaking to her at her home in Tel Aviv. And she can’t wait to finish the interview so she can go out and go out and have dinner with her husband but as she explained on yesterday’s broadcast it’s a tense area. You literally have to pray before you go out to a restaurant we here in the west can’t even comprehend that Shira.

Shira: Right I live 2 blocks from the beach area and that has been where some of the most intense bombing has happened of restaurants.   And then up the other way also there’s been also probably 3 or 4 bombs since the intifada started. So we do we stay prayed up we don’t walk in fear we just… we try to be wise and not do stupid things. But like a year ago one of our members wanted to have a birthday party for another member so we went to a restaurant and might have been like oh 15 from our congregation. There and there were 2 restaurants right together with like glass-plate windows altogether. The very next night a bomber just got out of a car and walked up right next door and bombed and the whole thing went up in smoke. So we went on the right night praise the Lord, I thank the Lord He kept us. And we pray over our people we pray for their safety, we have a number of soldiers in our congregation we continually pray for their safety. Actually we even have one person in our congregation whose not that strong of a believer yet, but he was in one of the last bombings in this place called “Mike’s Place,” it was right next to the Christian I mean American Embassy. And he was in there with some unsaved friends and shouldn’t have been in there but about 5 minutes before this bomber walked in or came up to the restaurant he felt the urge and he just said to his friends “We’ve got to get out of here.” And his friends said “Oh, you’re going to ruin the night for us” but he insisted on leaving and as they were walking down the street they heard the boom behind them. So God was even merciful to someone that’s not even that close to Him.

Sid: Shira you told me there’s a total change in the atmosphere in Israel as far as open to the gospel even your congregation has just been growing by leaps and bounds. Tell me about a few of the miracles in your congregation.

Shira: Just wonderful, one of our young men came in and he had been living a homosexual lifestyle and he just came in. We hardly prayed for him he says, this is it I have found the truth I’m giving this other lifestyle up. And we were just amazed because we figured it would be something that really needed dealt with and prayed with. And perhaps there’s demonic work there, but he just said “No, this is it!” Well we didn’t tell the rest of the congregation but 3 weeks ago he stood up and said “I’ve got to tell you what God has done for me; he freed me from this lifestyle that I’ve been living in now my life is given to Him.” So I mean talk about a work of the Holy Spirit. Another one is wonderful gal who’s not she and her husband are heading up our children’s department or actually our youth department. And she comes from a kibbutz and she’s always looked for God she said “All her life she’s raised on an atheistic kibbutz.” But she said, “Even as a child she would pray to God “God are You there? God are You… can You hear me?” And then she got in touch with some Orthodox people and she became very strong Orthodox Jewess; you know the whole garb and all of the lifestyle of that. But after awhile she said that she saw so much hypocrisy and there wasn’t the heart thing you know the love of God. So it disappointed her and she left it and then she said as she was praying a prayer all she could explain is that the Holy Spirit hovered over her and begin to show her that Yeshua was the Messiah and this came out of like faith you know what I’m saying out of nowhere. And she got a hold of some believers and she is a fiercely strong born again Messianic Israeli. There was another lady who was so anorexic that when she came into our congregation they had to help her in she couldn’t stand up by herself. I mean if you look at her you saw death on her face. She has been transformed by the love of the Lord. We as believers have helped her start a little business she’s making the most gorgeous jewelry now you have seen in your life. So it just goes on and on another man who was traumatized in the Yom Kippur War in 1973 and he’s 100% disability and is supported by the state. He was traumatized and never got over the paranoia, but he got a Christian lady that married him from South America and she brought him as a Jewish person to our congregation. He now loves the Lord and is serving the Lord and is improving, you see improvement all the time before he couldn’t sit through a service at all he had to get up every few minutes. He’s now sitting through a service so these are the miracles that are happening. Oh, I want to tell you this, a couple of days ago had another young lady beautiful young lady that came to the faith and we found out that her mother and father own a store where Ari and I have been buying things for 20 years. And so we found out from the mother and father that when they found out that their daughter was connected to, they didn’t know what, they were so worried that it was some kind of cult. And the mother wasn’t sleeping at night so the daughter went home and said when we told the daughter we said “Oh, we know your parents because we’ve been buying there.” And so she went home and told her parents and they were so overjoyed and they said “Oh if it’s Ari and Shira because they known us for 20 years that’s great.” So shortly we’re going to take them out to dinner and we believe that the parents are quite close they’re the types that’d just jump at the truth if they knew it. And so it goes on and on.

Sid: Shira let me ask you a question that’s really must get an answer to and that is you’ve lived in the land since 1967 the land of Israel you’ve see it go from a 100 Hebrew speaking believers to over 100 congregations of Messianic Jews in the land of Israel. What’s on the forefront? I want you to give me… you’ve studied the Bible all of these years, you’ve come from such a godly heritage your mother and your father; what is your sanctified prophetic understanding of what’s going to happen next in Israel?

Shira: You know that is something that really needs to be discussed at length, but my understanding of what I can see in the scriptures that there has to be a significant revival among the Jewish people both abroad and especially in Israel before the coming of the Lord. Yeshua said “You will not see Me until you say ‘Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.’” And He was speaking to the religious Pharisees, Sadducees that didn’t believe in Him at all. And so I think that that’s one… there’s a number of verses that I think correlate this understanding that there has to be this revival among the Jewish people, then the Jewish people are to be a light to the Gentiles. The Lord said through Paul in Hebrews 11 “That the gifts and calling of God are without repentance.” And He was speaking specifically about Israel. So her call cannot be changed and she was called to bless the world, God told Abraham…

Sid: Oh Shira, your right we need another week on this we’re out of time. Thank you so much for being my guest. Mishpochah you heard the prophetic word you heard her say that there must be a revival before… among Jewish people before the Messiah returns in the nations as well is in Israel.

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